Are we in California?

I am currently in Anaheim, California amidst the worst rain they are likely to get this year.  I think we’re getting the tail end of it, but there’s been a very severe storm here, causing havoc, especially in areas previously burned by forest fires where there have been terrible mudslips.  Below is a photo of some ornamental cabbages we spotted on the walk to the convention centre.  You can see how saturated the ground is, they’re swimming!

In the city, it just makes for very unpleasant driving, especially when you get stuck going south on the freeway and realise you are going the wrong way and need to turn around and head the other way, sigh.

I’m here for the Craft & Hobby Association trade show, or CHA as it’s known, with Lynn and Lesley.  Adrian’s taking care of the family back home.  This year we are exhibiting and today is set up day when we arrange the stand and all the artwork that we have lovingly brought in our six suitcases.  Yesterday was spent shopping for things that we didn’t really need to carry with us – wet wipes and kitchen towel, pens, stapler, notebook, etc.  We also bought some fabric to cover the bright yellow curtain to the side of the stand as that really doesn’t go with our teal and chocolate colour scheme.

Hindsight is a wonderful thing isn’t it?  We probably should have paid the $69 to get the sat nav in the car.  We were very resourceful though, and went online to get directions to everywhere we needed to go before we set out.  We had a great little route planned out:  hotel to Ikea, Ikea to TJ Maxx, TJ Maxx to Michaels, Michaels to Jo-Anns, Jo-Anns back to hotel.  It all went wrong when the directions told us to take a certain road, but didn’t explain which way to go at the T-junction we found ourselves at.  As we chose the left turn,  we could see Ikea up ahead and it was definitely on the right of where we were, so we turned around and worked our way to it (eventually).

The next stop also proved a little tricky to navigate to, but again, eyesight triumphed when we were about to turn around and spotted a TJ Maxx in the distance, (I’m still not sure if it is the one we were originally looking for or not).  Amazingly, on the same retail park we found Michaels and Jo-Anns too.

We never made it to Jo-Anns, but got what we needed in the other two shops.  TJ Maxx (TK Maxx at home) was full of breathtaking stuff, and was quite heartbreaking because there was so much gorgeous stuff that we wanted to take home, but couldn’t possibly get in the suitcases.  Michaels was fun – always lots of bargains to be had and Lesley turned out to be queen of the bargain hunting.  Photos of the spoils will no doubt appear on the blog at some point.  Lynn and I were tempted by some gorgeous books, but books quickly add up to quite a bit of weight, so we just made some notes to look up on Amazon later.

Los Angeles is one of those sprawling cities that has a vast amount of commuter traffic.  And I mean VAST.  We saw it first hand last night as we got caught in rush hour on the 7 lane freeway.  I’m driving a 7 seater MPV which feels the width of a transit van compared to what I’m used to and I keep bashing my knuckles on the drivers window as I reach for a gear stick that doesn’t exist.  It’s all good character building stuff!

The next few days are going to be very hectic, but if I can give you any show reports I will.  Meanwhile, why don’t you take look over on the Elusive Images blog where we have just launched a few new stamps of our own.

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11 thoughts on “Are we in California?

  1. Glad to hear you all got there safely! Hello to you all and have a great time :) Carrie (who is shuddering at the thought of a 7 lane freeway and driving on the wrong side of the road!)

  2. Glad to hear at least, that you haven’t been washed away with the ornamental cabbages. Wish I’d been with you in TJ Maxx. I had a rummage round our TK Maxx last week and picked up a couple of bargains.

    I was just wondering, with all the driving around on 7 lane freeways no less, has Lesley opened her eyes yet!?! Lol!

    Take care girls and look forward to more pix when you have time.Lesley Xx

  3. Wow, Glenda, it certainly sounds like you girls are having a great adventure. I do envy you shopping in Michael’s – so many craft blogs mention the bargains to be had there.

    I bet you girls make the stand look amazing and we will be itching to hear how the US launch goes. Hope you manage to have plenty of time for looking around yourselves in the midst of all the work!!

    Have fun and take care


  4. Michaels & Jo-Ann … you’re making me jealous, I love those stores! I can’t remember if they have Hobby Lobby in CA too, they’re another fave. I empathise with the freeway nightmare – having spent hours stuck on there in the past (one time I got fined for returning a rental car late after taking 2 hours to do a 20 minute journey!) I now tend to use the smaller streets … but you definitely need the satnav for that :)

    Have fun, and enjoy CHA.

  5. So glad you got there safely – and sorry that the rain followed you! Have a great show, and get lots of orders for stamps – if the stand looks anything like the one in the UK last year, you should really stand out from the competition.

  6. Oh wow. I’m so envious. Shopping and gaining so many ideas as well. Glenda you are very brave, driving over there. I hope the three of you have time to enjoy all the hard work. I hope the weather doesn’t affect the visit to much.
    Message to Lesley: I hadn’t realised that you were going, maybe a good job. If word had gotten out David would of had so many invites to peoples homes.
    Looking forward to up dates.
    Best wishes

  7. You are in my hometown…so I totally get the traffic and the travel. Don’t leave before 9am and be on the way home by 2pm was my motto. Have a safe and fun adventure! And try a museum, the griffin observatory…a beach… hope you get to site see.

  8. great that you found time to blog amonst all this activity! Good luck with the show and I hope you can give those of us who cannot go there a few peeks behind the scenes 😉

  9. Wow Glenda,I am lost in admiration at your courage in driving in a strange place and with all those lanes.Tell you what –I would have called a taxi,but then I am not as adventurous as you!!!!Were your navigators any help I wonder?????The thought of a giant TKMaxx sends my mind into overdrive.I’d probably spend a fortune there and not emerge at the other end.Have fun over there. x Joyce

  10. Hi Glenda
    Glad to hear you arrived safely. I had not realised you were going to that part of LA. My Brother and his family live in Anaheim. If you ever need a helper I’m you gal. I would love to help out at a show like that.

    I have yet to visit the United States. Would probably camp out in one of those big craft stores.

    Take care.

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