See that white patch on my heat tool?  Every year all our portable electrical appliances have to be tested and if approved, a sticker is applied with the date.  Well my heat tool has it’s current sticker on the plug and there were about three or four old ones all built up on the gun, so I decided to remove them and cover the white patch with a fresh application of alcohol ink.

I wasn’t expecting the nozzle of my alcohol ink to be a little clogged.  Not totally clogged, just enough that when I was squeezing a few drops out onto the applicator, it decided to suddenly shoot out sideways from the nozzle, all over the table where I was preparing stuff for this week’s episode of my online class.

I know it’s a day early, but perhaps I should submit this as a WOYWT?  Not sure I really fancy that cup of tea any more though.

Today I am thankful for: the lack of bright turquoise ink on the (new) carpet or (newly decorated) walls of the house I am currently renting…

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  1. Sue stone says:

    That was a bit of luck staying contained on the desk and not on the walls or carpet but a shame it went on your other things , hope it didn’t damage too much. Sue xxx

  2. Oh dear Glenda, you’re really not safe to be around with inks are you, Lol? Remember the green ink episode quite some time ago and the TV samples that got ruined not to mention your top? I think you’d better have some polythene screens and a carpet made, Haha!

    Lesley Xx

  3. Oh dear! At least as you say it didn’t damage the walls or carpets. I wouldn’t like to tell you how many near disasters I’ve had whilst dyeing silk scarves!

    I’ve had two real horrors, one when I was sewing, and suddenly realised that I was dropping the pins into my mug of tea instead of the pin box… old age is wonderful – but thankfully, I’d not drunk any of it!

    The second, was when I got home from work to find that my horror of a cat had climbed on top of the bookcase and knocked down a computer printer I wasn’t using. I had no idea there were so many parts to a printer, but it had sort of exploded when it hit the floor.

    I had plastic strips over the carpets in the walked on areas (no I wasn’t living in a carpet showroom at the time!), as I had a large muddy labrador, and most of the printer had landed on that, but to my horror, I saw a black pad (like an ink pad), lying on the carpet. Visions of having to replace all the carpeting in the house (also rented) flew through my head, but I was unbelievably lucky, as there was a sheet of acetate on the other side of the ink pad, and none of it had marked the carpet!

    Well, we’ve both got away with it so far….. !!

    Coral xx

  4. Whoops!

  5. I remember the episode Lesley!!

    Oh dear Glenda. Seems you’re a bit like me around…well anything really!! At least I have an excuse LOL!!!



  6. hey, c’mon, it’s only twice in three years … well twice I’ve gone public with it anyway!


  7. It’s a good thing that it’s stayed on the table!!

  8. It is a lovely shade of blue.

  9. I managed to take the whole lid off a paint dauber and then proceeded to shake it – lime green hair and carpet, so you didn’t do badly at all!

  10. I remember the green ink episode too, but perhaps the alcohol ink one trumps it :p Hope nothing irreplaceable was damaged Glenda.

  11. Gina Armstrong says:

    Bet you couldn’t get that effect if you want it on a background!
    Great colour, shame about the tea.

  12. Tonie-Carol Patchett says:

    I actually like the turquoise splashes in and on the mug – but I suppose, as usual, that is not the point.

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