Sidetracked …

I have been working hard all weekend getting ready for the class I’m teaching at the trade show next weekend. Two years ago my workshop slots were scattered randomly throughout the three days of the show and each one in a different room. I had to leave the stand, take all my class gear to go and teach a 45 minute class, then get me and all my gear back again through the busy hall.

Last year they gave us some storage space and kept me in the same room for all three classes, which was much better, but again, the time slots were random and all during the show itself.

My classes were booked up solid in both previous years so this year, I have reached the dizzy heights of being able to offer a Saturday masterclass (like wot Tim does, ooh, I’m in with the it crowd now!) and on the day before the show opens (oh dear, I can’t help set up the stand, what a shame …). I have one classroom to myself all day and will be teaching three two-hour masterclasses to Elusive Images stockists. No more lugging gear around and two hours gives us time to tackle something a little more involved – yay!

Now I know that most of the people reading this blog are not in the trade and therefore can’t come along to these workshops. I also realise that it will probably provoke an outcry and a general call for me to visit your local stockist to teach, or indeed stimulate more demands for a DVD. Give me a chance folks, last time I checked, there were still only 24 hours in a day.  Lynn has some crazy idea for running a competition amongst our stockists with the prize being to win me for a day!  Hmm, sounds mad, but I might let her talk me into it.  Now what kind of competition could we run with me as a prize?  Clean answers only please!

Anyway …

The point of mentioning all that stuff about the workshops is that I’m sitting here with an ache all down my right arm after cutting up cardstock and paper for four projects for 60 students – thank goodness for the Dreamkutz or I would still be cutting now I think. I still have project leaflets to write, photos to take, one more project to finish, plus I have new packaging still to do and the list goes on and on.  What I do not need right now is to be sidetracked into creating something I don’t need to, then double sidetracked into blogging about it!

I am surrounded by the aftermath of a huge crafting session and should really be tidying it all up and giving myself a space to put class packs together, but instead, I hear a little cry coming from my Clip it Up (It’s where I tend to put my brand new stash that I haven’t ever played with). “Play with me. No, pick me, pick me”. It’s a common enough sound in my craft room whenever I get close enough to the Clip it Up, but there’s a little group of new nestabilities on there and boy can they shout loud.

So here it is. Hardly any stamping, five minutes to put together, but the colours just called out to me and the blossom nestability set made me do it.

The glimmer misted pink/burgundy paper was something I had in my stash, so I can’t remember the colours, but it was sprayed onto a deep pink paper – I suspect Black Cherry was involved.  The background paper is from the neutral section of the Peacock Summer Party CD and what’s not showing up too well is that it has a greenish cast to it.  My colour printer at home is a bit old and clunky now and I’m never happy with it’s colour calibration – it just doesn’t seem to print true anymore, which most of the time doesn’t bother me because I like a bit of random when it comes to colour.

The flash has bleached out some detail – the ‘Be Happy’ (from Say it with Words) isn’t that white, it’s been coloured with Old Paper and Shabby Shutters distress inks.  The flash has also reflected on the glimmer and the metallic sheen on the ribbon, so this isn’t looking quite as coordinated on screen as it does in real life.  That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

Here’s a close up of the flower.  I rolled the petals round a thin paintbrush to give some dimension and finished off with the Martha Stewart daisy punch in the middle and a little metallic gem I found at Paperchase.  All it needs is a knot or bow on the ribbon, but I don’t have enough of that ribbon here – I’m just hoping we still have some at work!


The crafting chaos can wait til tomorrow …