Well as you’ve no doubt worked out, all that tidying, decluttering and cleaning left us all feeling pretty exhausted, though not as full of aches and pains as I was the week before – maybe the exercise has done me some good.

So I took it easy yesterday and pottered on with some projects for the Graphicus Guild newsletter, a bit of stamp design, a wee bit more decluttering (winter coats that have seen better days) and dug out my teaching folders to do my class prep.

I also pulled out a few bags of bits to give away randomly, as I said I would.  I got WordPress to show me the last 500 comments on my blog (that’s back to May 29th), dropped them all into Excel then used a random number generator to pick three names at random.

First up is Phree with a comment left on July 1st

Second is Lynn Claridge with a comment from June 21st

and third is Joyce Dixon with a comment from June 9th.

Well done ladies – we have got all your details already on file, so there’s a teeny weeny little bit of my stash will be going out to each of you tomorrow.

There’s new stamps on the way, the Essence of Nature CD will be out soon and there’s something happening on the website later this month that you won’t want to miss, so stay tuned.

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15 thoughts on “Randomness

  1. Congratulations to the lucky folks to receive some of the results of your decluttering. It is hard work doing it but the feeling of satisfaction is worth the effort – just hope you’ve not discarded anything you wish you hadn’t!!

  2. Well done Glenda for getting all that hard work done in de-cluttering.
    I’ll hang my head in shame… I said to myself,I’d tidy along with you. I did make a start but got waylaid with life, other stuff grabbed my attention so I’ve still got lots to sort through, though I did manage to fill 3 wee boxes, better than none. Also congratulations ladies, on being drawn for Glenda’s wee stash give away.

  3. Congrats to all the lucky ladies who’ve benefited from G’s clearout. LOL…..I’m seriously going to have to have a tidy, because I fall into so many categories in your post from yesterday G!

    Now, I’m going back to tearing the rooms apart looking for two “lost” bits and bobs…they’re in here somewhere!! I blame the cats, they’re always stealing things – honest!!

    Ali S x

  4. Congratulations to the recipients I’m sure that you’ll be in for a treat. I’m looking forward to the new cd and more stamps to add to my wish list I’m sure.
    Re: decluttering, thanks for the kick start I needed. Saturday morning hubby and I had words and because I’d read your post I decided to busy myself. I took down blinds to wash, stripped beds, washed windows, (the window cleaner can now see in) threw out the clothes that were cluttering up my wardrobe,bleached the bathroom after the dog bath the night before, swept down the stairs all this in scorching temperatures.
    I feel so much better for it knowing that hols are coming up, don’t want to spend to much time in the house over the hols.
    Big thanks Glenda and co.

  5. Goodness me Glenda!!!!I am totally stunned as I have never won anything like this before!!!!!!
    I await with complete anticipation for your ‘clutter ‘.
    How does that ancient saying go?-‘One man’s clutter is another man’s treasure!!!!!!!!!!I am sure anything in the craft line you are throwing out will be gleefully received in my house.Thank you very much.
    xxx Joyce

  6. Oh my gosh – thank you for the draw Glenda. Looking forward to receiving those goodies. After this week I shall be back to my normal shifts and have some time to craft and have a play with those bits and pieces. If its stuff you chose for yourself then I know it’s will be lovely. And maybe I can get my sailing ship card made, an idea that’s been bubbling away in my head begging for time for me to sit down and make it.

  7. Oh wow Glenda can’t believe how lucky I am!! Looking forward to the postie calling.
    I’ve been folowing your decluttering blogs with interest as we are in the process of doing likewise only for us it is because we are moving out after 35 years!

    Do you know how much junk a couple can accumulate in 35 years? Far too much of it is stuff that will ‘come in handy one day’. Oh yeah so how come it is still in one piece?? Then there are all the tools that should be in one place ..and were for all of one day but are now scattered to the four winds again. It is a lovely feeling though getting rid of all that dross that has been hanging about forever. Old books and clothes go to the recycling centre where they will hep the Air Ambulance – a worthwhile cause.

    Thanks again Glenda and much appreciated

  8. Well done ladies & enjoy your surprise parcels. Parcels are always good to get but those with surprise crafting goodies are even better.

    A great piece on how to approach decluttering Glenda, you’ve made it sound like more gain than pain with a goodly helping of fun on the way. We did it a couple of years ago and the feeling was great. Although I’ve gathered more crafting stash it is under control because I have somewhere to house it. I’ve adopted a ‘new in, old out’ approach and this has forced me to use stash that has been carefully boxed because it’s too lovely to use.

    So, new CD (soon, soon I hope), new stamps, online tutorials and something exciting later this month on the blog. Things are getting better & better!


  9. What lucky ladies – you should get an extra lottery ticket tonight LOL. Hope you make lots of lovely cards with your winnings. Best wishes.

  10. Congratulations ladies I am sure you will enjoy your parcels and be very creative with the contents.

    Love Sue

  11. Well done,sounds like I should be joining in and not just reading what you all have to say.
    Good tips Glenda,I’m planning to declutter in the school hols,can’t wait……

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