Zentangle Flower

No it’s not a new stamp, it’s from the A4 set of flowers, Ruby Tuesday.

I do keep coming back to this set when I need big bold flowers and after having a play with Zentangles, I went looking for stamps I could incorporate.

If you’ve never heard of Zentangles, it’s basically a structured form of doodling.  There are books available that show you specific techniques and patterns, but once you’ve grasped those basics you can take the idea anywhere you like.  I was aware of Zentangles, but never really paid much attention, and I have to say a big thank you to Jill for suggesting it as a great stress buster – I’ve found it very absorbing and relaxing over the last couple of months.

I use a Faber Castell Ecco Pigment pen (0.3) on hot pressed watercolour paper, but have other pens I want to experiment with.  This card is only the third zentangle doodle I’ve done as they are quite time consuming.

I tore the square from the watercolour paper and masked off a thin strip along two sides, then stamped the flower with Smokey Grey Versafine.  I then removed the masking tape and drew the square border.  The stamp has some natural shading already on it, but using the pale grey ink meant that after going around the outline of the petals with my black pen, the shading recedes into the background.  Where it was strongest, I incorporated it into the design by colouring between the petals and adding dots.  Each of the inner petals has a different ‘tangle’ in it, and the outer petals all have the same swirly stamen type doodle.

Here’s a couple of close ups.

The white flower is a Crealies die and the border is a Martha Stewart punch.  The patterned paper is from the Butterfly Bliss CD (yes, Chocolate Baroque has some stock of that one).

Talking of close ups – for the kitten fans, I have some photos of Zaphod with a close up of his amazing eyes coming soon.

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16 thoughts on “Zentangle Flower

  1. Lovely, but it is time comsuming. Great if your a “doodler” (is that a word? lol), or someone who loves to doodle.
    My top tip; leave a few stamped images suitable for this near the phone with the pen, so you can fill in time when your placed in the dreaded phone queue, (so annoying and boring listening to the same tune over and over) lovely distraction doing this.

  2. That is a great idea – I’d never have thought of stamping an image to use with the zentangles technique so thanks for sharing the idea. Also a great stressbuster as you’ve discovered.

  3. I love the flower done like this! At the moment I am doing a 2 page spread in my journal full of zentangles. I’m using it as a way to ease the pain I have in my legs and its helping take my mind of it for a while.



  4. Great card Glenda. I had never thought of zentangling into a stamped image. I love these flower stamps too, big, bold and really versatile. So glad to hear CB will still have the BB CD, I still haven’t got that one in my collection yet which is barmy considering what a butterfly freak I am.


  5. What a great way of using these stamps, Glenda. I keep meaning to try Zentangles but would never have thought of incorporating them into a stamp. Now where did I put my big flowers?
    Hugs Lisax

  6. Hi Glenda, like your Zentangled flower! It’s a great technique, I very much like to do it also(when I have the time haha) Have a nice day, greetz, Miranda

  7. Love your card Glenda! And to Kirsten above…yes, it is addictive :) And great idea Alexandra of leaving stamped images & pen by the phone too!
    Jac x

  8. I have only seen this once before by Barbara Grey
    loved it then ,love it more now will give it a try.
    Really like the flower stamps

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