See if I care

As you all know, this is a very tough time for Adrian.  It’s not easy being an only child and watching both your parents suffering and deteriorating painfully slowly in front of you.  I am proud of Adrian for the way he is handling things and filled with love and admiration for the selflessness that keeps him visiting the hospital nearly every day and looking after his mum every weekend.

Adrian used to be a technical author and he has a way with words, so I’m delighted that he’s started a new blog which he’s been thinking of doing for a while.  It’s called ‘See if I care’ and he hopes that writing about his experiences of caring for his parents will strike a chord with others, maybe even be helpful to others going through something similar.  If nothing else, it’s got to be good therapy for him.

He’s only just started it, so there’s not much content there yet, but I’m sure he’d be grateful if you took a look.

Last year I mentioned my birthday and was bombarded with requests for the date.  I try to keep my real birthday off the internet for security reasons, so let’s just say I’m taking advantage of the bank holiday weekend to have an extra day off and some ‘me time’ as my birthday is soon.

I hope to spend Sunday having a luxuriously selfish crafting day. Monday we’re going out to visit a National Trust place with my Mum and I’m trying to decide which local town to go shopping in on Tuesday.  Whitby is a bit of a trek, but such a wonderful place to visit; Harrogate has lots to offer, with a possible trip to Fountain’s Abbey; Corbridge for the quirkiest shop around (Re); or Northallerton simply for Betty’s tearoom.

Hmmm, maybe I’ll close my eyes and stick a pin in a map!

Somewhere with a Betty’s Tearoom will probably win …

Basement Bunneh

Adrian managed to get some pictures of basement bunneh – we were watching him again last night and he’s so darned cute it makes me ache for my boys.

These were taken through the lounge window with the long lens on the camera, and I’ve cropped them very tight, so what you see is a little fuzzy.

To put it in perspective, here’s one that hasn’t been cropped – he’s just a tiny baby.

Come on, turn around so we can see you…

Oh my, aren’t you handsome.  Are you enjoying that dandelion?  Love the little white beauty spot.

By Royal Decree

Remember my Queen for a Day keyplate album?  Well I enjoyed the idea so much that I created another.  You have already seen a sneak peek of it, in an earlier post, but if you scroll down, you can look through the album in all its glory.

Our stock of Glimmer Mists is almost gone, but we still have some larger 40z bottles which we used to sell to trade for workshops as they were a bit too expensive for most people.  So with the colours we had left in the normal 2oz bottle, plus these extra colours in the 4oz, together with a royal mix of ribbons, glitter, papers and other bits and pieces, we have put together a super little kit with an ideas leaflet that gives you the low down on exactly how I created many of the pages in my book.

Here are the pages – in no particular order.  If you click on the first, it will be presented as a gallery with the next image at the bottom so you can scroll through the whole thing without having to use the back button all the time.


If you are interested in the kit, click here to find it on the website.  (It’s limited edition, so if you can’t find it, they’ve all gone!)

Need an umbrella?

Just a quick post tonight with a card I made earlier this week.

The backing paper is from the Butterfly Bliss CD and the stamped panel is coloured with Pumice Stone distress ink and Wild Plum Adirondack ink.  The stamps are from Eastern Grasses and Loving Sentiments.  The whole card is 8×8 inches – a size I’m getting increasingly fond of as it really allows the papers to be seen.

That’s it for now, sleep beckons …