Blog Candy Alert

blog-candy-alert There’s new Elusive Images stamps coming out next week and there’s a different type of giveaway happening over on the Elusive Images blog.

You might want to check it out.

Feel free to let others know by putting this logo on  your blog.  Random giveaways might happen to people who do …


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10 thoughts on “Blog Candy Alert

  1. Drooling over those new stamp designs – the logo is on my blog and a very happy birthday to Elusive Images – may there be many more. :)

    1. Elusive Images says thanks for the birthday wishes, but the stamp may have been a bit misleading as it’s not EI’s birthday – that was April really. Hmm, ten years old next year!

  2. The logo’s on my blog. I gotta have these one way or another so I’m hoping for a bit of luck in the giveaway.

    They’re fabulous Glenda! Thanks for the chance to try and win them.

    Lesley Xx

  3. it’s on the blog now – even if it did take a couple of goes by this idiot to get the logo on there! wonderful stamps, bet you get loads of comments!

  4. I have put the logo onto my blog. Things are getting easier to do on the blog. Sorted it no worries.
    Look like great stamps as always. Looking forward to seeing them.

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