Festive Baubles Christmas Card

Before I start, I’m picking another random winner from yesterday’s comments – well done to Crafty Jo – a crafty Christmas gift will be winging it’s way to you very soon.

Here’s a stamped card with a vivid twist on the traditional colour scheme.  The students who have recently worked through my Terrific Techniques online class will be familiar with how this background is done – it uses white pigment ink as a resist, though when applied lightly as I have done here, the pigment more sort of catches hold of the Distress ink that is rubbed over it, giving a lovely tonal effect.

Materials used:

  1. Stamp the baubles onto white glossy card – two using the StazOn Black Cherry and one with Eden Green.
  2. Cut out when dry and cover each bauble with Versamark and emboss with Stardust embossing powder. Attach a length of gold cord to the back of each bauble – it’s easier to make it about 2-3 inches long at this stage and trim it after.
  3. To create the stamped background, stamp the pine cone from the New England Winter stamp set with Snow Cap white pigment ink. Stamp randomly and make some of the images go off the edges of the card. Leave to dry or dry with a heat tool.
  4. Rub Crushed Olive distress ink over the stamped piece. The white stamping will give a very subtle pattern as it responds to the ink in a different way to the card. The more ink you put on, the more obvious the underlaying stamping will be.
  5. Trim and round the corners then layer onto a red panel.
  6. Attach the baubles to the stamped panel and on the reverse put a strip of double sided tape. Bring the gold cord over the top of the card and line it up so it is straight, then stick onto the tape on the reverse.
  7. Attach the holly trim along the top of the card with glue dots. You can leave the gold cord wrapped around the top of the card if you want to, but if you want to make it look like the baubles are suspended from the holly, then you need to position the glue dots on the holly to catch the gold cord and use a fine pair of scissors to snip the cord just on the line of the holly.
  8. Stick a piece of green starry paper from the Spirit of Christmas pack onto a white A5 card and stick your stamped panel onto it.

The baubles really sparkle in the light as you can see in this close up.  You can see the resist stamping in the background too.

What was rather unexpected was the way the embossing powder gave a two tone effect over the StazOn.  The Eden Green colour has ended up with an almost bluey-green tone in the middle.

Thanks to everyone asking after the kittens.  I work at home on Mondays, so yesterday was their first day unsupervised and they did actually seem quite pleased to see us when we got back.  One of them had been sick in the downstairs shower – I was grateful they’d chosen such an easy to clean spot, but then we discovered that there doesn’t seem to be an on switch for the shower anywhere.  We’ve never used it as it’s tiny and we have a bigger one upstairs.

I have a ton of photos of them to process, so hopefully I’ll get chance tonight to dig out some of the good ones.  I did try to get another video of them playing, but the battery was flat, so that might have to wait til the weekend.  We may let them have a little play outside at some point, so if it snows that will be a big adventure for them.  We’ve had the pesky border terrier round again, turns out she’s called Flo and is a bit of a tinker.  The owners let their dogs out by themselves all the time and Flo went missing last year for over a month and was found living at Scotch Corner which is a long way for a little dog to roam.

So the kittens will be strictly supervised on their outings and the gate will be firmly closed against intruders.