Farewell LAX

I’ve really not had much time for blogging while I’ve been here with the show and the jet lag.  We’ve had a great show, people really like our stamps and all the new customers we have gained at the show have all been lovely people.  In fact, we ended up on hugging terms with most of them.

We’re just about to head off on the freeway for the last time to drop off the car then begin the tedious long 22 hour journey home (we have a long wait in Amsterdam).  Bags are packed and weighed and despite the frenzy of shopping that we squeezed into our last few hours yesterday, they are under the weight limit.

I have ordered some great things at the show and hope that the show orders will start coming through within a month or so.  Lots of ideas for projects and the Graphicus Guild too, there’s so much inspiration at shows like these.

[Adrian – look away now, there’s nothing else interesting to see here.]

I shall leave you with some delicious images from the Cheesecake Factory – before you drool all over your keyboard, just check out those calories!!  I’ll definitely have to push the slipped halo back on when I get home and get down to some seriously sensible eating.

I had the Raspberry Chocolate Truffle and couldn’t even eat half of it!

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10 thoughts on “Farewell LAX

  1. Good to hear from you Glenda – I knew they’d love you and your products over the pond! As for those cheesecakes, wow oh wow! Did you all have a different one and share them all? I look forward to seeing what new goodies you are going to tempt us with, now come home safe! Hi to all, Chat soon, Rosie

  2. OOOOOMG!!!!!How do you choose from that lot?? I wouldn’t have a clue but it all looks obscenely delicious.If you have all eaten those cheesecakes it won’t be the cases that are over the limit.[sorry ladies its a severe case of cheesecake envy there].
    Have a safe journey home.x Joyce

  3. I’m so glad it’s been a success for you but then we knew they couldn’t fail to love your stuff!

    Can’t wait to see what new goodies your bringing home for us.

    Hope you get over the awful journey back pretty quickly (I hate it myself) and have some more lovely pictures to share when you’ve recovered.

    Lesley Xx

    PS I did keep my fingers crossed that the cold you had before you went didn’t get any worse?

  4. I tried not to look at the photos, but failed. Glad you’ve had a good time, & I’m looking forward to seeing all the new stuff. Hope you have a good journey home.

  5. Hope you have some of these on order! We could have done with a bit of that Godivar Chocolate back here in the office. What a nifty idea to put the calories on there, although on second thoughts it may put you off.
    Judith & the gang. X

  6. It sounds, and looks ! as though you have had a pretty good time :) Look forward to seeing all the new goodies. Glad it has been successful for you. Safe journey home.

    Janet x

  7. the key lime cheesecake is my favourite there – but even their meals are huge too. last time we went, they asked my husband if he wanted the lunch or dinner version of the dish he ordered. he asked what the difference was, and the reply was that the dinner sized one was ‘quite large’. so he ordered the lunch one instead, and even that defeated him!

    glad the show went well, sounds like you had a really good time.


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