Jolly Bird Christmas Card

Something a bit different and quirky today.  Meet Hol, the jolly bird of Christmas cheer!

First though – thank you to everyone for your comments – to show my appreciation I’m again picking a name at random from yesterday’s commenters.  And the winner (totally random) is one of my online students – congratulations Paula!  I’ll be in touch about your prize.

So the quirky bird – yes, it’s that snowflake Cuttlebug folder again and all week I’ve not said much about it because we are out of stock, but this morning I just got the shipping notice that our next big delivery is on it’s way from the States and it has some more of these Cuttlebug embossing folders in it – yay!  It’s called Winter and it’s a set of 6.  So far I’ve used this one loads and the swirly one I showed you when I was doing my Christmas workshop.

The delivery also has lots of other goodies for the shop Christmas Open days next week.  Oh my gosh I can’t believe that came round so quickly, it only seems five minutes since the last open day.  I really hope the snow has cleared by then, I’d hate it to put anyone off joining us for what’s turning into a bit of a festive party.  The sale is on in the shop until December 17th, so there’s lots of bargains to be found.  And we’re finally getting the Cafe Perfect Pearls set that we ordered back in January!

Anyway back to today’s card – here’s what went into it:

  • Bird with wing Sizzix die (or Christmas bird die cut pack)
  • Spirit of Christmas papers
  • Cuttlebug snowflake embossing folder
  • Season’s Greetings Stamp Set
  • Cardstock: dark and light teal; white lustre card
  • Decorative ribbon
  • StazOn – Teal
  • Googly eye
  • Flat back gem
  • We have a Big Shot Pro in the shop – one of the huge die cutting machines, and at one of our Open Days this summer, we put together some packs of die cut shapes which went down very well. (It’s a one way to try a die out and see if you want to invest in it.)

    I got myself a pack of birds cut from our Spirit of Christmas papers. I had an idea about putting legs on this bird, but never got round to it until now.

    The legs are one of those skinny offcuts that you always get when trimming cardstock layers. The feet are made by folding the end of the strip over.

    This really is a super simple card to put together. The hardest part is stamping the greeting straight, so make life easy for yourself by stamping then trimming, rather than trying to stamp on exactly the right size piece of card. I always think the basic nestability dies really come into their own when it comes to stamped greetings. This one is trimmed, but I quite often use shapes such as square, circle, oval, deckled rectangles or labels to cut out my stamped words.

    The card behind the bird is totally impossible to photograph. It is embossed with a snowflake Cuttlebug embossing folder, but the card itself is a new one for us. It’s called Lustre Card and this is the Pearl version which has an almost interference quality to it – wiggle it around in the light and it has a very subtle two tone colour.

    It is a lot like mirri silk card, but I think it has a more velvety look to it while still being reflective. It also comes in a beautiful gold, a stunningly rich scarlet and the most amazing zingy lime green. Sorry to digress, but I am a self confessed paper fondler and discovering new colours or finishes still makes my pulse quicken.

    Anyway, the pearl embossed lustre card is mounted onto a teal layer, as is the greeting. Both have then been stuck onto a large card made from two pieces of A4 stuck together and trimmed down. I found a piece of coordinating sheer ribbon in my stash, so put that along the top of the card before attaching everything else. OK, ok, so it was going to be the other way up with the ribbon down the side, but I just couldn’t work out a placement I was happy with and decided it worked better the other way up.

    The greeting is stuck on with foam pads to raise it up and because one side rests on top of the embossed card panel, I used two different thicknesses of foam pad to make sure it is level. It’s all in the detail you know!

    The bird is finished off with a googly eye – this one is quite funky as it has teal eyeshadow and little eyelashes. The greeting is finished off with a tiny gem over the dot on the word jolly.

    It’s taken me a lot longer to write about it than it did to put it together – hope you like it!

    Back tomorrow with kitten photos – I’m sure there’s a kitten or two in here somewhere.  Poor Adrian is downstairs dealing with the consequences of the door to the kittens bathroom accidentally getting closed during the night.  A high speed kitten chase probably knocked the door closed.  I can smell it from here so I’m leaving him to it!

    Oh, and this is the view out of the window this morning.

