Whoop Whoop!

Thank you for all your good wishes, positive thoughts, prayer, whatever you want to call it.  I think it’s working.

  • Derrick was moved from Durham to Bishop Auckland hospital today.  They think the C-diff is under control.
  • Basil chomped his way through not one, but two foil trays of proper cat food tonight.
  • This afternoon it rained.  Not snow, rain.

Things are looking up!

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26 thoughts on “Whoop Whoop!

  1. Wow!!!!Things are looking up at last!!!Thank goodness on all 3 fronts.Hope it continues.You must be feeling so much better today. Love to all patients and you and Adrian.x Joyce

  2. That’s fantastic news Glenda, I’m so pleased that Derrick and Basil are improving.
    I’m glad the weather is improving too, as I couldn’t get to Darlington for a Christmas visit this year, due to the weather. I still have my parents’ Chritmas presents here! Hopefully, I can venture northwards now, Judith x

  3. Grand news, especially coming just as you are due off to the States. I hope you have a wonderful time and that the invalids are still progressing even more by the time you get back.

    Kind regards and many best wishes,


  4. Wonderful news all round. You must be feeling so much better even though your fingers are probably still crossed. Enjoy CHA and bring back lots of great ideas as well as giving them something to think about (and act on) after seeing your stand.
    Jane B

  5. Hi Glenda

    what absolutely BRILLIANT news – hope that both Derrick and Basil keep on improving – have a safe and enjoyable trip, like everyone I am looking forward to any pictures you can post on your blog.
    Kind regards to you all and a BIG HUG for the Handsome Basil
    Take care

  6. Glenda
    There are lots of us sending positive thoughts. This is excellent news all round, fingers crossed for steady improvements all round.

    Elaine xx

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