Time to pick a winner

My laptop is a bit unwell at the moment and isn’t charging its battery properly.  The net result being that I didn’t do the giveaway as soon as I intended, so here I am now, with drums rolling and fanfares playing to announce the winners of the new stamp giveaway from last week.

This truly  is random – I use a random number generator to pick numbers then go down the list counting the comments til I find the matching number.  (Well actually I find if I copy the comments into Word, it numbers them for me – very handy).

So congratulations to all our winners.

Firstly Jackie who wins the Glorious Spring themeplate

Jackie said:

Hi Glenda

I love all your new stamps especially the one with the crosses and the sentiment is one that has been expressed to us many times in the last couple of weeks. Thanks for your email it was very much appreciated by us both

I will be keeping Derrick in my prayers and Adrian and you as well

Hugs Jackie x

Then we have Judith who wins the Royal Fleur de Lys set

Judith said:

Hi Glenda, the new stamp plates are all fabulous, The sympathy plate, is so useful, and the sentimemt is just right. The journalling words are just great, perfect for so many things! I love the hares, I am a bit of a collector, (my OH just hasn’t realised yet!) and I love these. I am a big fan of the Key to my Dreams set, and the new Fleur de Lys plate looks like being another really great plate.
I’m so sorry to hear about Derrick, life doesn’t get any easier for him, does it? You have my best wishes, and you know I understand, with Dad etc. He’s doing okay, but has a long way to go. Frequent visits North are still required, but hey, that means frequent trips to Graphicus too, so not all bad. I hope Derrick improves quickly, but losing his dog and his sister must have been so hard on him.

My blog can be found here I’m typing it longhand just in case! http://poppycottage.blogspot.com is the actual address if you’d like to come and say hello.
Take care, Judith x

Thirdly we have Jennifer who wins the Journal Today set

Jennifer said:

OMG they’re divine, loving the Royal Fleur de Lys the most.. so wish I haven’t looked now, lol

and finally, we have Gina who wins the Sympathy set

Gina said:

Life seems to go in cycles, and when difficult times come they always seems to come in multiples. Eventually the cycle turns to better times. For this reason I love the spring stamps – its my favourite season – rebirth and renewal. I also love the one with the crosses and think they are really versatile images.
I hope your cycle changes for the better soon.
Gina x

Ladies, congratulations – please can you click here to contact us at Graphicus and let us know where to post your prize to.

For the rest of you – commiserations this time, but there will be other giveaways and you won’t have to wait too long either!