I'm back and I come bearing gifts

People are wondering where I am.  I wonder myself at the moment – family life is tough which is why I haven’t been blogging as much.

Anyway, I’m here now and I am celebrating the fact we have new stamps out.  It feels like absolutely ages since we did a giveaway on the blog, so I’m doing one right now to give several lucky people the chance to win one of our new stamp sets.

The first three are A5 sets (half sheets) which retail for £14.99.

I love the sentiment on this one, Glorious Spring – very apt for this year.  Don’t think of them as Easter bunnies (though they work very well for that), they’re meant to be hares!

This one, the Royal Fleur de Lys, has a rich warm feel, I think it goes really well with Key to my Dreams and I can also see it being quite a useful stamp for Christmas too.

Now this next one, Journal Today, nearly didn’t happen.  This is a classic case of me deciding to treat myself to a set of stamps that I wanted personally for my own use.  After all, what’s the point of running a rubber stamp business if I can’t occasionally do that kind of thing.  Well as soon as the girls in the office saw them, they all wanted a set – some for journalling and some just for  jazzing up their ‘to do’ lists.  My original intention was to help me to manage my time in a more interesting and visual way and it seems other people are just as keen to do that too.

Finally a DL set that fills a gap in the catalogue.  Yes, it was probably inspired by recent events – in fact the main sentiment is one that several people wrote variations of in their comments here and in cards they sent to us when my Nanna died.  I have always liked elaborate crosses and love the design potential of these ones here.  The corner swirl is just gorgeous too.

I hope I don’t need these sympathy messages any time soon, and I don’t want to sadden the tone of this post too much, but please spare a thought for Adrian’s Dad, Derrick.  He is seriously ill in hospital with pneumonia tonight and we (and the doctors) honestly don’t know if he’s going to pull through this one.  In the last week, his sister Norma died and their dog Shep had to be put to sleep so he is at an all time low emotionally.  He has a broken rib which is causing him severe pain and preventing him from breathing deeply or coughing up the fluid on his lungs.  The poor guy has been through so much since his stroke that he is very frail and weak, so we really don’t know what is going to happen.

So, coming back to the stamps – I’m giving away one of each of these new sets.   All you need to do to be in the draw is leave me a comment and I’ll pick out the winners by the end of this month.  Please spread the word that there’s blog candy up for grabs – my stats on the blog show me where my traffic comes from, so at least one winner will be selected from those of you who mention the giveaway on your own blog.

I’m also happy for you to put a link to your blog in your comments – I am hoping that I can have a lazy couple of hours blog hopping on Sunday – it’s been a long time since I did that and I’m looking forward to some surfing time to see what people are up to.

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  1. Glenda, these plates are all fab but I especially like the Royal Fleur de lys. This would be great on altered art projects !

    Nice to see you blogging again, even though it’s obviously tough at the moment for you.

  2. Heather Williams says:

    It’s good to have you back Glenda but you’ve obviously got much more improtant things to deal with at the moment. I love the new stamps, particularly the Royal Fleur de Lys. Sorry, I don’t have a blog so am unable to spread the word.

  3. Hi Glenda

    I love all your new stamps especially the one with the crosses and the sentiment is one that has been expressed to us many times in the last couple of weeks. Thanks for your email it was very much appreciated by us both

    I will be keeping Derrick in my prayers and Adrian and you as well

    Hugs Jackie x

  4. Glenda, I am sorry to hear that you are still going through a very difficult time. It’s so hard to keep going when one thing after another is thrown at you. Well, what can I say about these new stamps – they are fab. Thanks for the chance of winning a set. Best wishes, Kym xxx

  5. Glenda, all of these stamps are beautiful. I’m sorry to hear you are still going through a tough time. Sending you some gentle hugs. Best wishes, Kym xxx

  6. Issy Finlay says:

    Glenda! I feel for you right now, having lost the second of my younger brothers and my dad at this time of year. Today (the 23rd April) would have been my brother’s birthday, and I miss not only him, but my little brother(who was only 18 when he died) and my darling father, who was struck down with a particularly aggressive form of cancer whilst he was organising my first brother’s funeral. My dad was dead less than 4 months later. I tell you this, not to depress you, but to remind you that life is wonderful and hope springs eternal. My daugher has just given birth (on the 21st) to my first grandson, whom she named after my dad and brother. We, of course, never forget them but now, we have a joyous reason to remember them – a new baby, bearing their christian name. Love holds many memories: sadness and grief at having lost family members; but also joy, laughter, happiness and thanks for sharing a lifetime with special people who continue to influence and inspire us, even though they no longer live on this earth. They live in our hearts. Issy xoxo

