Carousel Horse

Well great minds think alike – this is the first card I made with Carousel Horses and the colour scheme and background is strikingly similar to Design Team member Debbie’s carousel card too which you can see on the Design Team blog here.

Click on image for Carousel Horses

These carousel horses are such lovely ornate designs that you don’t need much to show them off.  This is a simple card stamped with Versamark and embossed with gold powder.  I have coloured with watercolours, just sticking with a pink and aqua colour scheme.  The bunting at the bottom adds a fairground feel, as does the ice cream cone stamped in the background (with Versamagic Pixie Dust).

It is an interesting time for us again – Derrick is in hospital once more, though not as an emergency this time.  He has been taken into a local community hospital for rehab and physio on the recommendation of his community nurse who felt that he needed a little extra help.  We’re all quite impressed at this example of common sense as it’s just what he needs.  Sadly he’s been a bit poorly since he arrived, but at least we know he’s being taken care of.

However we are not able to visit at the moment as all my sick bed energy is reserved exclusively for my poor hubby.  I won’t bore you with the details of last week, but after a false start and a misdiagnosis, it turns out Adrian has chickenpox.  He’s slightly embarrassed about it, but it would seem his childhood vaccination has worn off and he is seriously spotty.  Thankfully I’ve already had it so I know I can’t catch it again.  I actually had it very severely and ended up with septicaemia, so I’m keeping a watchful eye on Adrian to make sure he doesn’t get any kind of secondary infection like I did.  Even though I can’t catch it, I’d never forgive myself if I carried an infection to Derrick, so for now we’ll keep our distance and paint a black cross on the gate or something.

It should make for a fun week at work.  As Adrian is under strict orders to rest and give his body chance to fight off the virus, he can’t run the presses and make stamps.  I’ve been pressing stamps today, but made a few phone calls tonight to draft in the cavalry.  My sister is coming in to help and Lesley from the DT is busy trying to re-arrange some of her training students so she can come in and help out too.  It’s hot work in this weather, so we’re stocking the freezer with fruity ice pops,  turning the fans on full and the music up loud.

I know one thing for sure – I definitely can’t complain of boredom!


Owl Flourish Cards

Here’s another card featuring chalk inks, this time in a palette of violet, turquoise, lilac and touches of sage green and even pink.  I’m  not very good at remembering which colours I’ve used and of course when it’s finished, there’s a whole load of new colours on the paper as I have mixed and blended them.  These are all Versamagic, so maybe the colour chart will help – click on it for a larger view.

I just love the mix of colours in this range – the soft pastel colours have a sophisticated grey undertone to them so they’re not too sugary and the stronger colours are great for overstamping direct to paper chalk backgrounds.

In the product launch video, I did make a note of the colours I used to make the owl card – Sage, Sugarcane, Aquatic Splash, Sea Breeze for the background and I stamped the owls with Eggplant and the flowers with Red Brick.

Heres the finished card I made with that piece.

I added a touch more Red Brick around the edges using a piece of Cut’n’Dry foam to flick it in from the edge.  The flower is made with Tim Holtz Kraft Glassine paper – it holds a scrunched shape really well and goes soft and leathery when scrunched and spritzed.  Interesting stuff that I’ve yet to fully explore … we’re almost out of stock now, but I have more on order.

Online Classes Starting soon

I thought you might like to know that two of my online classes are open for registration right now.

The first is Rubber Stamping: Back to Basics and this really is a great foundation course for those of you who really want to get to grips with stamping and inkpads.  I wrote a bit about it when it ran last December, but I’m going to repeat it here for the benefit of anyone who is new to me or my teaching.

Rubber Stamping: Back to Basics


In this workshop we will be covering all the basic steps needed to get you started with stamping. Ideal for complete beginners and those wanting a refresher, I will take you through the basics and show you some great cards along the way to practice your new found skills.

As this class is designed for complete beginners, the supply list may seem huge and even overwhelming at first, so it is something we will be covering in the very first lesson. It is easy to rush out and impulse buy a whole lot of stamping stash, but if nothing else, I hope this class gives you a better insight into what type of stamper you are and helps you decide what product is a good investment for you.

Click here for the course outline and supply list.

I had lots of people ask how it works last time, so let me explain.

Firstly, I am a tutor over at My Creative Classroom (MCC), this is not run directly by me so that means that you need to register with MCC at their website which is

Once you have set yourself up with a username and password on their site, you can enrol on any of their courses, including my Back to Basics one. Each course you enrol on has it’s own web page on the site which is known as a virtual classroom. There’s a news forum on there (think of it as the teacher’s blackboard), a general chat forum where you can get to know other students (the cafeteria) and each week there is a specific forum for that lesson where you can ask me any questions about the techniques or materials covered. By using this kind of structure, whenever anyone asks a question, all students benefit from the answer.

Each week a new lesson appears in the classroom. The first week of this class is an online presentation, but the other weeks all have videos in them. Week one is all about inkpads and many of the students from the first session tell me how this has been the most useful of all the lessons because they finally understand why they were getting poor results with their stamping.

Each week I suggest activities, but I must stress that homework is not compulsory and if you don’t have time to do it, that’s fine. You’ll probably get more out of the course if you can make the time to try out the activities, but my classes are a laid back guilt free zone, so it’s up to you.

There is a gallery where you can upload photos of your work and if you want constructive feedback, you can ask for it. I have to say, I’ve been so impressed at the work of my students – many of them have really embraced the course and jumped in with both feet. One of my first students is a lady called Paula and she has blogged a lot of her assignments for the course – click here to see her Back to Basics work on her blog.

I have had some really lovely comments about the course and I hope they don’t mind me repeating those comments here, but it will hopefully encourage others to have a go. The course is only $30 (around £20) which I think is actually a bargain for what you are getting. If you’ve missed watching my tutorials on TV, this is the next best thing!

Some comments from former students:

I’ve really enjoyed this course too. It’s filled in lots of areas I was unsure of and given me the confidence to try things. Glenda I think you’ve done a great job teaching us, thank you so much. I do hope there will be lots more on line classes to come as I think this is a great way forward especially for people who can’t get out and about easily.


Thanks Glenda – it’s been great fun. I think the videos have been extremely helpful – it’s nice to actually see something demonstrated (and be able to play it back again, and again).

I’ve also enjoyed the exercises – particularly making the swatches – and they are proving to be very useful. I love seeing everyone’s work – lots of ideas and inspiration.

The printed pdf files are so good for reference – and to see where I should be!

Can’t wait to get started on the next one.

I do hope you are able to do more courses in the future. Well worth the time and effort – thanks again for all your hard work.

Regards, Deborah

Thanks from me also Glenda This has been an invaluable course. Its so important to know the basics and although life has got in the way of me doing so many of the exercises I have learnt a great deal from watching your videos and reading about others experiments with ink.



I have another class starting in July – Colouring 101, but I shall be back to tell you about that one in more detail soon.


PS – the card I used in the video in the last post is thick white and starlight white, both of which are in the Essential Card Pack that we sell on the website.  We actually have some reduced packs for sale at the moment – our supplier miscounted the quantites, so we’ve reduced the price accordingly.


Do you have ten minutes? Ten minutes? Yes, ten minutes.

Award yourself a brownie point if you get the film reference in the title.  If you have ten minutes to spare, I have prepared a little video for you showing some of June’s new stamps in action.


If for any reason, you can’t see the embedded video here on the blog, click the link below to watch it on YouTube.