I nibblez ur soulz

Firstly, I apologise for the shakiness.  Adrian was holding the video camera in one hand and the normal camera in the other and it’s not the best video in the world.  But if you can put up with the shakes, there’s some cute moments in there.

Funneh Bunneh.mp4

This is a an mp4 file so I’m not sure if everyone will be able to watch it.  It is on YouTube as well, but they stripped out the soundtrack.  Adrian hasn’t got his music room set up here  yet, but when he does, I think I’ll put a soundtrack of his on the video rather than the, er, unlicenced one I have on at the moment.

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  1. Sue stone says:

    Thank you Glenda that made my morning they are so cute and you must miss them but I am sure you will find some other wild life where you are. Sue xxx

  2. Thoroughly enjoyed that Glenda so thanks for sharing! Looking forward to seeing who you share your new garden with.

    Lesley Xx

  3. Wellington says:

    Love the little basement bunneh hop towards the end :)

  4. ahhh…………….thye’re lovely, and i think Adrian did a great job

  5. Wow what a great way to say farewell to Smokey!

    I love the little hop like he got a fright at the end too. So sweet.



  6. Debby Brown says:

    So cute :) Thanks for sharing.


  7. Craftysue says:

    One to pull out on a cold grey day to cheer you up I think – they are so sweet you must miss them terribly. Time to venture out into the unknown and find out what wildlife is hiding in the bushes around your new home – there could well be relatives of the basement bunnehs!

  8. Loved the video Glenda, thank you

  9. Aww this is lovely, but kinda sad too, I will miss the regular basement bunneh posts.

  10. Thank you Glenda – love the background music as well.



  11. lovely bunnehs, so cute!

  12. Finally made time to watch the bun vid – utterly gorgeous. The little smudgey nose one is cute too! I bet you will miss these little critters. I see Smokey did what we call a vertical take off near the end!

    Thanks for sharing

    Elaine x

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