Glass Bead Canvas

Here’s a little canvas that came together last weekend.  It’s a photo transfer done with glass bead gel which is a Golden product that actually contains teeny tiny glass beads.  The gel dries transparent so you get this amazing texture.  The gel was put onto an inkjet photo with a palette knife (a brush could smear the ink) and left to dry for approximately two years.  Yes, I found it in a box from the mixed media class I ran in 2009 and figured it should be dry by now!  Joking aside, it does take a few days to dry out thoroughly and once dry, you soak the paper on the back and gently rub it off with your fingers.

The canvas is painted with Golden Fluid Acrylics and the corners stamped with irridescent gold paint.  The transfer was then stuck down with Soft Gel Matte and I added some more glass bead gel and some gold mica flakes around the edge using another Golden product – Gold Mica Flake (Small) which is a gel with, you guessed it, gold mica flakes in it.

So all in all, a bit of a homage to my favourite art materials company, Golden.  It’s difficult to capture the texture and glow with the camera, but if you click on the image, I’ve left the original quite large so you can have a good close look.

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20 thoughts on “Glass Bead Canvas

  1. Love the canvas ,I have been trying to do this sort of thing ,but cannot seem to get the stamped stamped on the canvas, I have been using the canvas on a frame is that the problem I am having?.Thanks for the Italian paper they are beautiful,I love Italy and spent some lovely times there.Hope the sales going well!

  2. That’s why I was looking for the Glass Bead Medium yesterday. Fantastic canvas Glenda- love the rich colours.

    Bought some of the sticky back canvas yesterday and I am going to try and find the tutorial on how to do image transfers with it- I have seen it somewhere on the net.


  3. wow! this is just gorgeous Glenda, love the rich feel of the whole thing and the way the lily pops out. will have to try that glass bead stuff……………
    hope the sale goes well, even if am green with envy…………..

  4. This is just beautiful Glenda. I have done something similar on a printed image (not photograph) using double-sided adhesive film with accent beads, but this sounds rather better. I just love the colours. Kate

  5. Love the beautiful rich colours Glenda. I love the Golden products for their quality, I have some of their paints that I bought from you, and every time I use them, it’s a pleasure, as the colours are a delight. The mediums are second to none, so I echo your love of ‘Golden’!
    The glass bead gel, and the golden flake gel look fabulous on here, Judith xx

  6. Wow, just sat down to make 30th birthday card for my niece and had a craft block, Kerry has degree in art so always feel a little pressured, not any more those colours are a real inspiration, and I feel like getting messy!!!! Hope sale goes well and that March will be a postive month for new business.

  7. Hi Glenda, that really is stunning. Love the colours, the texture and the shimmer. I have some of the Golden Gel with mica flakes in, and the Golden glass bead gel too. I bought them in an art shop sale and have been wondering what to do with them since. Thanks for the fantastic inspiration.


  8. Glenda, this is beautiful. It so gorgeous and vibrant and the beads a mica flakes look really luxurious but without being brash. I do wish I could have made that mixed media class. I’ll keep my fingers crossed for the future. I’ve never seen those particular Golden products although I do have a few of theirs. Think they need to go on my wish list together with some paints.

    Drat it, Margaret’s mentioned something I missed at the sale yesterday ………….. sticky backed canvas! Love it and I managed the best ever image transfer using that.

    Lesley Xx

  9. I seen the jars of Goldens with mica beads and thought wonder what you do with that? Now I know! Thanks for sharing. I guess I will just pick some up and give it a try!

  10. That is really beautiful Glenda I have the canvas but need to get some things to work with but you have inspired me to try and get started, thanks for that. Hope your sale went well and you aren’t too shattered. Sue xxx

  11. A beautiful canvas and definately worth the length of time finishing. The colours are so vibrant. I bought some Golden products today so I think I’ll need to set aside a day to have a play. Many thanks for the opportunity to add to my craft stash today.

  12. Stunning and wonderful – I have been having a play with my new stamps – they are lovely – they stamp so cleanly, and I cant wait to play with the mini meadows as I have an awesome idea for them – thanks once again – and cant wait till your shop is open – visa will be taking a hit! LOL

  13. Hi Glenda

    Nice canvas, its so hard to get camera’s to pick up colour tones and glitz sometimes isn’t it. I had that trouble when I did a painting class too. I adore Golden products too, the fluid acrylics are so versatile. Have you tried mixing Perfect pearls in with translucent colurs of paint for pearl effects? It also works mixed into the glazes too 😉 Have you found their channel on You Tube, lots of good tips for how to use all their different products, with free tempation too hehehe

    Great products to play with and experiment with. Good luck with the new company and hope you get through the red tape soon.

    Take care, best wishes

    Billie :)

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