A work in progress


I’m already hard at work on the next Glimmer Mist Album.  This one is the Garden album which has a gorgeous embossed tree on the front, little glimmer glass (acetate) gates and a mix of gatefold and plain pages inside.

I have actually finished all the pages and assembled the album back together, but I don’t have any photos of that yet.  I have used the Wild Meadow stamps on the back cover, but I’m still deliberating over what will be going on the inside pages.  I love making these albums, but I am never entirely sure what I will be doing with them when I start them.  The flights of fancy album in the last post is going to be an inspiring, uplifting journal.  I feel really inspired to write on those pages – to use nice pens in funky colours and play with words.  I have someone in mind actually who is going through a tough time, so I will try to fill it with words and quotations that are uplifting, wise and comforting.

The other work in progress in my  life at the moment is our kitchen. Our kitchen has three doorways, two in one corner  where you come into the house and one diagonally opposite which leads to the futility room.  This has made the room a bit awkward and for the last couple of years we have actually had the fridge in front of one of these odd doors, effectively blocking it off.  As we are thinking about getting a new kitchen later this year, we decided to experiment and we moved the fridge today to block off the other door instead.  Inside the room it actually makes better use of the space, but it means we now have a longer route to the lounge and the rest of the house as we have to sort of go round three sides of a square, where before we could walk straight through.  Hmm, reading that back, maybe I should have drawn a map! Anyway, we did it so we can live with it for a while and see if it works or not.  I’m determined that when the kitchen is redesigned, one of these unnecessary doors will get blocked off for good.


At the risk of offending thousands of readers, I confess to doing some housework today.  Yes, we gave the kitchen a serious spring clean and even scrubbed the Aga which was in desperate need of some good old fashioned elbow grease.  The floors were swept, the recycling all sorted out, the stairs hoovered, the mantlepiece dusted.  We also threw out all the accumulated junkmail that was swamping the kitchen table and now we can actually get four people* around it if we want to.  All this activity  has nothing whatsoever to do with the fact we have friends coming over tomorrow.  Nothing at all.  Pure coincidence.  Honest.  Do I dare admit I actually enjoyed it or is that just going too far?


*Er, sorry, Basil would like to point out that as we have four chairs, we can only get three people around our kitchen table.  Three people and one cat …

You're in my chair!
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13 thoughts on “A work in progress

  1. 3 people and a cat seems fair to me. I did see a lovely quote – Dogs have owners, cats have servants!! Seems that Basil definitely has servants.

  2. Hmmm, not so sure about dogs having owners Prudence. It depends on who they live with ‘cos our spoiled pooch definitely thinks we’re here to pander to his every whim, Lol.

    Those blank pages look wonderfully inviting Glenda. Can’t wait to see how you fill them.

    Lesley Xx

  3. Look forward to seeing the finished Glimmer Mist album.Might it be ready for Open Day????To much pressure for that perhaps!!
    Your kitchen doors look just like mine Glenda–wonder what you will choose for the new kitchen?
    Bas looks full of intent–I bet he knows who is boss in your household!!!
    The housework news was quite shocking–it makes me feel faint hearing about such hard work so early on A SUNDAY morning’.
    See you on Saturday-x Joyce

  4. Looking forward to seeing the finished book. Of course Basil needs a chair to sit at the table so it is either only invite one extra person or buy another chair!!! I did some of the h*******k stuff yesterday too – a rare sight.

    Val W

  5. Basil’s right of course he need’s his chair. Hope you’ve recovered from your h*******work. Have a lovely day with your friends. Can’t wait to see what you do with your book.

  6. Goodness, you’ve been mega busy! The new album is looking good – eh – well I’m imagining it will with the beautiful pages going into it. What a thoughtful gesture creating an inspiration book, which I’m sure will be treasured by the recipient as your words are always inspiring.

