Hula Hula Pancake

Zaphod doesn’t often stay still long enough for us to appreciate the amazing colouring of his eyes, so it is through photographs that we have realised just how beautifully coloured they are.

He has a busy life these days.

... and I say to you, I have a dream that one day the kittens of Ceiling Cat and Basement Cat shall hunt side by side ...

Being President of the Galaxy has responsibilities, but he does like a good luau to relax

So that’s the hula hula reference, but what about the pancake?  Well as you can see, the kittens are playing on a cat tree which was their Christmas present.  Adrian and I decided not to give each other gifts at Christmas – after our mammoth de-clutter last year, we both felt that there wasn’t really anything that we needed.  So instead, we decided to buy a present for the kittens and found this monster cat playground half price in the sales.

There was a little furry mouse attached at the top, but he lasted about half an hour before I cut it off (the elastic got wrapped round Zaphod’s legs).  It then went rapidly through a horrible metamorphsis, losing first tail, then nose, then fur, leaving nothing but a small sad chewed plastic carcass.

See the little round hammock at the front?  It’s become one of Trillian’s favourite places for a nap.

The first time she used it, we didn’t realise where she was because she curls up so tight and seems to flatten herself to fit.  So she’s become nicknamed the pancake cat when she’s in there.

Do other people come up with as many aliases for their pets as we do?  They are both known as the Beeblekittens of course thanks to Hitch Hiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, but Zaphod is also Zafe, The Fod, Fodlet, Fodpuss. Mr President and Trillian is Trilly, Silly Trilly, Trilly Babes, Trilly-begs-skinny-legs, the Trillster and now Pancake Cat.

No?  We obviously need to get out more.

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23 thoughts on “Hula Hula Pancake

  1. Good to see and hear more news of your kittens – thanks for sharing. That playstation is something else – quite palatial.

  2. Thanks for sharing more of the kitten, there cat tower is fab
    We have dogs and yes they have aliases, Max gets called Puppy(despite the fact he’s 5 now lol) and Maxpax and Tigger, Tara gets Tassywassy, grumpy draws and Eyeore and is starting to get called Old Girl as she is nearly 12 and is definitely slowing down now
    Jackie xx

  3. What a lovely play station , “soap box” and place to take a nap, our last cat used to sleep in a hammock type thing that hung on the radiator. Thanks for sharing your lovely cats they are certainly growing fast. Sue xxx

  4. Zaphod has the most stunning eyes, I’m surprised he stayed still so long. There Christmas present is amazing. Hours of fun I imagine.

  5. I’m a cat lady too Glenda, (If you have a few spare mins, see my blog post from yesterday here ), so i know exactly where you are coming from. I left my lovely cat tower in UK because I wasn’t going to have more kittens – I’ve got four now, and they get called all sorts of things, even occasionally, their actual names! Kate x

  6. O my word – that cat city wouldn’t fit in our house LOL Although to be honest our old fella wouldn’t be interested in it. His full title is Wellington Womble, most known as Wellington, but also Welly or quite often just simply The Cat

  7. Good grief, that’s HUGE!! If I were a cat I would have the best fun on that!! Thanks for the photos, they are such gorgeous kitties.

  8. Our cats have a succession of names too. Their names are Merry and Pippin or should I say Meriadoc and Peregrine (yes we got them at the height of The Lord of the Rings mania) but they get called respectively Mez, Mezzy, Mesmo and Pips, Pipster, Pipsmo, We also feed a local feral whom we have dubbed Steve (for reasons far too long winded to explain here!) :)

  9. My girls had nicknames too –

    Tara – Tara-boom-de-ay, Tarz, Tarza, Velcro Cat (when she sat on your knee you could be practically standing up before she’d get off!!

    Martha – Marth, Martha-May, Tinkerbell (she used to wear a collar with a bell on), Stinky Bot (I can still smell how awful it was LOL!!!)

    Love the photos. They aren’t half getting big! I was once told by someone that you always know when a cat is really comfortable cos they flatten themselves out, Trillian must be soooo cosy!!



  10. That cat play tower needs a room to itself!!! Got our boy [Now Hosni as he wouldn’t go out!!!!] a stropping pole but he declined as he preferred the side of the settee to strop on[well you would if you were a cat wouldn’t you?]He has countless names and answers to none of them.Little b*****r is a name commonly used but it all depends on what is the name in favour at the time.
    Zaphod is growing fast and they are obviously both severely pampered to within an inch of their lives.[but they are worth it–shades of L’Oreal advert there]xx Joyce

  11. I love the photos and story! Absolutely terrific. Yep, I have names other than their original names for my cats and dog too. I love that cat pole too, that is terrific. I am so glad thing are going so much better for your and Adrian. Having the kittens must have made it more palatable because they just keep you laughing.

    Thanks for sharing your creations and your great writing and photos with us all.

  12. Those kitties are soooo cute. Full of mischief no doubt. Love those amber eyes. I have never had cats but when my children were small we had guinea pigs. All different and very individual characters with multiple names to match.
    Keep the pictures coming.

  13. Awwwwwww!!!!I really enjoy your kittens, Glenda. We’re cat people too, but we sadly aren’t owned by any at the moment & both miss them, so ‘knowing’ yours is terrific, thanks :)
    Jackie x

  14. That is a cat palace – amazing! I never knew they made them so big!!

    Yes, I have “nicknames” for my cats: Percy is “Plod”, “Plodlington”, “Plodders”; Mack is “Mackaroon”, “Mackaroni”, “Mackdougal/Mackduff”, “Mackeson”; Mabel is “Mabelline” or “Mabes”; Milo is “Milolicious” or “Milky Milo”.

    So, you’re not the only mad people who need to get out more!!!

    take care, Liz M xx

  15. Wow are your cats spoiled or what!?! Such a great life with wonderful, loving “parents”. I am a dog lover myself to a rescued English Springer Spaniel. I am looking forward to all the inspiration from your new website.

  16. It must be so frustrating trying to get the acccounts up and running. One good thing though, it gives us time to save up for spending. :-)
    The cats are so spoiled having such a wonderful climbing frame to play on and its lovely to see that they use it to have fun.
    Gina x

  17. Hello, thanks for all the lovely pictures. Our not-so-much a kitten any longer is called a variety of names. Her real name is Winter but she is also called: Winty, Dora (short for adorable), Moggy, Kitten-Kat, Muggins and Whiffy-Butt. She will probably gain more names as she gets older. When we call her in for food we say “Winter, Dinner, Dinner, Winter” so now she thinks Dinner is one of her names too!


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