Californian Sea Lion


Oh look at those puppy dog eyes, aahhhhh!

We went on a whale watching trip yesterday and saw these sea lions crowded onto a navigation buoy.  They were quite happy to pose for the camera, but don’t worry, the boat wasn’t close enough to worry them, I had a long lens on the camera.


I have so much respect for wildlife photographers.  The brown pelicans fly just above the water and they were flying faster than the boat so trying to capture them was a case of positioning the camera just ahead of them then pressing the shutter as they come into frame.  I can’t tell you how many out of focus wing tip shots I have.  Thank goodness for digital cameras!


Whale watching can be a boring business – staring out to sea, looking for the tell tale sign of something that looks like a plume of smoke from the blow hole, or the glimpse of a back.


Then you’re up close and personal with the largest mammal on the planet and it’s all worthwhile.


We found a feeding fin back whale, second largest whale – only the blue whale is bigger.  His fin doesn’t look too good, I’m not sure if it’s damaged or if it’s supposed to look like that.


If you’re ever in the area (Orange County, California), I can recommend Dana Wharf Whalewatching.

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3 thoughts on “Californian Sea Lion

  1. Super photos. What a wonderful experience to see a huge whale up close. Glad to see you are not bogged down with work all the time! Thanks for meeting with me last Monday at your shop-especially as you must have been so busy. Best regards, Janet

  2. Wow! They are fabulous pictures. Giggled at the blissed out expression on the second seal … they are so cute. Must have been an eye-popping experience being so near the whale. I’ve had such during a boat trip between islands, during a storm (big ferry couldn’t sail and we had to get across) when a killer whale decided to come alongside and say hello. We were all rather green with the ocean’s motion so the wonder of it was kind of lost on us that day, not to mention slight fright at the possibility of it toppling the boat. Thanks for sharing your photos 😀

  3. Wow Glenda, what an experience. It’s a bit like going on safari (which I have managed to do). Once you’ve seen these magnificent creatures in their natural habitat aquariums and zoos hold no great joy.

    That pelican shot is fantastic and worth your patience.

    Lesley Xx

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