Trillian Trouble

This morning we let the kittens explore a new room – our dining room.  It’s where most of our books are and we know from past experience that the nice big vintage bound books that are on the bottom shelf make the best kitten scratching posts.  So they were under strict supervision the whole time.  We forgot just how quickly a pair of kittens can perfect the double trouble distraction routine – you know the one where one kitten does something so head explodingly cute so you take your eye of the other one for a nano second?  A fraction of a gazillionth of a nano second is all it takes for a half white kitten to disappear up the chimney.  With the best will in the world, it’s hard not to scream ‘Nooooooo’ at the top of your voice as you lunge across the room trying to catch the tiny tail disappearing up the chimney.

We now have a grey and tortie kitten.  This photo was taken several hours after the event and she is still looking rather grubby around the edges.

She had a very gentle wipe down with a damp cloth which she didn’t enjoy very much, followed by a groom with a kitten grooming brush which she loved and she gave me a good five minutes of purring.  We called the vet who said as long as it wasn’t huge amounts of soot and hadn’t got into in her eyes or ears, it wouldn’t do her any harm.  She came to us with an eye infection, which seems to have cleared up nicely, so we really didn’t want her to have to go through that again.

She wasn’t impressed at me trying to clean her belly and told me very pointedly (and very sharp little points they were too) that she would attend to that area herself.

She was very keen to show me just how much she had managed to wash off all by herself.

Er, I think all you are proving there Trillian, is that kittens are made from fluff and elastic.

Well at least we don’t have to walk a pink labrador puppy for six weeks.  I am reliably informed by Lesley and David that’s how long it takes paint to wear off a black labrador who chews the lid of a tin of emulsion.  I suspect the embarrassment of walking a pink puppy takes a little longer to wear off …

PS – Adrian went out and bought a new fireguard this afternoon which they definitely can’t get past or over … yet!