I need a creative boost

Hello to everyone we met at Harrogate and thank you so much for respecting my wishes and not mentioning recent events.  It did make it easier to cope.  I’d be lying if I said everything was fine and I wasn’t still grieving, but I know it’s going to take a while for that pain to subside.  It is having an effect on my energy levels – you’ll notice the reduced frequency of blog posts and the lack of actual craft related blog posts too.

I love blogging, I enjoy having a place where I can express myself, but sometimes it feels too public a place to pour out all the private stuff and I admit I have run away from it.  Someone recommended I journal, but my journals all lie untouched.  I don’t want to capture these sensations of loss and grief, I don’t want to create pages that I go back to and remember how I was feeling when I created them.  The time will come when I can start to create pages that are about happy memories, but I don’t feel ready for that yet.

I have managed to do a little crafting – I made the flower on this card a while ago – it’s stamped onto papers from the Graphicus Guild paper pack and one from the Butterfly Bliss CD, then the back has been inked so that when the petals curl up, you see the contrasting colour.

I put an embossed panel onto an aqua square card then made an acetate wrap from a Hambly overlay.  I stuck a scalloped circle on the inside of the acetate and the flower on the outside.  There’s a greeting from Birthday Words hidden behind the scallop.

I am hoping that I will get some crafting time to myself over the Easter weekend.  Long time readers may remember a while back I asked you to put your crafting questions to me?  Well it would really help me to get kick started if we could do “Ask Glenda” again.  I have a lot of crafting know-how inside this woolly head of mine that I would love to share.  If you haven’t left a comment on here before, why not ask me a crafting question, whether it’s a really simple basic question, like what card to stamp on, or something more complex like how to shade with Copic markers.

We are off to the NEC tomorrow for the Hobbycrafts show and I may not have Internet access the whole time I’m away, but keep the questions coming and I will do my best to answer them all in future blog posts.

PS – I have also managed to fit in a little stamp design time – there’s some gorgeous new spring stamps launching at our Birthday Party!

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22 thoughts on “I need a creative boost

  1. The way you are feeling comes as no surprise Glenda. I’m glad you managed to get through the Harrogate weekend relatively okay. I saw the comments on the Guild group about how wonderful the Graphicus stand looked and I can’t wait to see it myself next weekend (although I know it will be smaller).

    I think it sounds like you’ve hit on a very good way to ease back into crafting. Unfortunately, I’m not a morning person so at 8.00 am I’m still trying to clear the cobwebs but the acetate overlay made me think of something I’ve been going to try but I’ll ask you instead as others may want to know who are thinking of buying the gorgeous Precious Metal paints. I wondered if they work on acetate or, as I suspect, will they flake off when dry? Mind you, I still love them even if they won’t work on acetate. The colours and sparkle are just so beautiful.

    Your card in this post by the way is beautiful too. Fabulous colours and one of those that made me say ‘Now why didn’t I think of that!’ as soon as I saw it.

    Lesley Xx

  2. Hi Glenda
    You’re doing very well!

    I do have a question which I asked before you went to the US. The Americans seem to do a lot of crafting on what they call “Kraft Paper/card”.

    What is Kraft Paper and do we have the equivalent of it here? How would you describe the weight of it?

    Much love,
    Jeannie E.

  3. Through tearful eyes I have this to say (no craft questions though):

    I had an uneasy relationship with my Dad in his later years (about 40 of them!) but he died late last year, a relief from a horrid illness. There was no shock. But still I do not know when or why my grief will well up and cause me to feel lethargic and aimless, Glenda.

    It is such early days for you. Think of this: if you graze your skin nastily, you do not keep lifting the dressing to see how the healing is coming along even though your capabilities in some areas may be limited by the poorly part’s temporary loss of function.

    And so with hurt and grief: don’t feel in the least worried or embarrassed that all the usual things you do so well are on a temporary hold. Rest those parts of your inner being that need to heal, to let Nature do her miraculous work. In God’s time, you will feel ‘normal’ again. It cannot be hastened or understood – just lived.

    Take care – we’ve never met but this medium brings you new friends you’ve never even made a cup of tea for!

  4. Hi Glenda
    I think you were extremely brave to go ahead at Harrogate, and when you gave me that wonderful hug, it was all I could do to keep a cheerful face, having read your blog asking all to give their Mothers a special hug.
    I would love to learn all about copic pens as I bought some ready to play with and cant wait to get going at a class in the not too distant future.
    The card is gorgeous how did you colour the acetate?
    see you on 9th April for Annettes cricut class Huge hugs
    xxxx Jackie

  5. Hi Glenda,

    this card is BEAUTIFUL!

