Sorry yesterday’s post was rather brief – I didn’t mean to sound so rude, but I really was dashing out and wanted to set off the blogging chain reaction that the Design Team had ready and waiting to go.

It has been one of “those” weeks…

We managed to arrange a break from visiting Derrick in hospital last weekend so got a bit of quality time together, though we did end up doing chores around the house and garden.  However it was rudely interrupted on Monday afternoon when we got a call to say Adrian’s mum, Alma, was on her way to hospital in an ambulance!  I won’t bore you with the details, but we have slight issue on our hands as this is the second time that one of the carers has called emergency services when it wasn’t really necessary. It took six hours to “process” her through A&E before she was discharged and we took her home.  We ended up having beans on toast for tea at 1 o’clock in the morning!

Many of my regular readers know that Alma has a very rare neurological disorder called Progressive Supranuclear Palsy.  It’s very difficult to diagnose and there are still many doctors and healthcare staff who have never heard of it or understand it properly.  So in the interests of doing my bit to raise awareness, I would ask anyone reading who is involve in health or care to visit the PSP Association website and just read up on the basics – it could save someone else being misdiagnosed with something else which is a common occurrence.

Monday’s events triggered a few things and Alma ended up being re-assessed by Social Services today.  They agree that she needs two carers at each visit now, which means more hours of care needed, which leads to a ‘continuing healtchare review’ thing, which means the Primary Care Trust (or whatever they are called this week) need to do a more detailed assessment (calling in the Occupational Therapist, District Nurses, Speech and Language Therapist and Dietician)  to see if her care falls into nursing care and therefore the money comes from a different funding pot.  Did you get all that?  Have you keeled over from bewildered bored bafflement yet?  Yeah, it takes real concentration (and a lot of written notes) to actually wade through the acryonyms and jargon and work out exactly what all that bafflegab actually means.

So, the practical upshot for us is that this week has been one of reacting to events, though I did manage to stick to our planned evening yesterday which was having dinner over at my sisters.  She lives half an hour’s drive away and it’s ridiculous how little we have seen of each other over the years.  This year we both agreed we would see more of each other and we have managed to do that and we’re getting to know each other better.  (We are half-sisters and didn’t meet til we were in our twenties – long story!)

While I’m talking family – Derrick has been doing quite well for the last week or so – seemed to be recovering well from the last bout of pneumonia, but we are resigned to the idea that it’s only a matter of time before he gets it again.  Sure enough, he’s feeling unwell tonight and may be coming down with it again, sigh.  Here we go again, cue Post Office pre-recorded voice:  “Chest Infection number seventeen please”!

I’ve said it before – we all have our crosses to bear and it is how we cope that defines us.  I refuse to let this situation define me or my life.  I may have to nail the smile on, re-inforce it with a hot glue gun, add a few basting stitches (and possibly add a brad), but I’m damn well determined to keep looking for the positives and find some source of happiness and delight in each and every day.  And when this is all over and the grief has subsided, I may start a new career as a fairy godmother giving positive support and advice to others.  This will be my motto:

Have a great weekend everyone and hope you all find at least one thing every day to smile about.