    • hi Issy

      I am so glad you have a new baby in the family to help ease the pain. My sister is due in a couple of weeks, so even though it’s the opposite side of the family, there is new life on the way and yes, there is balance in the grand scheme of things.

      thanks for reminding me of that.

  7. You certainly have had far more than your fair share of traumas this year. Here’s hoping that Derrick pulls through – he’s obviously a fighter considering how much ill health he’s coped with recently.

    The new stamps are great, the crosses plate would certainly fill a gap in my collection and I too am looking at the Royal Fleur de Lys and putting them with my Key to My Dreams stamps. Too much choice!!!

    Take care


  8. All these plates are fab Glenda and how generous you are to give some away.
    My love and prayers are with you all
    Love + hugs Cynthia x

  9. Hi Glenda,
    The new stamps look great – I especially love the words – so many useful ones there! The bunnies sorry hares are very cool as well.
    I am sorry to hear that Derrick is so poorly – it is dreadful to see someone you love suffering so badly, my heart goes out to you and Adrian. I hope you can both take strength from the love of each other and all the people who care.
    I’m glad you plan a blog-hop on Sunday, I’m sure doing fun stuff helps at these times, and you’ve been so busy – I just read through the newsletter on the forum!
    IF you get a chance to look at my blog you will find a picture of an old friend there.

    sending positive thoughts!
    Chris x

  10. some really fab stamps here Glenda – I entered my first stamp challenge in blogland using a set of your stamps today – the Flora Bella set. I haven’t been much into stamping but I have had some great feedback on the tag which has made me think about getting into it more. I did give full credit to your stamps on the blog post.

    I’ll certainly help spread the word through my blog about your giveaway because I think your stamps are in the top league along with WV, TH, Paperartsy etc (from what I’ve seen of these on other blogs)… As I said, i’m a newby to this kind of stamping.

    Hope that you can give us some positive news about Derrick soon, I certainly know what kind of pain he must be in as I have (4 weeks ago) had major surgery – thoracotomy which involved open chest surgery to remove a tumor from my lung – and coughing, laughing, sneezing is THE worst pain imaginable – and I’m 39 and fit at that (never smoked a cigarette in my life) so I genuinely feel for Derrick and that particular pain… Added to his other problems, my heart goes out to him.

    Thanks for the chance to win some great stamps – carry on blogging – its certainly what has gotten me through the last 3 months since finding out about the tumor.

    Paula x x x

    • hi Paula

      thank you for your kind words, I do hope your surgery has been successful, I can’t ever imagine going through that kind of pain, and after watching Derrick, I hope I never do. Good luck.


  11. Love the bunny stamps :)

  12. Certainly agree chocolate is a great aid to getting through the daily lists. The crosses are fabulous and would be lovely created into art jewellery.
    Thinking of you and yours.

  13. lavenderbreeze says:

    I’m so sorry to hear that Derrick is so poorly – thinking of you all at this time and sending every good wish XX

    Your new stamps are fabulous, but I especially like the hares – the sentiment is perfect – I often say/ use something very similiar whenever I or someone else hits a difficult time and needs a lift – a very eloquent way to say that the bad times don’t last forever.

    Jo XX

  14. Maria Jones says:

    So sorry that you and your family are going through such a terrible time. My thoughts are with you.

    The new stamps are lovely. I was very disappointed that I was not able to get to your recent Open Days. Will be keeping my eyes open for workshops etc.

