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We have some new printable downloads on the website which are just gorgeous.  If you’re a fan of the vintage or shabby chic look, I think you will like these.  Designed by Lesley Wharton, there are four Pretty Bird kits and this card uses the background paper from Pack 1 and the birdhouse from Pack 3.  I’ve added lace, die cut borders, pearls and flowers to really pile on the chintz factor (click the image to enlarge).  I also got clever with a craft knife and just sliced around a tiny bit of the bird’s head so that I could tuck the birdhouse underneath .  The birdhouse eaves are die cut borders – watch out for new dies hitting the website towards the end of next week.

So what exactly do I mean by printable downloads?  Many people don’t realise we are now offering both digital and printable downloads on our website and the reason I have made a distinction between the two is that printable downloads don’t require much in the way of computer knowledge, where digital are aimed at people who have a graphics program and want to design their own unique pages.

When you purchase a printable or a digital download, you don’t get any kind of physical, tangible product delivered in the post.  What you get is a special link in your order confirmation email which takes you to your own unique download page.  On that page, you will see all the downloads you bought and you can click on them to save the printable (or digital) file to your computer.

These files are high quality so they print beautifully, but that does mean they are big files.  We compress them to save space and make them quicker to download, so when you get them, they are known as zip files because they have been compressed, or ‘zipped up’.  Unzipping them is usually a case of double clicking on the file, or you can right click the file and choose ‘extract’ to choose where you want to save the file to.

This will leave you with a pdf file that has the printable pages you have bought, plus a copy of our licence agreements which are included with every download.  You will need a copy of Acrobat Reader to be able to open and print the file (if you have any Artylicious CDs, you will have that already).  Choose which page you want to print, make sure you have the right paper in the printer and away you go.

Lesley has kindly offered to set up a new group on our social networking site focusing on printable and digital downloads and I’ll let you know once that is set up and running as it will be a really useful resource for anyone who wants to understand more about this area.

So here’s the links to each of the four new Pretty Bird packs.  Eack pack contains four printable pages – three with 8×8 inch designs (a feature design and two coordinating papers) and one with birdhouses, borders and finials.  The smaller birdhouse is a great size for ATCs and they’re only £1.99 per pack – I think that’s a real bargain for artwork of this quality.

If you are a teacher, you can pay a little more and purchase a tutor licence which allows you to print out and use the papers in your classes – you will see the tutor option on the product information page.  Click here for full details of our licence terms.

Right, I better get back to my chores – my wrist is well enough to operate the vacuum cleaner and the poor house has been very neglected over the last few weeks.  We have friends visiting next weekend, so I am trying to close the gap between the immaculately tidy, beautiful, organised home that is inside my head and the reality of cat toys, precarious towers of paperwork and baskets of ironing. that I see around me.

Then again, maybe I’ll go and play with my new printable stash ….

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9 thoughts on “Shabby Chic printables

  1. Glenda, these are sooooo pretty! I don’t buy many downloads but I think I’m fighting a losing battle to resist these. Well done to Lesley W and well done to you too because the card is gorgeous.

    Hmm, I’ve been ironing for most of the day because I’ve let it pile up for weeks. I’m still only halfway down it so I think that tells me we have too many clothes, lol!

    Lesley Xx

  2. FAB U LOUS Thanks Lesley & Glenda. Just purchased these and will be having a go ewith them tos ee what I can come up with. More please Lesley

  3. These packs are so pretty, and make beautiful cards, as your sample shows. The vintage backgrounds are just stunning, and those toning background papers are so useful. I love the birdhouses, a theme that is so in vogue right now. I have downloaded them, and can’t wait to have a play with them. Well done Lesley for your hard work, they are fabulous, Judith xx

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