2011 – a year of Delight

I’m a big fan of Christine Kane and have found her wisdom to be absolutely invaluable over the last year.  She’s all in favour of ditching traditional New Year’s Resolutions and choosing a ‘Word of the Year‘ instead.  Adrian and I decided we too would choose a word of the year and both spent a few days really thinking about it.  Happiness, joy, acceptance, patience, wealth, abundance and pleasure were all considered along the way, but after much internal debate, I chose my word.

On New Year’s Eve I asked Adrian if he had chosen his – and what a joy, we both came up with the same word – DELIGHT.

So there was our first moment of delight right there – an affirmation that we are both in tune with each other and both striving for the same thing.

Delight will be our guide and our goal in 2011.  Something to strive for, something to seek out, something to offer others.  A motto to live by and a focus to get us through the tough times.

I did a journal page on New Year’s Day – the first one I have done in a very long time.  I wrote a farewell to 2010, a year full of intense experiences of one kind or another.  A year of deep grief and great upheaval, but a year of immense personal growth along the way and I hope I am a better person for it all.

Here’s today’s little moment of delight – the first time the kittens have ever settled and fallen asleep in my office.

Wishing you a wonderful 2011, filled with delight.  What would you choose as your word of the year?

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26 thoughts on “2011 – a year of Delight

  1. It’s quite wonderful isn’t it when your husband thinks the same? That’s really special – we did something similar choosing the glass for our kitchen door from a massive catalogue of samples – & both chose the same. My word would have to be GRACE – to try to act with grace & grow through whatever the year brings. Love the photo – they do look so content & snug.

    Wishing you well in 2011.
    Paula (PEP)

  2. My word is affirmation… The practise of positive thinking (new Age terminology.. Wikipedia)
    New idea to me thankyou for sharing

    wishing you much “delight” in 2011
    Sue x

  3. I love this idea of choosing a word and found the site of Christine Kane very inspiring and have chosen the word Courage and hope that will help me get through the things I keep putting to one side and hoping they will go away!! I think it is wonderful that you and Adrian are so in tune with each other and hope you have a year full of Delight. Sue xxx

  4. Wishing you both (and of course the kitties) a happy, peaceful and healthy new year. Looking forward to seeing some delightful inspiration as the year progresses.

    Val W

  5. How fantastic that you both picked the same word! It’s so nice to hear that, particularly when you’ve had such a bad year. So often major problems have exactly the opposite effect on a couple, and I’m delighted for you that you’re both so in tune with each other. It’s so good to have that kind of support and closeness.

    My word is persevere. I must stop procrastinating and actually make progress with the things I spend too much time talking about, not enough time putting into practise!

    Rather than make New Year’s resolutions, between Christmas and New Year I made out a list of goals for 2011. These are things I want to achieve or make progress towards, and I realised that the most important thing for me was to persevere and stop getting sidetracked.

    Here’s to a fantastic 2011 for you and Adrian, and may there be much delight in your lives!

    Coral xx

  6. What a lovely idea. I also like Coral’s list of goals. Wishing you both a Happy New Year full of exciting new adventures.

  7. Happy New Year to both of you and your “little kids.” Laughter would have to be my word. It is always good to be able to laugh.

    Thanks for sharing with us all year and I look forward to watching you and the babies again this year.

  8. Happy New Year to you, Glenda, Adrian and the Kittehs. And that is indeed a “delight”ful photo of your littlies! :-)

    I read your post, and the links, late last night and at first the word “expansion” came to mind, or possibly “growth”; either would certainly be nice in regards to work, income and creativity. However, having slept upon it, my word of choice has ended up as “Joy”. If you can find joy in your daily life and activities, and hopefully give joy to others, I think it attracts even more wonderful things into your life.

    I hope that you both do indeed find Delight in abundance through out the weeks and months ahead and that 2011 treats you wonderfully well.

    Kindest Regards,


  9. And I’m sure this will be dlightful year for you both!!

    How wonderful the kittens have gotten comfortable in your office. You do know they’ll always be in there now!!!



  10. My word for 2011 is HEALTH. I shall never take it for granted again & remind myself daily that when your body is healthy, anything is possible!

    So, I wish you, Adrian & pusscats, a Healthy & Delightful 2011.

    ttfn, Liz M xxx

  11. Hi Glenda–kitties look so relaxed and at home.Bet you can’t imagine life without them.
    My word has to be ‘POSITIVITY’!! Hoping that there are no negative vibes around me this year.Going to be positive when crafting,swimming[master swimming on my back this year]and of course when marmalising the opposition when playing tennis!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    xx Joyce

  12. What a wonderful idea – much better than making resolutions that are never kept. I’ll think about my word for a while, but in the meantime, a very happy and delightful new year to you both! xx

  13. Great idea to pick a word and I think my word will be pleasure. I know I take pleasure in the aroma whenever I open a new jar of coffee, so I’m going to try and extend it into other areas like doing the jobs I hate or when I finally get around to declutter a cupboard or drawer that I’ve been putting off for ages.

    I wish you and Adrian a delightful and prosperous new year.


  14. I love that you & Adrian chose the same word. Christine Kane is so inspirational. I wish you both a wonderful 2011.

    PS I love the photo of the kitties – they are the cutest.

  15. Lovely post Glenda and wonderful pic of your furry friends. Thank you for sharing both and I wish you, Adrian and the kittens much love and delight in each other.

    Lesley Xx

  16. Just found you by a chance chain of blogs, but just to say the kittens’ uncle Marvin is resident in this household and still paranoid!

  17. Dear Glenda,
    I have emailed you on 21st Dec and 31st Dec re missing item from my last order to date I have not had a reply or refund. My husband has told me that he is going to inform his credit card company of this matter as he is now £17.16 out of pocket.

    It appears that you can update your blog but not reply to my emails.


    1. Denise, I’m not ignoring you – we refunded you the day after you alterted us to the missing item on December 22nd and emailed you at the time. I’m sorry you didn’t get that email, but I assure you we did send you one. The refund went through at 11.15:38 on December 22nd for £17.16. Has your husband phoned his credit card company to ask if the refund is pending? We’ve noticed that the credit card companies are quick to take money, but slow to refund.

      We have had several thousand emails to deal with and to my knowledge, we haven’t left any critical issues unanswered.


  18. Dear Glenda,

    Thank you for your prompt reply. My husband has checked with his credit card company and they have informed him of the credit on 22nd Dec. I thought there would be a explanation but did not think about an e-mail going astray.

    Many thanks again. Looking forward to the Phoenix rising from the Ashes.

    Happy New Year
    From a Grateful Customer

  19. Love the photo. of the kittehs asleep: that will probably be one of the few times they do that! Soon they will learn all about the ‘delights’ of the desk and how to delete e-mails and the like!

    My word for the year is ‘Home’ as I need to clear it and clean it before I can take any delight in it. Of course, if I could levitate across the rooms I would be alright!

    May 2011 be delightful for you all!

  20. Hi Glenda,
    Belated New Year greetings to you and Adrian. My word for 2011 is Antcipation. May your New Year begin with the anticipation of good things to come. Health, wealth and happiness. Not necessarily in that order, it just scans better.
    Good Luck

    Gill x

  21. My word for 2011 will be SERENDIPITY and I’ll hopefully be DELIGHTed by happenstance.
    Happy New Year.
    Linda xx

  22. So pleased to have found you again – we too had an eventful year, with an extension going up around us I ‘lost’ all my crafting gear into a shed. Now having completed the internal work I am hoping to get back into the swing again soon. Delighted to see the kittens. The whole impression I get from your blog suggests my word for the new year also Optimism!!

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