What day is it?

Well hello everyone, I’m almost back home – blogging from Amsterdam airport while we wait for our connecting flight back.  I’ve just spent nearly ten hours on a plane and it was yesterday when I left and now it’s tomorrow – weird!

The pictures in the previous post were from Tattered Angels booth and some gorgeous parisian 12×12 papers from Dove of the East.  The no-photography rule was put in place by CHA to protect copyright theft, but individual companies still had the right to allow you to take photos if you asked.

I helped teach a workshop with Tattered Angels on Tuesday – the students made a garden book (similar to the one in the previous entry).  The album comes as a gatefold album with the clear fence overlay already on.  The front is delicately embossed with a tree which you can pick out by rubbing an inkpad over it.  It’s just beautiful.

I learned a few things myself too – did you know you can heat Glimmer Glass and shape it?  I saw some delightful flowers made with the snowflakes from the winter Glimmer Glass pack and I’m dying to try it out for myself.

I spent far too much money of course, so once the orders start to arrive, you’d better help me out.  Most things are shipping fairly quickly, but some stuff won’t be shipping til March.

The pink misting mat that Tattered Angels have on their blog is HUGE – a real table top size!  However it is a little pricey – looks like it will have a UK retail price around £50-55.

Anyway, not long til our flight, so I better go.  Basil would never forgive me if we missed it!


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  1. Good to hear from you Glenda, glad your trip went well, please tell me you managed to get the Grunge Paper……

  2. All sounds a bit too good to be true. Thank you for making the time to pass it all on even as you travel. We look forward to seeing the goodies in the flesh and learning all the new tips and techniques you’ve picked up from Tattered Angels and others.
    Have a safe onward journey and take it easy for a while when you get back.

  3. Jill (Ladycatfern) says:

    Love the gatefold album. Hope some them managed to make it onto your shopping list!!!

    I’m sure we’ll all rally together to help you out when the orders arrive. Need anyone to help unpack????

    Hope you caught your flight, for Basils sake ( as well as your own – its awul being ignored by a cat!!)



  4. Vera Bridgett says:

    Been great reading your blog while you’ve been away.
    Don’t know how you found the time but glad you did.
    Can’t wait for you to get all those new goodies.
    Best start saving fast!!!!

  5. can’t wait to hear the full story


  6. Thought I say hello and hope you are having a wonderful time blogging across the world. It was great to have met you at the convention. Hope to read more about your travels.

  7. just hope you ordered enough goodies……………. and that you got home safely to a good welcome from Basil

  8. don’t worry Julie, grunge paper is on order, as is lots of other Tim Holtz stuff …

  9. Sounds as though you have had a wonderful but exhausting trip – can’t wait to see the new stuff

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