    Best regards


  15. carol cole says:

    Sending positive thoughts for Derrick and hugs to yourselves. I know what you’re going through as we nearly lost my Dad last Christmas due to a fall, cracked rib and pneumonia. Am sure positive thoughts helped him pull through after a week in intensive care.
    The stamps are all beautiful but the rabbits are my favourite. Sorry but no blog to spread the word, only forums.
    Keeping you all in my thoughts
    Carol x

  16. Very sorry to hear you and your family are going through such a rough patch. I am thinking of you.
    I love all the new stamp plates especially the
    hares and the sympathy one.
    I have a blog but don’t know how to link to it. Thank you for a chance to win such wonderful stamp plates.
    Hugs x Chris

  17. Sue Tossell says:

    Wonderful new stamps, as you say Glorious Spring is very apt at the moment. they are all great. I can hear my credit card trying to hide in the corner now!!

    My thoughts and prayers are with Derrick, Adraian and yourself at this time. And wish Derrick a speedy recovery.


  18. Liz Counsell says:

    Beautiful new stamps Glenda. As a relatively new Guild member I love everything that you do.

    My thoughts are with you and your family at this difficult time.


  19. Hi Glenda,

    So sorry to hear that Derrick is so poorly. You’ve all really been through the mill this year; let’s hope with the Spring (finally!) & the lovely weather that things will start to improve for you.

    Love the new stamps! Surprise!! Like the “hares” & adore the elaborate crosses – which I also think would go well, somehow, with the keys & locks plate. I could have done with them recently as my friend’s dad died & I don’t really have any sympathy stamps (well, they’re not really on everyone’s “must-have” list, are they?). I coped, using a single flower stamp & a lovely sentiment on shrink plastic, but the crosses would have been perfect. But, like you say – hope I don’t need them anytime soon…..but would like them, anyway!

    You take good care,

    love, Liz M

  20. Lins Redstall says:

    sorry to hear Derrick is still poorly -it’s been a tough time for you and Adrian lately.
    the new stamps are great – but it was the word ‘chocolate’ that stood out for me… wonder why?
    have fun blog-hopping – very therapeutic!
    best wishes

  21. the new stamps are lovely, especially the crosses and fleur-de-lys ones, but the chocolate does also come into essentials! So sorry to hear Derrick is back in hospital, do hope they can ease the pain and he recovers – prayers and best wishes for you, Adrian and Alma

  22. Hi Glenda
    I’m sorry to hear that Derrick is so unwell and you are all in my prayers.
    The new stamps are wonderful (as usual), and you always make it so difficult to choose which is the most desired! I can see the crosses being used also on wedding stationery and I love the hares but the words are so useful too!. Take care and try to enjoy your ‘surfing time’.

  23. Nice to hear from you again. Thinking of you and your family at this tough time. The stamps, as always, are beautiful.

  24. Fab crosses, great sayings and lovely art work on bunnies for picking out elements, doesn’t have to be for easter or spring. Loving them all as usual. Live for today – don’t think about tommorow, kissies n hugs for my favourite stamper – and yes it’s true not just buttering you up for free stuff Lol.

  25. Oh Glenda, so sorry to hear about your FIL, things are tough for you at the moment, you are all in my thoughts.

    Love that journalling set of words, such fun to use

    Take care

  26. Well Glenda, you’ve done it again with a fab lot of stamps! I was immediately drawn to the Fleur de Lys, and the With Sympathy would be so useful. I have a (large!!) collection of your stamps but have recently found a bit of a ‘gap’ where sympathy and get well messages are concerned. And the crosses can be used for Easter, Christenings and Christmas too – a really well-conceived plate! I actually need them ALL, but not having been paid for 2 months doesn’t auger well really …

    I do hope Derrick’s not suffering too much and that you and Adrian are holding up.

    God Bless, Sarah (& the kitties of course) x

  27. So sorry to hear about your FIL, you are having a bad time of it lately:(.

    What a gorgeous andvaried new set of stamps, love that wording


  28. Sue blythe says:

    I love the royal Feur de Lys set and the words !…

    who’d have a family? (and friends) … all of us.. we love em through good and bad times but I hope life settles for you soon.
    take care
    Sue B x


  29. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family at this very sad and difficult time.

    Beautiful stamp plates, I especially love the Spring hares and am off to by a plate right now…..I just love hares in general.



