The party goes online!

I promised you a party and a party you will get!

On Friday 3rd December, there will be a series of blog posts on the Graphicus blog throughout the day.  There’s some fun stuff, a quiz, some prizes, special offers and a few incredibly, AMAZING super duper deals of the day.  Adrian will be wittering, sorry twittering during the day and his deals will probably get awesomer and awesomer as the day goes on.  We will be monitoring responses all day and doing some seriously silly offers, so if you were originally planning on coming along to the open days, then maybe you should spend the day glued to your computer screen instead.

I will put the caveat in place now that all of this depends on Adrian and I being able to get in to work.  We can’t do this from home if we’re snowed in as we need to be logged into our main computer system at work to do what we’re planning.

Remember, this will be happening on the Graphicus blog, not here.

Oh and if you’re on a forum, please pass on the word – some deals will depend on the number of responses, so the more the merrier!

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13 thoughts on “The party goes online!

  1. :( I have a urgent hospital appointment that day, but at the moment unless the weather here improves, I may be lucky and be at home for this :). Just make sure you both stay safe and warm.

  2. Shall wait till Friday before I place my order and then it will probably get bigger and bigger and BIGGER!!!!Help more temptation around the corner!xx Joyce

  3. Oooh! I’ve got a craft stall at a school Xmas market that day, but will be rushing back (carefully!) to the computer afterwards to check out all the deals.

    I hope you manage to get in to work OK, not just for the online party, but it must be a real problem trying to run a business with the current weather problems.

    Although everyone thinks we’re knee deep in snow all the year round in Scotland, here on the Isle of Arran off the west coast, we’ve actually got very little in the way of snow, though plenty of ice and freezing winds! Sorry!

    Coral xx

  4. sounds great fun – will be hurrying back from market to check on the fun at lunchtime! Hope the weather improves your way, we haven’t had anything like the amouint of snow you have had, but it has still made things awkward – and it is **** cold

  5. sobs at not being able to join in on Friday, am sure im hexxed with Open Days lol, have great fun all, and stay safe all of you where ever you are in the country Warm Hugs to everyone Suzee x

  6. Hi Glenda
    Popped over to see what was happening there as we are snowed in here and I am at the mercy of the internet. Have fun on Friday I will try and look in.
    stay warm and safe and i look forward to seeing your new blog.

  7. Such a shame about the cancellation but it’s a wise call and it’s better everyone is kept safe. I already had my snowshovel and blankets packed in case we could set off on the Saturday. I’m working Friday – we have very little snow around here so no unexpected day off for me – but I will try to keep popping in to the blog to see what’s going on:-)

    Keep warm

  8. Hope (selfishly) you and Adrian make it in to work on Friday, but don’t risk it if it looks dodgy (and don’t forget you have to get back home for the kittehs!) i can do without the excitement rather than have you in trouble….
    we haven’t had as much snow as some of you but oh dear, think suffolk has moved to siberia with the windchill…keep warm everyone…

  9. Well I should have been travelling to Bedfordshire on Friday but I think I’ll be leaving it till Saturday now – and maybe cancel altogether if the conditions don’t improve – so at least I’ll be able to join you on Friday now.
    Beryl xx

  10. I’m sorry for those that were looking forward to the Open Days but a wise decision I think. The cyber alternative sounds great and very imaginative. I’m looking forward to it, but do take care.

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