Sunday’s Story – warning, may cause extreme excitement amongst animal lovers

Sunday’s story wasn’t exactly complex in itself. It was our reaction that was complex.

As you can probably guess from the photos above, it involves cats.  You see I heard via Derrick that there was a pair of kittens in need of a good home and we have had a few conversations since moving to this house about how lovely a place it would be for a pair of cats to spend their kittenhood.  So on Sunday we went to visit the two abandoned kittens at the local cattery where they had been taken.  They have been living rough in a garden, fed by a kindly lady after the mother decided they were weaned and left them to fend for themselves.  Eventually the lady realised they needed to be found a proper home or they might not survive.  One of them has an eye infection, possibly even cat flu.

Well, they were very timid little things when we first saw them on Sunday and we basically spent the next three days debating whether we were going to take them or not.  Lots of painful memories of all our other cats were battling against the joys that we knew new cats could bring.  Could we cope with the heartbreak again – knowing that their lives are so much shorter than ours.  Was it too soon, etc, etc.  I’m sure many of you have been through the same internal struggle.

In the end, we agreed that we would be bringing joy to their lives and ours and once cleared with our Landlords, we made the call.

It’s funny how things work out sometimes.  You may already know that we make stamps for other companies, and wouldn’t you know, a huge order has come in which is urgent and our main press operator is currently not very well and off work.  So any idea of taking our holiday next week is actually now out of the window because Adrian is running the presses.  We both really, really appreciated all  your suggestions and have made notes of them all for future breaks.  But it means that I can spend a week at home settling in our new kittens and watching them play!  That sounds like a great holiday to me!

So would you like to meet them?


OK, here they are – this is Zaphod

And this is Trillian the tri-colour tortie

Warp factor kittehs exploring their new suroundings!

We had names picked out before we collected them, but after five minutes we knew they were the wrong ones.  Firstly Coco (Chanel) turned out to be a boy, not the girl we were originally told, and Trillian’s tri-colour coat made her name quite obvious.  Our first choice of name for her is now her middle name, Perdita.

Now, if I’ve done this right, this should be a short video showing the new family settling in.

If that doesn’t work for you, click the link below to watch on YouTube.

Video: Introducing Zaphod and Trillian

I’m off to work out where on earth they (and us) will be safe to sleep tonight!