29 thoughts on “Tim Holtz creates great cat toys

  1. Absolutely fabulous!! It’s great how their claws stuck into it. It made it sound like it was sticky!

    And how great that little Miss T has taken to the absolute delights of the purple, spotty Graphicus bag. Girl after my own heart!!!



  2. Boxes ,bags, cut’n dry foam–who needs expensive toys when you’ve got those????
    My cat plays for hours with the little green plastic strip/seal off the top of a milk container!!!! Its all good pre mouse/bird catching behaviour.Great fun nevertheless.xxJoyce

  3. What a pair of hooligans! I really think you should be bringing your kids up in a more responsible manner. Don’t you realise the addiction these Tim Holtz preparations can have? I can recommend a very good Addictions Anonymous self-help group that they could attend.

    Brilliant, hilarious, compelling… I’m addicted!


  4. I had to watch this several times – I was in fits of giggles – I’m not surpriseed you were distracted last night. Just as well there was no ink to be seen – there would have been very mucky pups & not fastidious felines!
    Thanks for such fun.
    Paula (PEP)

  5. LOL, LOL, just so freakin’ cute. It just doesn’t take much to entertain them. Thanks for sharing. It is a good way to start the day.

  6. Wonderful, LOL. A quote from a website selling this.

    “This Cut n Dry foam sheet has infinite uses, limited only to your imagination.”

    Don’t think they quite had this in mind :-)

  7. Ah, the influence of Sir Tim of Holtz spreads far & wide!! That’s a wonderful video Glenda & aren’t the kitties getting tall???

  8. Hi Glenda – this video is sooooo funny I have watched it several times and it makes me giggle every time. Your kitties are just wonderful I bet Tim doesn’t know about his other business!!! Kitty Toys Inc.


  9. Little sweeties; they act just the way our Littl’un does with the catnip cushion I made for her predecessors. A joy to watch – why can’t we have this sort of thing on the daily news instead of gloom, doom and despondency! :-)

    Kind Regards, Karen

  10. I think you should send a copy of this video to Sir Tim himself – I`m sure he would love it Lol. Love the way it sticks to their paws and watching them try to shake it off. Cats are just so funny when they are playing, thanks for sharing Glenda. Its cheered me up no end x Lavinia

  11. I loved it when her brother was trying to get it off of her paw and she just lay there looking at him. You could watch them all day. Delightful!

  12. I love your two mischief makers and a new way to use cut’n’dry. Lets hope they don’t find your inkpads and leave paw prints everywhere!!


  13. Hi Glenda,

    How cute are these two? They are so hands-on (or should that be paws-on?)with the cut and dry – they should demo at the next open day!

    Hope you’re all surviving the artic chills down in Barnard Castle!

    Karen x

  14. Thank you Glenda that was fabulous it made me laugh so much they really are delightful,they must give you lots of fun, can’t believe how fast they are growing. Sue xxx

  15. Totally brilliant Glenda! It chased away my ‘stir crazy’ blues with laughter this morning – we are now ‘iced’ in after the mountains of snow started to thaw yesterday.

    Lesley Xx

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