Purple Poppy Card


Here’s the card I made for my purple poppy challenge.

I’m not sure that I’ve been particularly true to the original colours, but it’s close enough.  The camera has made the oval behind the stamped image look much more blue than it is – camera’s can be a bit funny with colours sometimes.  The paper is from the Essence of Nature CD and the flower is from the Fresh Florals stamp set, stamped in black Versafine and coloured with Polychromos pencils.

center step card template I made a center step card from our new template – they’re super easy and once you’ve made a couple you probably won’t even need the template. I can’t believe it’s taken me so long to get this done – I do seem to be struggling with the whole time and energy thing at the moment.  When I have the time, I don’t seem to have the energy and when I have the energy, I have so many things claiming it.

One of the reasons for my lack of energy is a certain calico cat who likes to wake us up at first light with insistent demands to be let out.   I find it hard to get back to sleep once I’ve woken up, so I have been getting up ridiculously early for months, but not really compensating by going to bed any earlier.  And I wonder why I’m falling asleep over the keyboard at 4 o’clock every afternoon!  I even mentioned it to my GP a while ago because I was getting seriously concerned that there was something medically causing this extreme fatigue, but after a few rather obvious questions, I sheepishly realised that I was probably tired because I wasn’t getting enough sleep.  Doh!

We have delayed putting in a cat flap as we have been looking for somewhere else to live for the last few months, but we haven’t found anything we like as much as this place.  I just wish the estate would fit double glazing – the heating bill in winter is just ridiculous.  Any Georgian sash window double glazing experts out there who want a stunning property to use in their advertising??  Well it’s worth a try…

So we finally installed a cat flap yesterday.  Now we just need to convince her that it is a doorway to freedom, not the jaws of a giant monster and once she’s used to it, our sleep pattern should hopefully get back to normal.

Right now, I’m off to do my chores with a bit of lawn mowing – we’re making the most of the sunny weekend while it lasts.  Hope you’re all enjoying the bank holiday weekend too.  Watch out on the DT blog next week for artwork with our two newest stamp sets, Music Fanfare and The Art of Chess.


Purple Poppies – a Colour Challenge

We have a fine collection of weeds growing up through the gravel where we park the cars, and about a month ago, the place suddenly erupted with purple poppies.

I’ve had big pink oriental poppies before, but I’ve never seen such a rich mauve/purple shade in a normal poppy.

The colour is just beautiful, and gorgeous when the light shines through the petals.

Apparently the bees agree and once they’ve done their bit, I’ll be collecting the seed heads from these beauties and already have some put aside for my mum who was also impressed by the colour of these.

Is it unusual?  I certainly haven’t see this colour before, but maybe I’ve just led a poppy-sheltered life.  I have seen the magnificent Himalayan blue poppies at Inverewe Gardens in Scotland, they are pretty amazing too.

Anyway, I have been so inspired by the colour that I picked out some of the tones from one of my photographs and I’m setting myself the challenge of coming up with a piece of artwork this weekend that features these colours.

If you’d like to play along, please do, you can leave a comment with a link back to your artwork for everyone to see.  Here’s the palette:

Have fun!

Polychromos pencils

I treated myself this week to a new set of pencils.  Some of my Colouring 101 students have been using Polychromos pencils made by Faber Castell and I have never tried them before.  So I decided (in the interests of being a better teacher, you understand) that I really ought to make a small investment and try them out.

So here’s my first image coloured with them.  I dug out an old stamp set (Elegant Egyptian) and thought this little fragment stamp would be a good one to try them out.  I used Memento ink on thick white card and just used the pencils straight – no blender or blending pencil.

The background layer was stamped with Versamagic Turquoise Gem onto a flecked oatmeal coloured card.  I really like that colour combination and wish I had more of that flecked card, but sadly I have one little 6×6 piece left which means that it’s destined to go live in the ‘too precious to use’ box along with all the other lonely little last pieces.

Until I’ve done more with the pencils, I can’t really draw any startling conclusions, but so far, I’m liking them a lot.  I want to get hold of some Zest It now so I can try blending them and I’ve heard they work very well on parchment too.

Anyone else a fan of Polychromos?