We need a break

As you all know, it’s been a bit of a grotty year one way or another. I haven’t talked about it much lately because things are on more of an even keel, though Derrick has good days and bad.  He’s put a lot of weight on and is now looking more like his normal self.  He has been diagnosed with COPD (can’t remember if I mentioned that already) and the drugs they have given him for that do seem to be making a difference.  Then he has bad days when he is sick again for no reason, and Adrian’s anxiety level soars at the thought of going through the whole cycle again.  Alma’s needs are taking an awful long time to sort out – we are still waiting for social services to get a ceiling hoist put in the bathroom.  But on the whole, things are not too bad and I refuse to believe that saying it out loud will jinx that.

We’ve really tried to do the whole ‘keep calm and carry on’ thing with swan like grace (ie the bits on public view appear serene, but the feet are paddling like mad down below) and for the first time this year, we feel like perhaps we can take a break for ourselves.  The house is still in a state of mild chaos, punctuated by a few little oases of calm, but there’s loads of unpacking still to do and until that’s done, having time off at home would just consist of chores.

We have a window of opportunity between workshop dates and Adrian’s family caring duties, starting in just under two weeks time.  Trouble is, we’re stumped.  We need to relax and recharge the batteries and for us that rules out flying anywhere.  We want lots of sleep, peace and quiet and good unpretentious food.  Somewhere comfortable that won’t get invaded by wedding parties or be full of Other People’s Kids.  We don’t mind driving, but probably not as far as Cornwall or the Highlands this time and for the right place, we don’t mind splashing out a bit.

Apart from Trip Advisor, I’ve actually struggled to find a really good website to help us plan a UK based holiday.  They are either affiliated to hotel chains or holiday groups, or they assume you want a spa break or a great family deal.  All the last minute offers are focused on city breaks which isn’t what we want.  I’ve ended up wasting hours over the last couple of weeks looking for something.

So, does the perfect relaxing UK break exist for us out there, or should we just stay home and unpack some more boxes …

Any ideas anyone?

Oh, and before you suggest it, coming to your local craft shop to demonstrate doesn’t really count as a break, I’m afraid!