  30. Oh Glenda,

    How much more can go wrong – do hope this time that the outcome will be positive and that Derrick will soon be well enough to come home. I’m sure the lovely sunshine would do him, you and Adrian the power of good.
    Your stamps are wonderful and I am particularly drawn to the sympathy ones. They are so beatiful.
    Hope your next blog (I have missed them) has some better news,


  31. Hi Glenda, the new stamp plates are all fabulous, The sympathy plate, is so useful, and the sentimemt is just right. The journalling words are just great, perfect for so many things! I love the hares, I am a bit of a collector, (my OH just hasn’t realised yet!) and I love these. I am a big fan of the Key to my Dreams set, and the new Fleur de Lys plate looks like being another really great plate.
    I’m so sorry to hear about Derrick, life doesn’t get any easier for him, does it? You have my best wishes, and you know I understand, with Dad etc. He’s doing okay, but has a long way to go. Frequent visits North are still required, but hey, that means frequent trips to Graphicus too, so not all bad. I hope Derrick improves quickly, but losing his dog and his sister must have been so hard on him.

    My blog can be found here I’m typing it longhand just in case! http://poppycottage.blogspot.com is the actual address if you’d like to come and say hello.
    Take care, Judith x

  32. The stamp sets are brilliant Glenda – as always.
    Hope things turn out well for you and your family.

  33. I love the new stamps, especially the journalling ones. The word chocolate jumped out at me. It would be so useful for scrapbooking my gorgeous Chocolate Lab.

    Best wishes to you and your family. x

  34. I love all the stamps…your designs always give me inspiration, I had lost the urge to stamp until I discovered your designs a few years ago and since then I’ve never stopped. So thankyou for the joy you have brought to my life…..Genny

  35. Hi Glenda, these new samps are fabulous. The sympathy plate is so useful, and the sentiment is just right. I love the hare plate, I’m a collector of hare’s, (my OH just hasn’t realised it yet!) The journalling words are great for so many occasions, and as I am a great fan of the Key to my Heart stamp plate, anything made to go with that, is sure to be a winner, so the Fleur de Lys plate will be very useful too.
    I’m so soory to hear that Derrick is poorly again, he is having such a tough time. You all are in my thoughts, you know I understand, with Dad the way he is. He has a long way to go. The up side is, I will make frequent trips North to see them, and pop into Graphicus.
    My blog address is http:poppycottage.blogspot.com here
    if you feel like stopping by to say hello, Judith x

  36. joyce dixon says:

    Hi Glenda-must admit that I always worry about what is going on at your end when there are big ‘blog’gaps.Its not that I know your family or Adrian’s,but you keep us updated about them so I feel very concerned for them.Do hope that Derek pulls through.It must be at the forefront of your thoughts all the time.
    As far as the stamps are concerned I love the ‘wordy’ one ,think that would prove to be very versatile,likewise the crosses as its always hard trying to do a tasteful sympathy card.In fact any of those stamps would be a welcome addition to my collection.They are all very covetworthy[new word I think!!!!]
    Thoroughly enjoyed ‘open day’.Well done to all of you once again.xJoyce

  37. Lady Catfern says:

    I was lucky enough to see Lesley make the wonderful card thats in the newsletter, with the journal stamps. I bought them straight away after that!

    I hadn’t seen this post before I rang today to book some workshops and Lesley told me. I sending my best healing vibes to Derrick and lots of strength to you and Adrian.

    Love always


  38. Hi Glenda glad to see you back blogging, I love visiting your site.

    Sorry to hear about Adrian’s dad, my thoughts are with you both.

    I think the new stamp sets are wonderful and will certainly put a link on my blog.

  39. Hi
    So sorry that you and your family are going through such a terrible time. My thoughts are with you.
    The new stamps look fab especially the crosses with the sentiments.

  40. Debbie dean says:

    Hi glenda sorry to hear of the hard times you and yonr family are experiencing life can be very tough At times.
    I have just recieved my first graphicus guild package anD am thrilled and delighted many thanks for letting us be part of your lovely creativity and I look forward to more of fthe same.

    Ps I will be praying for you all.

    Kindest wishes


  41. Hi Glenda
    Sorry to hear that Derrick is so poorly, what a terrible time you are all having, I hope that things soon start to improve for you all.
    The new stamps are gorgeous, I love them all.
    I’ve put a post on my blog to spread the word http://clairescraftycreations.blogspot.com/?
    Thanks for the chance to win your lovely new stamps
    Claire xx

  42. Comments keep disappearing into the ether, here’s hoping this one sticks!

    So sorry to hear about your FIL Glenda, you are all in my thoughts.

