Elusive Images

Apologies for the blurry photos, these were taken with my iPhone in poor light, but they will give you a flavour of what the stand looks like.  I’ll get some better photos today as I’m taking my camera in with me.

The stand does look lovely, there’s lots to feast your eyes on and we had some amazing feedback yesterday.  What you see on the wall is actually just empty packaging – there’s no way we could have carried that much rubber.  We did make one tactical error when filling in all the paperwork – we ended up with signage that just says Elusive Images and really, it should have had our strap line (Rubber Stamp Heaven) so that people know what we do!  However, we made friends with our neighbours, Craftwell, who have a very snazzy cutting machine which we used to cut out some vinyl letters to go under our sign.

Their machine is called eCraft and I have to say it has actually impressed me big time.  I’ll come back to you with a full report once I know more on pricing, but I’m definitely having one myself, if nothing else just for the sheet feeder option.  Annette will be pleased as she cut about 400 arch shaped pages for the retreat on our old Pazzles machine and the most she could do per sheet was two at a time.  The eCraft has a sheet feeder!!  So you can set it away cutting 100 and it will just pull in the sheets from the tray. There’s no sticky mat and it seems to be very simple to use in it’s basic mode, but also connects to a computer and can do all the sophisticated stuff like welding.  Seems like a serious rival to the Cricut, but until I know how much they are, I can’t give a complete verdict. I’ll come back to you on that one.

Here’s some more pictures of the stand.

Lynn spent ages rolling up sheets of artylicious paper (which Annette had spent hours printing).  It looks absolutely fabulous and really gets lots of people stopping to look.

We found a lovely mannequin in TJ Maxx to display Lynn’s tags.  Shame she’s too big to bring back with us.  Anything we don’t take back like that will be donated to the Kids in Need Foundation who have organised a drop off point at the show.  I’ll probably donate some of my demo stamps to them to save me some weight and space in my suitcase on the way back.  Hey, I’ve got shopping to bring home.  Magazines mainly.

So day one is over and done with and we’re confident that there are a lot of people in Canada who absolutely love our style of stamps.  We had more interest from Canada than the USA, but there’s still three days of the show to go.  We were chatting to Dyan from Art from the Heart who is working on the Ranger stand, and she told us that this show starts quiet and gets busier towards the end.  The trade show at the NEC is usually the other way round, so I’m pleased she told us that before the show started.  We’ve seen quite a few Brits – we had a good chat to Rob from Once upon a Stamp and Andy from Sir Stampalot.  Joanna and Richard came over and we’re going out to dinner tonight at the Cheesecake Factory – yumm!

Talking of dinner, we had a rather disastrous one last night here in the hotel.  We ate there on our first night and it was fine.  We’d gone straight from the show to Michaels as we’d all collected a 40% discount voucher last time we were there which we could spend from Sunday onwards.  So we got back to the hotel exhausted and ordered a couple of panninis and burger with a side of fries (see I’m talking like a native now as well as driving like one!).  Well the fries arrived first – in a giant paper cone stood in a wire stand.  I’ve never had fries served like that before!

Turned out to be the best part of the meal, they were delicious.  So we all tucked in while we waited for the sandwiches.  And waited.  And waited, and watched the burger sitting on the gril for ages.  Eventually the food arrived and the burger was burnt on the bottom and the fries with it were cold.  The other two cooked sandwiches were cold, but they came with freshly cooked crisps which the waiter explained was what caused the delay.  So the sandwiches went back and new ones were prepared, but again they came out at a temperature that can only be described as tepid.  Add to that the fact that ‘tuna melt’ bore no resemblence to anything we’d give that name to back home  (it looked like sandwich spread)  and we were disgruntled, grouchy customers.

So I complained to the manager, and to be fair, she handled it absolutely correctly and didn’t charge us a thing for the meal or the snacks Lesley then went and bought in the hotel shop.  She apologised that it was her number one chef’s night off, but even when “Mr Easy” is back on duty, I don’t think we’ll be eating there again.

You’d think we were obsessed with food because Lynn and I started a tradition a couple of years ago of photographing our meals.  I think there’ll be a food scrapbook coming out of it at some point.  Look at my healthy breakfast.

Talking of which, my alarm has just gone off so it’s time to get up and go and get some!

