Wuv, Twue Wuv …

It was Adrian’s birthday back in September and I had been pondering what to get him.  At the time, life was very stressful with his Dad so ill and the only thing that he really wanted was beyond anyone’s power – a healthy father.

I knew my role was to just be there, be the emotional support, try to feed him nutritious food and make the house a haven of comfort.  I may have let him down slightly on the comfortable haven bit (hmm, not exactly famous for my housewifely skills), but for his birthday, I wanted to give him a gift to show how much I care.

I had seen this phrase on a website somewhere and we both loved it, so I decided to make a very simple canvas with the phrase as the main focus.  I typed it on the computer and reversed it before printing, then used Golden soft gel to do an image transfer onto the canvas which I’d already painted green (Adrian’s favourite colour).  I used the transfer as a guide and painted over the words with acrylic paint.

The edges look black in this photo, but they are actually dark green.  I mixed paint with soft gel and scrubbed it around the edges, rubbing it on with an old scruffy brush and wet wipes.  When it was dry I painted in the hearts which I’d already drawn on with a pencil.  The whole thing is 8×8 inches.

He was thrilled to bits with it and more than a little choked up.  I got all self critical and wanted to tweak it, but he has insisted that I leave it exactly the way it is.  Twue wuv is alive and well in the Waterworth household – always has been, always will be.

So does anyone get the reference in the title of this post, or do we just watch way too many films?


Doing a happy little Apple dance

Yay – my beloved baby is back home!  (No, not Trillian, she’s fine.)  I have been without my Mac for over a week now.  After a very complicated arrangment of cables, laptops and a new external disk, I managed to ensure the safety of my critical files while the big Mac went in for some serious surgery over the weekend.  The Apple geniuses have been fantastic – a real lesson in top quality customer service.  Not only have they replaced over £700 worth of internal parts free of charge, they have upgraded the graphics card to a better one and offered a same day private courier service to collect and return the computer to save us the two hour round trip to get there and back each time.

So, she’s up and running and about to work her little socks off tomorrow getting the rather overdue Guild newsletter finished.  Once that’s out of the way, there’s a new Halloween download to sort out for this weekend, some serious blogging to get caught up on (I have managed to find a little creative juice somewhere), a video or two of Trillian to edit and my next new online class to film, edit and write up.

I hope she can keep up!

A Crafty Individuals Card

Approximate time to make this card: 1 year, 2 months, three weeks, two days and 10 minutes.

The various components of this card have been floating around since last year.  Just about every single element was once part of a different card that didn’t work out for whatever reason.  The green Spirit of Christmas backing paper was actually intended to be the other way up on a landscape card; the white scallop circle is cut from watercolour paper and was going to get painted and scrunched up into a flower; the embossed green circle was going to be the basis of a wreath (it turned out like this in the end); and the ribbon bow was the last scrap of that particular ribbon so that of course made it hard to let go of it!

So all these bits ended up in a box marked Christmas and I thought I’d have a dig through the box and see if anything spoke to me.  This one is unusual for me as there is no stamping!  The image is from a Crafty Individuals Christmas pad and I spotted it in the mix and everything just fell together very quickly.  About ten minutes actually!

To make it from scratch the most time consuming element was the wreath which is still pretty quick.  I used masking tape to hold two nestie circles in place on the card and cut them both together to make the wreath shape.  I embossed it with a holly embossing folder then coloured the whole thing with green paint.  I’m trying to remember which paint I used and I think it may have been Inka Gold, the wax based paint from Viva.

The Santa image is glued to the back of the wreath, then the ribbon holds the wreath and scalloped circle together.  The ribbon is glued to the inside of the card and the wreath dangles on the front and moves around.

I have some more cards I made recently, but I’m fighting computers at the moment.  The photos are on my main computer which is not working again – this is now the fourth graphics card to fail in a year!  My laptop is out of disk space and my big backup disk has also decided this would be a good time to fail completely as well.  Don’t you just love technology!