  43. Oh Glenda,

    Seems you all are having a pretty rough time of things these days. I do hope Derrick pulls through and things will start looking up for you all soon.

    As for the stamps! Well what can I say! I simply adore the words ones…especially the ‘chocolate’ 😀 That would work really well for some scrapbook pages!

    Love the ‘harlequin’ set as well, loads of ideas I can think to suit that that set! lol

    Take care, and my best wishes to everyone.

    Jackie x

  44. Glenda you have had such a tough time in recent months but life seems to go that way, I really hope that Derrick has the strength to fight this latest set back.

    I am amazed at how you manage to keep on going at times like this but sometimes work does help, and judging by your latest stamps this is surely the case.

    My very best wishes are with you now and I’ll keep saying a prayer that the news will be better soon.

    Jenny x

  45. Jeanette Thomson says:

    H Glenda

    Love the new stamps – all very different and could be used in so many ways.

    Sorry to hear that Derrick is still poorly. My mother-in-law is not keeping too well at the moment and my crafting has taken a bit of a back seat as a result.

    Hope you’re able to find some “me-time” for card making – always look forward to seeing your artwork as it inspires me to try something new.

    Jeanette x

  46. Hello Glenda,
    Sorry to hear Derrick is so poorly. It’s a difficult time for all of you. Hope all the goodwill messages will cheer you up.
    Love all the stamp plates especially the wordy one. Sheilax

  47. Christine says:

    Hi Glenda,

    Sorry to hear Derrick is so poorly. The poor love is having it rough.

    Love all the stamps, especially the spring ones.

    Christine x

  48. OMG they’re divine, loving the Royal Fleur de Lys the most.. so wish I haven’t looked now, lol

  49. Good to see you back Glenda – hope your difficult times will soon be over. Your new stamp plates are just fabulous and all so different I could use all of them. Tess x

  50. was worried about you with no emails coming through – sorry to hear about Derrick but keep your chin up and keep smiling for him.
    Love your stamps your always come up with something different.

  51. I’m so sorry things have worsened since we chatted last Saturday and I’m thinking of you all and sending all the most positive thoughts your way that I can find.

    You already know I love all of those beautiful stamp sets and I’ll be adding a post about them to my blog tomorrow. By the way, I think the pretty flourish cross would be lovely on a Christening card.

    Take care of yourself too and love to you all.

    Lesley Xx

  52. Thinking of you and Adrian and sending you both lots of strength. Thank you for opening the doors of Graphicus last weekend, it’s such a lovely treat. I love the new themed plates, the Journal today will be a must have for my journal and the others are going to be useful to.
    Take care
    Debbie M

  53. Glorious stamps Glenda and love the crosses, how devastating for you all to have gone through so much with Derrick and for this to happen is so sad, prayers for you all, luv georginaxx

  54. Sorry to hear that Derrick is
    so ill just now. You’ve
    had a difficult time recently
    Thanks for the blog candy – all
    the stamps look fantastic
    especially the hares.

  55. Hi Glenda
    So sorry to hear Derrick is so poorly, sending you and Adrian caring thoughts at this traumatic time.

    Lovely new stamp sets. The spring one is so lovely after the winter we have had. I am a real bunny fan.

    Hope you find time to pop by my blog over the weekend – http://craftshedgirl.blogspot.com/ – although I warn you I have gone cute in my latest post – needs must!

    Take care – we’ll be thinking of you.

    Elaine xx

  56. Wow, what a lot of lovely comments – so nice to come home to after an emotionally tiring day at hospital. Thank you everyone, he is still very poorly, so your comments are all very deeply appreciated.


  57. Jill Holden says:

    All the plates are lovely, I especially like the journal set and can see a lot of use for it with a house full of teenagers!
    So sad to hear Derrick is still very poorly, he is definitely having a bad time of it recently. Here ‘s lots of hugs and love winging its way to you all x x x x

    Jill Holden

  58. Great stamps you have there; the corner swirls is just gorgeous.
    I’m so happy I found your blog, you’re very inspiring.

  59. Glenda – my thoughts and prayers are with you and your family, and I really hope that Derrick gets thought this.

    The stamp plates are wonderful, and I know I will be adding them to my collection.

