Aren't I clever!

Look …!

I honestly don’t know what this orchid is playing at, blooming in the depths of the coldest weather we’ve head in living memory, but isn’t it glorious?

What is astounding though is that this is the orchid Moira bought me for my birthday back in May last year!  It’s unprecedented for me to keep a plant alive so long, never mind actually nurture it into a second flowering.

Wouldn’t this make a lovely image for a wedding card?  I love my camera!

Thanks Moira, your gift keeps on giving.

We had a treat night tonight – fish and chips.  Basil ate some more of the beef pate and completely ignored all offers of chip shop cod, which he would have gone mad for in the past.  Derrick has been out of bed in a chair today – progress, but still feels very rough indeed.  He now has a tube up his nose to get some food and drugs into his gut to fight the C-Diff.  I finally won my battle with the printer today and we have catalogues for the show in America, yay!  Don’t worry, you’re not missing anything, it’s a small capsule collection of our existing stamps to highlight the range.  If there’s any of our American cousins reading, please encourage your local stamping store to come visit our booth (3525) if they are going to be at the show.  We have fun make’n’takes and we have just tenderly packed up some gorgeous artwork today that will be displayed in the booth.

So I’m celebrating the successes and highlights of the week with an evening playing with the melt pot.  No idea what will come out of the other end yet, but even if nothing does, I’m going to enjoy the process.

Stay warm everyone, it’s -8 at the moment with forecasts of up to -20 this weekend!  Brrrr