    Don’t be hard on yourself – it’s healthy to grieve & you must be nice to yourself & just take however much time you need to feel better. It’s a cliche, but time IS a great healer & you will get to that place where you can look back & enjoy the happy memories of your dear Nanna & dear Basil.
    I had to make a horrid decision last week about my eldest tom cat, Charlie. He was nearly 14 & around Christmas time he developed a skin cancer under his chin. For nearly 3 months, he was doing well, just taking his painkiller medicine (diluted with warm evaporated milk – always works for me!) & behaving much as usual, then last week, he seemed to go downhill & I had to make that awful trip to the vets to have him put to sleep – always so very hard to do. I miss him terribly (even though I still have Percy, 11, & 2 newbies – Mack & Mabel, 8 months) – he was such a character & a real chatterbox; the house seems awfully quiet without him. But, I’m trying to focus on the fact that he was a wonderful cat & gave me so many funny memories & laughs over the years with his antics.
    I also lost my parents, both quite young (33 & 49) many years ago now – so I can vouch that it will get easier for you, in time.
    Thinking of you, Glenda,

    chin up, Liz M xx

  6. Hi Glenda, I meant to say, I love the card, it is in my favourite colours, I love the acetate overlay, and I can’t wait to see the new stamps! Judith x

  7. Great to have you blogging again Glenda .My question is this–Tim Holtz showed a book he had made the shopping channel and the cover was made from grungepaper[some of which I have coming from you]and it looked like leather–how do you get this effect from grunge paper?As you and Lynne are the’oracles’ on all things grunge I hope this is not too tricky!!!!!xJoyce

  8. It was lovely to see you at Harrogate Glenda, but while I was there, my Dad had a fall and was rushed into hospital. He was transferred to Durham hospital before I got there, and then on to Newcastle where he had an operation for a bleed on the brain. (He had had another bleed which had gone unnoticed, probably around Christmas time.) He is walking and talking again now, and with physiotherapy, will hopefully be home towards the end of the week.
    Saturday was a very worrying day for us, and I truly appreciate how exhausting life is for you and Adrian regarding Derrick, judging by the last few days. I’m home in Norfolk now, as my brother is with Mum, we all live at least four hours from them. I will need to be up and down more frequently now to ensure that everything is okay.

    I love your card, it’s made in my favourite colours, the acetate overlay is lovely. I’m looking forward to seeing the new stamps, but can’t make it to the Birthday Bash, so I’ll just have to wait for blog pictures. Take care, and keep crafting, Judith x

  9. Hi Glenda.
    It was lovely to see you on Sunday. Keeping busy has always worked for me and I think your going to have alot on your plate over the next few months. The card samples on the stall were beautiful. I’m frustrated I only have one mental image of one card in my head.
    I noticed at the show no one had any grunge paper and wondered if there will be any in the shop for the party weekend?
    I have a question block at the moment so they will follow over the next few days.
    I’ll leave you with this one,
    I was covering in Nursery today and we were showing the little ones photographs of different aged people.
    They cooed at the newly born baby. Chatted about having brothers and sisters.
    A picture was shown of an elderly couple, I was waiting for one of them to say ‘that looks like my granny and grandpa’
    No, from next to me I heard ‘They’ve got sprinkles on their faces’
    Not sure what was said I asked what the little girl had said,
    I said ‘wrinkles?’
    The reply was, ‘No sprinkles’
    I did giggle and the other members of staff were very amused.
    I did think of cup cakes with wrinkles on them.
    Sending big hugs.
    Debbie M

  10. Ok Glenda, I do have a question. I just love your fifties style flower and shadow stamp sheets, which I own. I am terrible at names and can never remeber titles.

    I keep meaning to play more with them as they have so much potential, which I just have not tapped yet. I love to layer them. The shaped plain rubber for the shadows and overstamped with the leaves and flowers. Layered stamping.

    My question is this:
    Which ink pads are best for the shadow stamp and which are best for the overstamping?

    I think my challenge to myself over Easter is to play more with these.

  11. Have you thought of doing a ‘wreck this journal’ thing? you could put down all your sad/negative thoughts, then destroy the page (in a creative way of course…)
    A friend gave me a box (for keeping index cards in originally i think) and suggested I put favourite photos in after my brother died – I have added more since then of my mum and dad, and cats, but it was a great comfort at the time. It’s my special memories box – and now I’m thinking perhaps I should be a bit more creative with it – could do with a bit of decorating… !
    lovely card btw…

  12. Good to see you are finding ways to cope, as others have said don’t be hard on yourself, and don’t beat yuorself up if you find yourself feeling sad in a week or so and don’t think you are going backwards, it will get easier and remember no one can take away you precious memories.

    to quote a bit of Simon and Garfunkle which I think sums up scrapbooking is about “preserve your memories, they are all that is left you” when you are ready maybe you can do some scrapbooking, a page or two or a little book?