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22 thoughts on “Elusive Images

  1. Oooh, the stand looks fab! Pleased to hear that everything is going well.

    Remember to continue the food photography tradition and take some of the Cheesecake Factory – sounds excellent. 😀

  2. The stand look really good and no wonder the papers are getting people to stop and look – they look so good.

    I would be very interested in the e craft from Craftwell – I was just reading about yesterday on a blog that was going through all the new things at the show and it did sound very good – but as you say depends on the price.

    Hope the show continues to go well.

  3. It all looks absolutely fab – those papers look stunning, and breakfast looks amazing – just my sort and the fruit always tastes so different when you are away!

    Have a brilliant and sucessful time


  4. Thanks for showing us the stand Glenda which looks fabulous. The rolls of paper look super duper. I look forward to hearing about the cheesecake factory, please have some for me! Take care and don’t work too hard, I’m sure they’ll love you and your products as much as we do over here, Love Rosie

  5. Love your message and photos of your trip – sounds like you’re having a successfully great time.

    The new piece of equipment sounds interesting.

    Your breakfast looks yummy. But sorry about the other experience.

    The question of food and value for money is always high on my list for criticism. Was taken for an Indian meal yesterday for grandson’s birthday – was appalled at what was available for the price. Although I was reassured that I would be able to eat it (I have a silly tummy) I ate very little and have paid the price.

    Enjoy the remainder of your stay.

  6. Your stand looks fantastic and the papers are displayed in a really brilliant way…. I love it
    Your breakfast looks yummy but I’m sorry you had a bad experience with your other meal. Dinner at the cheesecake factory sounds my kind of meal mmmmmmmmm

    Hope the rest of your stay goes well and I await more info on the cutter when you have it

    Jackie x

  7. Your stand looks fabulous especially the way the papers are displayed. Hope the rest of the time goes well and keep eating those healthy breakfasts ladies :)
    Can’t wait to see what you bring back home.

    Janet x

  8. the stand looks great, especially the papers – almost like rows of Christmas crackers! As for that breakfast – am drooling just looking, and the thought of the cheesecake factory…….!!
    glad you’re doing well, keep up the good work, and leave some time for fun too

  9. The stand looks fabulous! Well done with the papers to Lynn. Brilliant way of displaying them at their best.

    Like Rose said we know they’ll love you and your products. I might be the only person who wouldn’t want to pinch your breakfast…………………….. I hate bananas! Bet you enjoyed it though.

    Lesley Xx

  10. The stand is absolutely fab-u-lous. I’ve been following the ecraft story for a few months now. I think it was originally goibg to be launched before Christmas but was delayed until the CHA. I certainly be very interested to know what it will retail at. Have you seen Tim’s new magic suitcase yet?

  11. The stand looks beautiful especially the Artylicious papers which certainly make an eye-catching display. I hope your comfy shoes are doing their job!!! and do enjoy some yummy food.

  12. the stand looks amazing ! i almost choked reading that blog i thought it said you were chatting to Dylan ! must get new glasses me thinks ! enjoy your stay regards SuzeJo

  13. The stand looks FABULOUS – full of colour and as classy as the folks that are working it!! Go Girls and Have Fun
    Love annette xxx

  14. Wow! The exhibition stand looks absolutely stunning and you must hae worked so hard to get it looking like such a feast for the eyes. Hope as you say that the days get busier than your first quiet one, you would definitely get my vote as stars of the show and I don’t need to see anyone else’s display you are always tops with me. Try to have fun too as well as working. Regards to all there.

  15. The stand looks fab! And no wonder people are stopping because of the rolls of artylicious paper. They look wonderful.

    As Carrie says keep up the food photography. I can’t wait to see what the cheesecake factory has to offer. Mind you the part that got me salivating was your healthy breakfast – nomnomnom!!!!!!!



  16. Hi Glenda,
    wow – the stand looks great, just like everyone else – I love the effect of the paper rolls and the ‘tag dress’ is lovely.
    Wishing you all a very successful trip and look forward to any more snippits you can share with us.
    Hope the news from home is of more improvement all round.
    Take care

  17. Love the mannequin with all those tags covering it… makes for a fabbie little project……Just need to find myself all the ingredients to start one off now 😀

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