The most expensive card in the world?


Materials List:

  • Lime green Ultra Thick Embossing Enamel
  • Piece of greyboard (chipboard)
  • Gesso
  • Perfect Pearls
  • Damask Reindeer Christmas themeplate
  • Aga (or Rayburn)

Last night we launched the Elusive Images Christmas range of stamps at Graphicus – you can see the full range on the Elusive Images blog.  It was an exclusive invitation only event and we had a lovely group of ladies who turned up and enjoyed David’s turkey sandwiches and mince pies while seeing all the new stock that has been arriving in the shop from America this week.

Lynn and I were demonstrating, though I hardly got a chance to because nearly every single person there wanted to know how I had made this little piece of artwork here.  Well after I had explained the first time, there was some consternation that the latest must have craft gadget costs somewhere between £5,600 and £11,000 depending which model you require.  However, fear not, we have canny customers at Graphicus.  Someone pointed out that if you don’t happen to have an Aga in your kitchen, you could use an upturned iron.  Well, ya know, I’m a stickler for quality, so I reckon you really should start saving for a craft Aga myself.  I’m thinking of having talks with their executive board and getting them to bring out a duck egg blue and chocolate one, or better yet, one covered in an Artylicious design – like ‘her hammer’!!  We wouldn’t be able to do free shipping though, not even to Guild members, sorry!

Anyway, how I arrived at this finished piece was a bit of a long story, so in the end, Adrian videoed me talking about it.  It curled very badly and has been in the book press for about three weeks and I almost forgot about it.  I’m pleased I managed to get this photo of it today in a brief moment of sunshine, it really shows off the perfect pearls on it.

I would love to show you the video, but it would seem that Adrian was so excited when he bought the new video camera a while ago, he forgot to get a lead that actually connects it to the computer.  So we’ll have to wait for Mr Amazon to deliver a lead before we can download the footage and see if there’s anything actually usable!


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11 thoughts on “The most expensive card in the world?

  1. Can’t wait to see the video footage. These looks really amazing Glenda. Would love to try this technique out minus the Aga once we find out how! Do you think Mountboard would be viable?
    Hurry up Mr Amazon deliveryman.
    Karin :)

  2. Looking forward to the video but sadly I might have to sell all my stamps and other crafting goodies to buy an Aga!!! Brilliant effect though and of course I will NEED the new stamps too. Val W

  3. I was lucky enough to see this beautiful piece in the flesh – it’s stunning. Great camara work Glenda, you have manage to get a wonderful photograph of it. Thanks again for the wonderful demo evening – it was great to see you and Lynne in action and to the lovely cards your and your team had been making with the new stamps.

  4. Hello Glenda
    I too am longing to see the video.
    What a stunning piece; only wish I could see it in the flesh — so to speak!
    Afraid the only “Aga” that would fit into my kitchen is a doll’s house version.

  5. Gorgeous piece of work. I obviously don’t know how you make yours, but I don’t have an Aga and I do something similar to this using the Suze Weinberg Melting Pot and the Cosmic Shimmer embossing crystals, once melted you pour it onto a heat resistant non stick craft mat then press your stamp into it leaving it until it is cool, not forgetting to ink your stamp first! either with a colour or just versamark to protect it, lift it off then you can use the cosmic shimmers or similar to add touches of colour, and it has saved you thousands. Before I had my melting pot I did manage to get a similar effect using a large frying pan on the very lowest setting with a piece of the non stick heat mat inside, sprinkled the embossing powder onto that until melted and then lifted it out of the pan and stamped into it.

  6. Wow this is stunning Glenda, can’t wait to see the video and I have an aga just crying out to find a crafting use. It needs lighting first though hehe a good excuse to persuade OH to light it early


  7. Goodness, Glenda, this is a really stunning piece of artwork and cannot wait to see the video so hope Mr Amazon hurries up! I take your point about being a stickler for quality and perhaps saving for an Aga might be possible but would it fit into my craft cupboard? Granted this is a double wardrobe fitted out with shelves by my DH but even so it might be a bit of a squeeze. Hope those who try the upturned iron technique give us a clue as to how it went. Best regards, PatW

  8. I, like Phree, was lucky enough to see it IRL and it is gorgeous. I must have been elsewhere in the shop (probably filling my trolley basket) when you were explaining the how to Glenda so now I’m dying to see the video too.

    Lesley Xx

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