But wait … there's more!

I’ve fixed the Frosted Lace download now, that should all be working fine.  But that’s not all – I’m feeling generous and slightly Christmassy today, so here’s another download for you – I call this one Moroccan Velvet and I’ve done you two colourways of warm red and zingy green.

The usual rules apply – this image is copyrighted to me, Glenda Waterworth, and you have permission to use this for your own non commercial use.  Please don’t pass on the files to anyone else, but feel free to give them the link to come here and get the file for themselves.

If you right click on any of the thumbnails (CTRL click on a Mac) you can save the pdf file.  You will need Adobe Reader version 8 or later to print the file.

Sorry to repeat myself, but some people will find their way here in the future without reading the previous post, so it has to be said explicitly each time I do a download.

Have fun with it!