    Hugs to you all.

  60. Val Wallis says:

    Wow what a great opportunity to win some lovely new stamps – I have put a link on my blog which you can find here. Good luck everyone!!

  61. Love all the new stamp sets, but then there aren’t many that you do that I don’t… will have to start saving my pennies again.

    hugs Janie xxx

  62. Gina Armstrong says:

    Dear Glenda,

    The stamps are all wonderful, thank you for giving us the opportunity to win a set, what a nice thing to do when you have so much else on your mind.

    Best wishes,

    Gina Armstrong

  63. Regret hearing that you are having such a rough time of it and hope you have better days ahead. The stamp sets are all terrific and so generous of you to have a giveaway.

  64. My love and thoughts go to you and Adrian, and of course Derrick.

    As per usual your stamps are superb and the wordy one is brilliant. I have just opened an ice cream and sweetie shop and they will be excellent for making me lists.

    Thanks again for letting us into your world of good, bad and beautiful.

  65. Like others I worry when there are long silences. You must all be physically and emotionally exhausted yet you have to and will keep on doing everything you need to. You are all in my thoughts.
    The crosses stamp particularly appeals to me and fills a real gap in my stock but so does the ‘Words’ Stamp which will be so useful in many ways. The particular choice of words is great. (I am trying to avoid the Chocolate one). It is the ‘What absolutely must be done TODAY’ phrase which jumps out as I try to deal with lifes priorities.
    I hope the blog hopping will give you some down time even if your personal creativity is slumbering.
    Do make time to take care of yourself and Adrian.


  66. Sorry to read that you are having such a bad start to 2010 and not knowing if things are going to get better any time soon.
    It is times such as these when crafting really is a life saver.

    The new range of stamps are again inspirational, being a new member of your guild there are so many must haves. I must say that the sympathy plate strikes a chord with me at the moment as a lot of people have wanted cards and this would be ideal.

    Sending positive vibes and best wishes.


  67. Hi I’ve blogged about your giveaway today, I’m sorry it’s taken a few days but it’s there now.

    Enjoy your time blog hopping if you can, sometimes it’s good to escape from our worries for a little while, I’ve found recently it can help re-charge my batteries even if I only get a short while in blogland

    I hope Derrick is starting to improve Glenda, I am continuing to pray for you all

    Hugs Jackie x

  68. oh Glenda you do seem to be going through it right now my thoughts and prayers are with you now and I just love the new stamps particularly the crosses. Hope things improve soon Janet

  69. Sorry you’ve having such a traumatic time Glenda and thank you for the chance to take part in your giveaway. Hugs, Anne x

  70. Jeannie Evans says:

    What a tough time you’re having Glenda, and yet in spite of it all you STILL manage to come up with some very creative designs.

    Your spirit will carry you through and you still manage to be an inspiration to us all.

    Many thanks
    Jeannie E.

  71. Hi Glenda
    Love all the new stamp plates especially the Royal Fleur de Lys. I don’t have a blog to spread the word I’m afraid.
    So sorry to hear your family illness is continuing. You are often in my thoughts.
    I am amazed you have managed to carry on doing as much as you do . It is truly an inspiration.Hopefully things will improve soon.

  72. catwithoneear says:

    I just love all these stamps and would dearly love to own a set. I have a blog but am not blog aware and have no idea how to do the links etc.
    I hope you will find comfort in your amazing artistic ability and it will help you and your family through these difficult times
    Hugs from Chris

  73. Hello there Glenda,
    I have only just found your blog, but I am so sorry that you have had so many personal worries of late. I will keep your family in my prayers.
    I have your Damask Delights CD but did not know you were also doing stamps. I will gladly add your candy to my blog sidebar to publish your lovely artistic work – and fingers crossed it might be me who is lucky enough to win your new stamp set.
    With my best wishes,

  74. hi glenda
    these stamps are great and my wife lesley says the flourishes are just what shes has been looking for to put the finishing touches to her cards – i say you have enough stamps but i feel a trip to your shop coming up soon!!!!

  75. Prudence Wild says:

    Lovely stamps. Sorry life is so difficult at the moment, these periods seem to come along and all you can do is ‘grit your teeth’ and carry on.

