Christmas already

I haven’t got much to show you at the moment as I’m working on a magazine project that I can’t share yet.  We designed the covermount stamp for Craft Stamper’s November issue and I’m busy doing some card samples with that stamp now.  It’s always bizzarre doing Christmas in July, but I did pick a non-traditional colour scheme, so it doesn’t feel too Christmassy.

So time for a random giveaway.  I didn’t get online much over the weekend – we visited Adrian’s parents yesterday then went up to Durham and had lunch there followed by a browse around Waterstones.  Our big de-clutter unearthed £35 of book tokens and Waterstone’s vouchers and isn’t it typical, when you have money to burn, there’s nothing takes your fancy!

The last 100 comments all went into the mix, a number was selected completely at random and the winner is Veronica who left a comment on 18th July on the Tree Tags post.

fantastic tags Glenda – absolutely love the misty look there, and the embossed trees really stand out

Well done Veronica – I’ve sent you an email.

I shall go back to my Christmas projects now, but Smokey has been sighted, so I have a camera on a tripod trained on the back window waiting for his reappearance …

Oh, and check back later, I should have exciting news of our new Design Team!

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14 thoughts on “Christmas already

  1. Christmas in July – just the job. I attended a workshop a couple of weeks ago when we made 18 Christmas cards from one sheet of 12×12. Pink and blue too – a real change from the usual red and green.


  2. There seems to have been a lot of folk mentioning Christmas at the weekend lol…. I noticed that even one of the TV channels had Christmas movies on all weekend 24/7!!! It’s so depressing….time seems to speed by the older I get. I get the odd day when my mind still feels like it did when I was in my teens lol….but the mirror and my health tell a VERY different story – more’s the pity!

    I de-cluttered in this room last week, only to find that my other half shoved all his “stuff” from his so-called declutering into this room yesterday/last night. Needless to say I’m not chuffed, but he went out this morning before I even had a chance to tackle him about it. So…. the air will be turning blue tonight!

    Congrats to V on her win…….that’s bound to brighten up a Monday morning!!

  3. Hello Glenda

    Glad you had a bit of a break & hope you & Adrian enjoyed yourselves & your lunches.

    Know what you mean when you have vouchers & can’t find anything to spend them on but how fab’ that you found so many Waterstone vouchers & book tokens; my joint love with all things card making is reading.

    Hope Adrian’s parents are O.K.

    My congratulations to Veronica.



  4. eeek -the ‘C’ word is everywhere – and I haven’t been on me hols this year – but thats looking rather unlikely… not through choice :O(

    Anyway – really looking forward to seeing the stamp you designed – thats one copy i need for sure – been thinking about subscribing anyway.

    How’s Derrick – hope he’s getting on ok. Glad you managed to get out.. hope the book tokens don’t have an expirey date on.


    Paula x x x

  5. you are so right Alison – really cheered Monday morning up!
    Thank you so much Glenda, will look out for the postie with great anticipation………….sounds great news about the craft stamper freebie, they are getting so much better recently, and Christmas stamps are always useful! Have had to look for mine for a workshop in October, and panicking slightly cos I can’t find the safe place I put the one essential one in………will have to do some more de-cluttering…………..

  6. Lucky V – congratulations on your win. Can’t wait to see the stamp for Craft Stamper. I’m getting excited about the melt art class in a couple of weeks – counting down the days. Hope I won’t get lost on the


  7. .Congratulations Veronica bet you can’t wait to see your goodies. Pleased you and Adrian managed to get a break this weekend and hope you enjoyed yourselves. Will look forward to getting the stamp on The Craft Stamper as I am a subscriber, will be nice to look forward to,

  8. Apparently this trend for Xmas in July will last, and grow because if suppliers (shopping channels) don’t order in early enough, items will be out of stock – isn’t it all a bit chicken and egg?

    Meanwhile…coincidence this, Glenda…a drawer rummage and tidy unearthed vouchers for me last week – precisely £35 in WH Smiths and Debenhams. Suspect may also not know what to buy given the chance.

  9. Congratulations Veronica what a lovely surprise on a Monday morning
    Can’t wait to see the stamp on Craft Stamper, that’s something to look forward to
    There’s a lot of talk about Christmas around just now but I really don’t want to think about it until after my Holidays but I’m not going until later this year so may have to

    Hugs Jackie x

  10. Congratulations Veronica. Enjoy your goodies – now that’s a silly thing for me to say isn’t it, Lol! Of course you will.

    Lesley Xx

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