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We have just launched our latest stamp set – Home Sweet Home – a set of sweet cottage stamps in a vintage Clarice Cliff kind of style.

I was so inspired by all the sunbursts that the girls came up with that I’ve recorded a video of the card above, showing how to create a sunburst sky with masking.  It’s a ‘reductive’ masking technique, which basically means that you mask off part of the design, then after colouring, you cut the mask to reveal a bit more.  The mask is effectively destroyed in the process of using it (though if you are careful, you can keep the bits you cut off and re-use them) which is why I’ve called it a ‘reductive’ process as that term is used in lino printing.

There’s actually two videos – the first shows the masking technique and the second shows me colouring the bottom half at warp speed (it took about 20 minutes in real life).

If you can’t see the embedded video below, please visit my YouTube channel and you will find them there.  I’m known as glendawww on YouTube (yes, that’s three Ws).

There is an introductory price on this stamp set until the end of August – just £12.50 instead of £14.99 and it is actually the current Offer of the Month for Baroque Guild members at £9.99 – just one of the many benefits of being a Guild member!

So, enjoy the videos and watch out for more samples and a giveaway on the Design Team Blog.

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13 thoughts on “Sunburst Video

  1. Brilliant videos – great watching someone colouring even at warp speed!! Just waiting for my newsletter and then another order could be winging its way to you

  2. Another lovely card just received the set of three house stamp sheets looks like another one on the list.
    Will have to try the sunburst

  3. Lovely ,lovely card.I just love the Clarice Cliffe style.Did 2 cross stitch house scenes in this style years ago and can’t wait to get these stamps.Just tried to enter a comment and couldn’t get past the ‘wiggly words’ so gave up on design team blog!!!!!! xx Joyce

  4. Second comment–wow!!!!You have lost loads of weight Glenda.You look great as well.It’s a while since I have seen you and I certainly notice the difference.Loved the video too xx Joyce

  5. Absolutely tremendous – I’ve got a real sense of excitement about this set & I loved seeing your background come to life. Thanks so much for this & it was rather nice hearing Trillian’s contribution too.
    Paula (PEP)

  6. What a stunning card Glenda, I love these new stamps, they will be in my shopping basket very soon. The video’s were great to watch, and some really helpful advice from Trillian there as well.


  7. This technique looks fab, Glenda & so do the stamps. I’m loving these samples & all those of the Design Teams – have tried to leave comments on each, but seem to be having some problems with the some of them. Needless to say, the cards are wonderful & I’m looking forward to having a play with these stamps, Lady Luck willing! Especially for Christmas cards – gorgeous!

    ttfn, Liz M x

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