  76. Hi Glenda,
    I’ve been away from the internet and your blog for a while – whilst ‘catching up’ I was so very sorry to read of your recent sad loss of your Nanna and the Handsome Basil – what a character – I always enjoyed reading about him and seeing your photo’s shopwing what he was up to.

    So very sorry also to hear of Derrick’s difficult time once again – I hope that he is soon feeling more comfortable and that his health improves – hugs and prayers to you and Adrian.

    PS. The new stamps are GREAT – and will be very useful, will have to organise an order.

    Take care

  77. I love your new stamps, particularly the hare and primroses.

    All the best to Derrick, I hope he gets home soon.

  78. Hi Glenda
    Yet again a fab giveaway – if I had to choose just one it would be Royal Fleur de Lys, the others are also really lovely though. Looking forward to seeing the updated gallery.
    Hope you’re and your family’s fortunes change soon.
    Best wishes.

  79. Wellington says:

    Hi Glenda,

    So sorry to read that Derrick is unwell again – thinking of you & your’s

    The new plates are gorgeous – particularly the spring & sympathy plates; the sentiments on each are so unfussy & just what needs to be said sometimes.

  80. Lynn Wild says:

    Sorry to hear about Derrick.

    It was lovely to see you all at the open day last Saturday and I can’t wait to get my paws on the new stamps. The Royal Fluer – de – Lys set is my favourite this time!

    Lynn Wild

  81. It would be so easy to say which of your beautiful themeplates I don’t like, as I can’t remember a sheet I’ve not liked :) I can never choose between them & honestly think each plate stands alone as you always manage to include just the right things, which makes it even harder, lol. What more can I say?

    Hope family things get easier for you & Adrian, Glenda, & that Derrick starts to feel better soon. I keep popping back here to see any news, always praying for positive things.
    Jackie x

  82. So sorry to hear things are still not going well with your family, I’m thinking of you and wishing you well. Love the new themeplates, the crosses are especially lovely. – maureen x

  83. PS – Sorry I can’t spread the work of your candy giveaway on my blog as I don’t have one, but I’m pretty good at word of mouth :)))

    Jackie x

  84. super stamp sets Glenda, I especially love the journalling one, such a great idea. You and your sa re in my thoughts and prayers, time you all had some ‘good time’. Thanks for continuing to blog, I really appreciate it


  85. Just joined the guild. Your stuff is great.
    Soooo much to choose from.
    The Fleur de Lys set is my favourite from the new set but they are all great.

    Halina x

  86. Rukhshana says:

    What a wonderfully varied selection of new rubber you have brought out. There really is something for everyone. I can see why you weren’t allowed to keep Journal Today for yourself!

  87. Life seems to go in cycles, and when difficult times come they always seems to come in multiples. Eventually the cycle turns to better times. For this reason I love the spring stamps – its my favourite season – rebirth and renewal. I also love the one with the crosses and think they are really versatile images.
    I hope your cycle changes for the better soon.
    Gina x

  88. Thinking of you, Glenda, and hoping things improve for your family.

    Thank you for your inspiration – crafting opened up a whole new world for me and has kept me going since I became disabled. When I’m creating something I become so absorbed that all the bad things disappear for a while.

    Take care
    Nancy x

  89. Glenda,I love the new stamp sets, especially the ‘bunny’ one, but the sympathy one would be so useful at those difficult times. So sorry to hear about your FIL and hope that he starts to improve soon.


    Kate x

  90. billiescraftroom says:

    Dear Glenda

    Sending healing thoughts for Derrick, you are all in my thoughts and prayers. Blog when you feel you can, crafting of any kind can help you through the stress, that everyday brings.

    The new stamps are wonderful, I’ll definately be getting the sympathy set. Always a useful set of images and a wonderful sentiment on there too.

    Please put my name in the hat, for the draw and I’ll go Tweet this right away.

    Take care, one day at a time.

    Billie :)

  91. Hi Glenda, I met you and your stamps for the first time at the NEC. I love my Butterfly plate and they have received lovely reviews from my blog visitors, and your new stamps are just as stunning! Thanks for the candy offer, I will link on my blog.

    Sorry to hear of Derrick’s illness, best wishes to you all.


