Basement Cat turns Thirteen


If you are not a fan of I Can Has Cheezburger, then you might not get the joke here.  Basically, the site has evolved the concept of an enlightened higher being known as Ceiling Cat, who is always a white cat and his evil counterpart, Basement Cat who is nearly always portrayed as a jet black cat.

So naturally, one of Basil’s more recent nicknames is Basement Cat and faced with an abundance of Halloween products this year, I felt compelled to make this rather tongue in cheek album this weekend.


The photos above have been ‘dramatised’ in photoshop, playing up the laser eye effect of the flash and saturating the colours.


Basil is in fact 13 years old, though we don’t know exactly when he was born.  He was one of three born on a farm and discovered by a colleague of mine at the time who made it her mission to find them homes.  We believe his birthday is sometime in March.  He was a rather nervous kitten and it’s a source of some sadness that my wonderful 1960s Zenith camera broke down around that time and I have no photos of the boys as babies.


I cut the pages slightly narrower than the back board so that I could alternate the binding side.


The lettering is a mix of chipboard letters (Heidi Swapp) and various rub-ons.  Once upon a time, the boys were never allowed bed  privilege – it’s not nice being woken up by the sound of a cat throwing up on your cream carpet at four in the morning.  Nowadays we often enjoy a mutually lazy Sunday morning lie in.


The pages are all coloured with Jack O’Lantern Glimmer Mist and decorated with rub-on vines.


This is the back board – it’s grey board sprayed with a Cinder – one of the new Limited Edition colours in our new Pumpkin Spice Glimmer Mist set.  It really is a very dark black with just a hint of silvery blue mica.


The album is made with a pair of gorgeous laser cut chipboard gates from ScrapFX.  They come with holes in, so it was a straightforward matter of cutting some card and a back board to fit, marking the holes and punching them with a Crop-a-Dile.

Behind the gates are two chip tiles from the Halloween Hauntings set – another Tattered Angels product.  These embossed tiles are 7″ x 4″ and make perfect little book covers.  I have sprayed them with a mixture of colours from the Pumpkin Spice set and enhanced the embossed designs with Distress inks and Gold Encore ink.

The gates are sprayed with Raven – a very dark purply blue – and finished with a couple of diamante brads and the number 13.

There is more journalling to do, I want to just get stuff down on paper about Basil so I don’t forget his quirky ways.

And talking of his quirky ways, he is definitely trying to tell me that my lap is missing from his sofa right now.  I’m on my way Basil, on my way.


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26 thoughts on “Basement Cat turns Thirteen

  1. Wow! That’s totally fabulous….. I mean the Album and Basil. You’ve obviously really enjoyed making it and it shows (you have a wonderful muse) how could it not be stunning?

  2. Hi Glenda,

    love the photos and the fantastic album you have created – a great way to mark Basils 13th year – and more fab inspiration for us.

    Thanks to you for sharing and a BIG HUG for the Handsome Basil

    Take care

  3. Awesome album Glenda, Basil is very definetely a “classic” black cat! I like reading about the stories behind the layouts/projects people make. Thanks for sharing :o)

  4. What a great book.I have loads of cat photos of my naughty boy so perhaps I could do something along those lines at the retreat.Basil is very photogenic!!!Perhaps he likes being ‘papped’ and poses for you!!!x joyce

  5. My girls are forcing me to type ‘HAPPY BIRTHDAY’ to Basement Cat. They feel the need to keep him sweet in case he decides to take them to his shadowy realm.

    There now thats done I can start typing my message. The journal is lovely, Glenda. Jo bought this set of chip tiles on Saturday. They are fab and perfect to comemorate the High Lord of Evilness’s 13th birthday.

    (I must admit I was wondering if he’d been nicknamed Basement Cat, especially as you use so many words from Cheezeburger yourself!!!)



  6. this is gorgeous, and Basil is so photogenic! Makes me think I really ought to do something with my collection of cat photos, especially before I forget which of the black ones is which cat…..

  7. Fabulous album and a novel way to record Basil’s 13th year. Those claws of his certainly look ‘evil’. Lol!

    I’m sure you must have really enjoyed making this memory album.

    Happy belated Birthday to the ‘Evil One’.

    Lesley Xx

  8. Great book Glenda, I love the effects of the glimmer mists. My little cat has just turned 22 and since she was my 21st birthday present we are both feeling the birthday blues!

  9. Have just stumbled across this blogg-was beeing nosy! What a fabulous project, have got some photos of my long departed Moggies and will now know how to preserve them rather then being in a box out of sight. Thank you so much Glenda!!! Will certainly visit again for inspiration as I have had a tough year and need some divertions.


  10. Wow, I love Basil’s stunning birthday book, it’s awesome, the photos in it are great. You’re such a talented lady.
    Give belated happy birthday hugs to Basil for me.

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