Life is good

A couple of days ago I said I’d been working on some stuff that was private.  From the emails, comments and phone calls, it would seem that may not have been the best way to put it, but at the time I  was just trying to explain away the absence of posts without using the busy word again.  It didn’t even cross my mind that it might imply some kind of problem.  Some of you have been so concerned and obviously really care, but please don’t worry about me, there is a huge amount of positive and good stuff going on in my life right now.  I’m not going through any kind of trouble or trauma, I’m not facing a health scare or a pre-menopausal pregnancy or anything daft like that!  I’m ‘being there’ for someone who needs me at the moment, that’s all.

So, it’s time for me to pass on some positive vibes by announcing a winner of our Essence of Nature Contest.  The winner was chosen completely at random and it is DENISE LICKORISH!!  Well done Denise – you will be getting an email from us soon with a voucher to the value of the CD.

And we were comfortably over the ten entries required for a free download, so well done to those of you who entered, you just made a whole bunch of people very happy.

Here’s the free paper download – it’s called Frosted Lace and it’s a subtle one.  There is a choice of 12×12, A4 portrait and A4 landscape.

The usual rules apply – this image is copyrighted to me, Glenda Waterworth, and you have permission to use this for your own non commercial use.  Please don’t pass on the files to anyone else, but feel free to give them the link to come here and get the file for themselves.

If you right click on any of the thumbnails (CTRL click on a Mac) you can save the pdf file.  You will need Adobe Reader version 8 or later to print the file.


Now, tomorrow, we are planning to get our new Halloween and Christmas stamps uploaded onto the Elusive Images blog, so do check over there if you want to see the wonderful stamps we are launching. It’s also the second of our Summer Open Days – with Jean Hardy from Crafty Individuals joining us for the day.  If you can get to the shop at all, it starts at 10am we’d love to see you.