Feelgood Friday, on Thursday

Don’t forget you have until the end of the month (that’s Friday) to be in with a chance of winning one of our new stamp sets.  Click here to see the original giveaway post where you need to leave a comment.

Plus if you saw us at one of the recent shows, Friday is also the last day to redeem your NEC or Harrogate discount vouchers on the Graphicus website.

And if you’re a Guild member, Friday is also the last chance to get the March Guild offers.  So all in all, lots of reasons to feel good this Friday.

And as if that wasn’t enough, we want to get your Bank Holiday weekend off to a good start, so we are working on a little something for you this weekend. Stay tuned for details.

(No change in Derrick, he’s still very poorly, but still fighting!  We’re right there with him in spirit and as always, we appreciate all of your concern and thank you all for your kind words.)

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4 thoughts on “Feelgood Friday, on Thursday

  1. Sorry to hear there is no change, but that means he’s hanging in there still – as are the rest of you. My Dad’s pretty ill but not yet at this stage, I really sympathise with what you’re going through and the feeling that you need to cut yourself into ever smaller pieces to make sure there’s anough to go round… A tough time for you all.

    Embarrassed cough: sorry about the 3 comments on the candy post, they kept disappearing into the ether, I’ve not really got the hang of WordPress yet

    1. Don’t worry, WordPress is being a bit glitchy at the moment with comments that I’ve approved suddenly re-appearing on the unapproved list, so I don’t know if I am approving new or old comments.

  2. Intriguing news – wonder what you’re up too? Hope the weekend brings better news of Derrick, it’s good that he’s fighting. ikki

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