Birthday Bird


This card has been sat around in pieces for weeks – a relic of the mountain of prep that goes into a TV show.  Each time I get back from filming, I’m faced with this chaotic pile of the bits that didn’t make it, the poor relations and the extra (“here’s one I did earlier”) pieces that never ended up being used.

People often ask me about cards I do on TV and I have a confession to make now, well two actually.  Firstly we don’t have Sky, so I  never see the shows on TV myself.  Secondly, after filming a show, my brain seems to shut down and I often can’t remember even the next day what I actually did.  I seem to have selective TV amnesia – I even asked my GP about it once a few years ago and she asked what I had for breakfast – I couldn’t remember if I’d had toast or cereal.  She told me to come back if it ever got to the stage when I couldn’t remember if I’d even had breakfast or not!

So if you ever stop me in the street and compliment me on a specific card I made on a show, I will smile vacantly and thank  you politely.  But if you ask how it was made, I’ll probably start to sweat and tremble before blurting out “it wasn’t me” in a blind panic.  It’s certainly got me into some interesting conversations at work, not least when I’ve been confused with someone else (you are the blond one aren’t you?).

Anyway, this little orphaned bird piece here sat for weeks in my ‘bits’ box and last night I was trying really hard to tidy up and ignore the pile of new stamps on the table that needed testing.   Somehow one of the greetings found it’s way onto an acrylic block and next thing you know the teal blue StazOn was eagerly pressing up against it whispering “play with me … you know you want to”.

So my crafter’s logic decreed that I could have a temporary break from the tidying if I actually made a completed card instead of adding to the bits box.  Ta-dah!  A finished card. If I remember rightly (and I think we’ve just established that my memory can’t be relied on) the background is brayered with Fresh Greens Kaleidacolor, then overstamped with the same inkpad using the collage background from one of the Butterfly Collage sets, before the main image was stamped in black StazOn.

The blue swirly background isn’t showing up too well in the photo as the flash has bounced off it – it’s Brilliance inks and the funky doodle swirls – another piece from the bits box.  Actually, that piece was far too small for the card, so what looks like one long background strip is actually a very small strip at the top and a bigger one at the bottom.  Very thrifty!

Well, I’ve put off the tidying long enough.  I have crafty friends visiting at the weekend, so have to have the room tidied.  I may be some time …