Live out Loud

I have students already!!  Thank you so much to everyone who has signed up to my classes – yay!  I’m actually feeling rather relieved as well because I was going through that moment of self doubt you get before the first guest turns up at a party.  Will anyone actually come?!?!?!!

It’s a joy to see some familar and not so familiar names and I’m really excited about spending five weeks playing with stamps teaching you some of my favourite techniques.  (Did I say ‘playing’ out loud …?)

Talking of out loud, if you are signed up to the Graphicus email newsletter, you may have spotted this card in your inbox earlier today.

Hundreds of people contacted us (well, ok, about six) to ask where they could find the sentiment shown on the card.  It’s from this set

called Live Out Loud which you can find on the website here.  The sentiment is one of my all time favourites and definitely a Desert Island Stamps must have.

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12 thoughts on “Live out Loud

  1. So glad you’ve had a good response to your classes Glenda and as an attendee of your workshops, I know your students won’t be disappointed.

    That beautiful proverb is one of my favourites too and I use the stamp often. The other stamps on the set are lovely too.

    Lesley Xx

  2. As Lesley says, that proverb is a beautiful one and one with much food for thought in it. Students already eh? How exciting! I have to admit I am kinda jealous, because I sure wish I had had the opportunity to learn more about stamping this way when I got started, I suspect it would have saved me an awful lot of wasted card and stuff plodding away on my own, trying to glean information from TV shows who’s aim was primarily to sell stuff! I used to get so confused about all the different kinds of stamps and inks and stuff!…… did I say “used to”….hmmm at times I still do!!!

  3. I’m pleased you’ve had a good response to your on-line classes. I’ll be joing one (as long as you pass your probabtion LOL!!!) once my studio is set up. Oooh hark at me….studio!!!



  4. Of course you have some students – well done and I expect they are looking forward to ‘playing- with stamps and ink too LOL!!

  5. thanks for the info re stamp – have that plate. but didn’t recognise it! must see if I can find it among the wreck of my craft area – started to tidy up, so can’t find anything I need………….and of course you have students, is there a maximum number?

  6. It is indeed a lovely sentiment, and a lovely card displaying it. Good luck with the new classes. It’s a great idea and bound to be a runaway success.

  7. I’ve joined up today, I’m a fairly experienced rubber stamper but I’m having a go at the basics course first just in case I can pick up anything along the way. I am most excited about the second advanced techniques course in October, will definitely be having a go at that one too!
    Sarah x

  8. Lovw the new site, like you say clean and fresh and easy to read. Hope to join the on line classes.
    Best Wishes

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