More sneak peeks

If you thought my table looked fairly tidy in the last post, that’s because I have other surfaces to mess up.  This is my work in progress table.


I play around and assemble bits, but don’t stick anything down.  I then assess each card to decide if it’s going to be glued down and put with the samples, or if it is a good card that I can use to show you techniques when I’m demonstrating.  Demo cards then get put in a bag and put to one side.  Before I pack up for a show, Adrian sits with a notebook and I go through each bag and I dictate him a list of what materials I need to demonstrate that card and he writes it all down.   That becomes my checklist for packing and since we started doing that, it’s been much better and I’ve had much less tendency to show up at the studio without stamps or acrylic blocks. (Yes, I have done that.)

Here’s a few cards from the Harlequin Rose themeplate waiting for their pre-show assessment.


I made the border from the “my soulmate” stamp and a bit of ink rubbed on with a stylus tool.  The rose is stamped onto a glimmer misted background.


A zingy lime and pink heart with a brayered background.  I’ll be showing you brayering on the show.


Red and green isn’t just for Christmas – this uses a patterned paper from the K&C Recycled range.  I think it gives a grandma’s cushions chintzy kind of look.

I’m back off to the craft room now to finish putting all the other bits and pieces together.