    I should probably volunteer to clean the car.

    (click on any of the photos for a larger view)

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    21 thoughts on “Jolly Bird Christmas Card

    1. I love this card Glenda, its really quirky. Hope the kittens cotton on to their toilet training very soon, its hard to believe such tiny things can make such a stink but I know only too well from past experience they can Lol. x Lavinia

    2. Beautiful card, I love the colours and the birds legs are fab :-)
      It sounds like those kittens are keeping you both out of mischief
      Claire xx

    3. cute card, love the stilt legs! Snow looks beautiful from inside, not so nice when you have to go out, but think clearing the car better than clearing up after kittens all the same

    4. Love the card and its colours Glenda, it’s nice to see something that’s different.
      Hope the kittens get the hang of it all soon!
      We’ve no snow here in the west of Scotland, but it’s freezing!

      Coral xx

    5. Hi Glenda – another day and another super card. I love the bird and the embossed background is lovely – simple yet very stylish.

      The snow looks lovely but it is best viewed from inside! Keep the kitties nice and warm. They can’t help it if they are not big enough to reach the door handle:-)


    6. This is a lovely card Glenda, I love that bird and the embossing is fab too.

      The snow looks very pretty take care when you are out in it, we haven’t got any yet but they say it’s on its way

      Hugs Jackie x

    7. I’m liking the teal colours – a bit different for Christmas; thanks for the inspiration

      I’m still amazed at the weather in our little corner of the world – it’s so diverse. I’m listening about snow blocked roads & closed schools & looking a pics like your’s, & yet on this side of the country we’ve had a beautiful crisp clear day with a couple of fluffy clouds. Bliddy cold of course…

    8. Another lovely card Glenda I love the teal card you use as well aqs the quirky bird, fluttering its eyelashes!!! Poor Adrian I don’t envy him that job. Hope the weather doesn’t get too bad for you.

    9. Love the card and how you got the holly through the birds head and chest.
      You can get a gadget from Mothercare(Product code: A2305-139) that fit to the bottom of doors that should help keep them open to avoid any more little accidents!
      What are the kittens making of the snow?
      Best wishes.
      Lynne in Spain

    10. Yet another fab card and that quirky bird is brilliant. I know what you mean about paper and card making the pulse race LOL!! Great snow picture too but maybe there are advantages to living down south after all – I’m getting too old for snow.

    11. Love that bird! Think I might have to invest in that die. After using it at the mixed media workshop and seeing it here too…hmmm….

      Poor little kittens. Bet they were a bit confused when the door shut, cutting them off from their bathroom. Having a husband is an advantage when cleaning up cat mess is involved!!



    12. Another lively card Glenda.You never cease to amaze me on the variety you produce.Your head must be bursting with ideas.Wish mine was!!!!
      My OH is very good at clearing up cat sick[sorry]I think it’s caused by fur balls.Your 2 can’t be blamed for the overnight accident –the door was shut to the ‘poo house’ so what is a kitty to do??????
      Looked at Adrians bargain of the day and am totally floored by his crypic title.What the heck does it have to do with Brads????–feeling a bit thick today or not tuned in to Adrians sense of humour.xx Joyce

    13. Joyce, I’m guessing have you’ve never seen the Rocky Horror Picture show? The title of Adrian’s post is a an adapted quote from that…

    14. Super colours again, and I am beginning to NEED those Spirit of Christmas papers (as if I really need any more papers, LOL!). Poor kitties being locked out of ‘their’ bathroom – our big boy Dylan got shut in the garage all night but luckily no mess although he must have been jolly cold despite the massive coat he has – he had to spend the day napping to recover after a very hearty breakfast, naturally (no change there, then …). S x

    15. I agree entirely about it all being in the detail – that is what makes the difference; I really smiled about the different thicknesses of foam pad, the number of times I’ve had to add another mm…..I was rather surprised that i got picked but thrilled – so thank you, that was a lovely & unexpected surprise. Hope the kittens are recovering from their door closing escapades…… & Adrian too.
      Paula (PEP)

    16. Gorgeous card Glenda, the bird is terrific. I love to look at the snow, but I’m not so keen on going out in it. :) Have a great weekend.

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