  13. Good quine – as they say in these parts! Thank you for being honest and telling us how it is. I am very grateful for the sunshine you have brought into my life – never having done art from the age of 12 and at 55 having a ball! You inspired me to try and I have tried and I have succeeded. Thank you Glenda.

    Janet xx

  14. Your card is gorgeous Glenda – shall I give up now or keep trying! I’ll keep trying – it’s such a lovely pastime. Keep busy and keep up the good work – we’re greedy and always want more! My ‘Ask Glenda’ question is very basic – have you any tips for getting a good sharp image when using a large stamp? Even when taking my time, working on an old mouse mat and pressing the stamp all over, I often get a patch which hasn’t printed clearly.

  15. Good Morning Glenda,

    Ask Glenda Question:

    Can you tell me which inks/pens are best for colouring a stamp before you put it on paper, ie to give flesh tones to a face while creating a blue dress? Plus any tips for applying them. Or should I stick to black!

    Thanks for all your inspiration

    Gina x xx

  16. Hi Glenda,
    firstly I promise you, it will get better. I lost both my parents whilst still in my 20s and I do think of them frequently but more often with a smile than a tear. Keep crafting (as if!!), keep blogging, life has a way of healing.

    Anyway, here’s my crafting question. Is it possible to die cut grungepaper in a Cuttlebug? I’ve tried various ‘sandwiches’ but nothing has worked yet. I am loathe to force it as I have already broken a ‘Bug once before – yes I really did break it! If I can’t use my old ‘Bug is there anything I could use?


  17. Hi Glenda,
    So sorry to hear of your losses. I now live in a catless environment and all that is left are the memories and cat fur! It has somehow gotten everywhere, even sticking to the toaster! My hubby and I love remembering things about our two and I hope to do a mini album, one per cat, for them. They never could share!
    My Dad too has been in and out of hospital. They believe it is some sort of rapid-onset dementia: a side-effect of the cancer he overcame several years ago. At Christmas he was chatting away and now I am lucky if we can chat for a few 10 minute bursts before he becomes ‘lost’ again. This is why keeping hold of memories and asking people about things that they have experienced is so important. There are so many things I wanted to ask Dad which he cannot now answer. So my family know all about the stress of a sick loved one, the inconclusive tests and them being sent back home too soon.

    My question is: when making an art journal or mixed-media artwork, such as a decorated canvas, how do you protect it from the elements? I have heard that journal pages using acrylic paints can stick together – is this true? What about a lumpy canvas, with paint, paper and photo’s: is there a way of protecting that too. I wouldn’t want something I had worked hard on become all dusty and not be able to clean it off with a quick dust. Is there some sort of sealant or varnish I could use?

    Yours, Debby.

    (PS Make time to pamper yourself: even if you do not feel better you will smell lovely and have soft skin! The right music can make you feel better too.)

  18. Dear Glenda,
    It was lovely to finally meet you and Lynn at Harrogate. I’m now inspired to have a go at my stampbord purchase of several months ago after seeing the lovely holders you were demo-ing. I love the card you have posted too.

    Visitors would never have known the traumas you have been suffering. You were as professional and friendly to everyone as I would expect from you, and I must say you seemed very composed amidst the hubbub of the show.

    The other point that really struck me was how colourful and eyecatching the Graphicus stand was, compared to most. In particular the coloured packaging of the stamp plates is most impressive and was in a class apart from the other stands displaying stamps.

    Demanding as the shows must be I hope they are at least providing some distraction at this time.
    Best wishes

  19. Hi Glenda, work helps us to keep our focus at times like these. You were fortunate to have such a special person in your life and she has helped to make you into the person that you are.
    Mine isn’t a technical know how question, but a product question. Within two weeks, two of my friends have had loved ones (husband of one, father of another) diagnosed with cancer.
    I want to create cards on the theme of courage and strength as well as love for them. Have you come across or designed anything along these lines?
    You are a fine role model of strength, courage and resilience yourself given the difficult times and massive commitments that you have managed recently.
    If you don’t know of anything, maybe you will be inspired to create something.
    Gina x

  20. Hello Glenda,

    another crafting question here, but in relation to storage. I recently bought a whole load of your Tuff slim storage boxes to put my unmounted rubber and acrylic stamps in. I was sure that I had seen somewhere on your blog how to make best use of them but I cannot find the post. As I do not unfortunately have a Tardis for my craft room/office – who does?! – I would like a reminder of how you use yours for storage.

    Thanks for the help,


    PS Your card is wonderful, love the colours and how graphically bold it is!

  21. Dear Glenda,
    I have a question – I love using the Distress ink on Grung paper and board, but was just wondering how long I had to leave it to dry and how do you achieve a good depth of colour? I feel I’m just too impatient because I end up waring most of the ink and then have finger prints on my work.
    Many thanks,

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