    The ‘futility’ room made me laugh – have to say your clever description didn’t confuse me (which is easy peasy at the best of times) and I followed the long walk to t’other end of the house. Put me in mind of trying to describe a spiral staircase without using your hands kinda thing haha

    I’ve been doing some of that ‘bad word’exercise too, though fairly limited. Had to make room for new Halogen cooker. Our kitchen looks worse than when my crafty bits were in it. And it needs painting! Arghhhh! Anyone up for a working holiday on an island? lol

    Awww Basil – your lil face says it all. Imagine them hoomans using YOUR chair! And without permission – shocking. You could plot a huge hint by landing on the sitter’s lap haha :)

  7. Oh Dear Glenda, you are rather going one step to far, cleaning the kitchen, well its not a job any of us tackle unless we really have to, Ive just finished pressure cleaning the patio and by gum thats one job I will only attempt when I really have to, and that has nothing to do with the fact that we are getting new patio furniture next Wednesday, not much anyway, but I got soaked, my arm is killing me, but it does look a hell of a lot better.
    Anyway enjoy your visitors, and poor Basil you had better find him a new place to sit. Looking forward to the new show on Wednesday, take care love Shirleyxxxx

  8. There must be something in the air, I did some of the dreaded h…….k yesterday which has absolutely nothing to do with the fact I have my Mum coming to stay on Tuesday for a few days (honest it doesn’t) and I even mopped the kitchen floor today!
    Well 2 dogs and 2 cats do make it grubby, wish they would learn to wipe their feet (dogs are you listening) hehe

    Can’t wait to see the finished album sounds great and those papers look so inviting.

    Basil how dare they use your chair for someone else
    Enjoy your friends visit tomorrow

  9. OMG are you ok? Should I phone the doctor, phyciatrist, annalyst or any other ‘ist’ who may be able to help you with your predicament? I on the other hand… I am doing absolutely nada, nout, nothing but reclining on the sofa being waited on hands and foot. The ‘knee’ and back need a little TLC and DH has encouraged me to rest (he thinks if he tells me to rest I won’t be able to complain when he spends the weekend playing trains)! He’s a sweetie and I have him sussed.

    What you’ve done to the album is yummy. I can just imagine the sun shining in through that lovely big window in your studio and making the glimmer mists dance off the pages. Spend some time having fun and get some rest…. that was a bumper week last week and you were in Friday too!

    I’m off to play with Ten Second Studio stuff (still in the mood from the workshop last Thursday) and prepping my demos for our ‘open’ days Friday and Saturday. Ooooooo I’m so excited to be back, can’t wait to play.
    Lynn x

  10. Oh that’s a lovely album there Glenda, whoever receives it is very fortunate!

    As for the housework, we all succumb from time to time, it isa guilty pleasure and in my case, i only ever intend to do a little bit (like having a couple of chocolates) but once I start – say a bit of dusting, then i sweep the floors, then I get the mop out and before I know it, I’ve cleaned my bathroom and kitchen……

    But unlike chocolate, I don’t feel bad afterwards. Wonder why that is??

    Anyway I hope you and Adrian enjoy your nice clean house and having your friends over to visit!


  11. I have to admit to cleaning my oven this week. A job I normally avoid like the plague but there was something wrong with it and an engineer was coming. I was too shamefaced to let him see it as it was. How pathetic is that? Basil looks in charge, as usual ;).

  12. I can’t wait for the show on Wednesday. I hope there is glimmer glass on it as I would like to see how you use it. We have a man coming to replace our 30 yr old boiler (not me) and OH says they have to remove all the radiators to flush them through-we have been frantically trying to uncover the radiators and hubby (bless his cotton socks) now has a rough idea of just how much crafty stash I have. The printer has been unavailable today ( buried under the things we moved trying to get to the radiators) and an emergency card has meant that I have had to CUT UP some of my guild papers. I am so traumatised that I may start doing h*******k too!!
    Enjoy your friends visit and give Basil a fuss from me
    XX Chris

  13. Sorry Chris, no glimmer glass, except the pieces that come in the butterfly album. I heated one of those and flipped the wings up to give it some dimension.


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