  92. Love the fleur-du-lys harlequin stamp – great for backgrounds – and the word set is useful too.

  93. Just caught up with your blog. Love and hugs to you both, I know how hard it is to have an elderly parent in hospital when it just appears to be a waiting game.
    Hope you manage to have a few happy and peaceful moments with him. xx

  94. love the crosses am going to have to have them eventually, they’ll look fabulous on Wiccan, Pagan,Goth style cards etc, huge hug for Derrick my thoughts are with all x

  95. Love the new stamps! I think the fleur de lis is my favourite, though the bunnies are a close second.

    I love your Queen for a day book, made with the Fleur de lis set. It is beautiful.

    Di xxx

  96. I love all of the sets, can’t really pick a favourite, as they all would be very useful. The flourish on the last one is just superb. Thanks for the chance to win

  97. I love all of the sets, can’t really pick a favourite, as they all would be very useful. The flourish on the last one is just superb. Thanks for the chance to win

  98. Once again you have produced beautiful stamps, hard to decide which is my favourite, but I really love the crosses.

    Sorry to hear about Derrick.

  99. Sorry you are still having such a rough time Glenda and hope things soon improve.

    All the plates are fabulous but I think Glorious Spring has to be my fave :) .

    Janet x

  100. What beautiful images…I love the one with the crosses–so many lovely ways to use them… Thank you for sharing your work.

  101. Had to add a second comment to this post, just got home after visiting my Dad who’s seriously ill with lung cancer and really does find every day tough at the moment, I logged onto your web site Glenda just to show him some of the projects in the gallery……. guess what…… i’ve had to promise him that when I go to see him tomorrow I take enough stash with me that he can sit and have a go at making an ATC or a tag or even a card !!!!!!!!!!!! not bad for a 78year old that can barely breathe eh ? Dad sends his regards to you Glenda and wishes Derrick well, he also thinks that after reading this blog that you have an amazing ‘band’ of crafting buds ……….. me thinks he’s got that spot on !!!

  102. GENEVE MUCKELL says:


  103. maureen sutcliffe says:

    Hi Glenda,
    You do wonderful things with the time you have. I hope life gives you a break soon, as both of you need one. Both my parents are frail, (one 90, one 84). without them there would be less frustration, but a lot less humour and happy memories! Something is giving you strength to get through each day, and I think some of that has rubbed off on Derrick. (Will have to make room for some of the stamps. They are grand). Sending love to you all.
    MO XX

  104. louise d says:

    Sending warm wishes of comfort and hope that Derrick is well soon. Thank you so much for your precious time sharing your wonderful creative tallents! Absolutly love all you do and wish I could escape northwards to your neck of the woods, very grateful to your blog to keep me going. blessed be

  105. Maggie Stearn says:

    Hello Glenda,
    A great selection of stamps as usual. Just as well you make them yourself because you wouldn’t want to give them away otherwise.
    Many best wishes and hugs to you and yours.

  106. Pauline Charlesworth says:

    Yet another super batch of stamps. I particularly love the spring hares set with the delightful branch of catkins.

    Glad to hear that you are still managing to keep smiling and cheerful despite all the recent traumas.

  107. Oh my gosh, I love these stamps, but ESPECIALLy the one with the hares. Please pick me :)

  108. margie wilson says:

    Hi Glenda,

    I am thinking of you through all of your troubles. You have had one heck of a year. big hugs.

    I am an old durham girl now living in Torquay and love having your regular up dates. I will eventually when I re-visit come to graphicus and hopefully meet you all.

    Keep your chin up and never loose your laugh, even though at times it is hard to do.

    big hugs margie xxxxx

  109. Hi, I’m probably too late for the giveaway, didn’t see it up to now, like you family stuff comes first.
    I do hope your father-in-law pulls through and gets stronger soon. It’s always such a worry when someone in the family is ill, I know!
    I love the Fleur de Lys and Sympathy plates. Really lovely!

    I’ll be back more often!

  110. Hello Glenda

    Only just found out about the giveaway as I have not been following of late due to illness & like you experiencing other unhappy events within the family.

    Hope I’m not too late for the blog candy.

    So very good of you thinking of others & being so generous when your life is in such turmoil.

    Wishing you & yours well.


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