Life goes on, winners have been picked

Well it’s a strange time and that’s putting it mildly.

Firstly a thank you once again for all your kind words, we both appreciate each and every one.  It’s the first time Adrian or I have had to deal with all the arrangements and sort out the estate as Alma couldn’t manage it.  Today we met with the vicar conducting the funeral service and Alma was involved in the discussion about how we celebrate Derrick’s life and she made some of the decisions about readings and hymns.  Adrian’s cousin was there too and it was almost like a little private family memorial as we each shared stories and memories of Derrick.  We saw four rainbows last week and reckon he had his paintbrush out already.

It’s pretty exhausting stuff and we are taking the rest of this week off now to get the funeral over and catch up on some rest I hope.  My crafty mojo has completely vanished which is hardly surprising, so I’m not going to force it though I do have some cards to blog at some point that I made a couple of weeks ago.

However,  it’s high time I picked a winner for our Christmas giveaway and I have in fact picked four, as there were four sets of stamps released.  The random number generator was called into action and the winners are:



Dee Wicks


Ladies – can you email me and I’ll get your stamps organised for you – I’m pretty sure we have most of your addresses already, but could you just confirm your address when you email, thanks.

Take care everyone and thank you again for your kind words of comfort.


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8 thoughts on “Life goes on, winners have been picked

  1. Glenda will be thinking of you all and hope you can both get some much needed rest.
    Congratulations to the four winners the stamps are beautiful and I am sure they will be enjoyed. Love Suexxx

  2. Take time to catch your breath, a little rest, and have some decent time together without thinking of work; you have more important things going on in your lives at the moment – I shall be thinking of you both.

    Well done to the lucky stamp winners; I know the stamps will be thoroughly enjoyed! S x

  3. Hope you can all get some much needed rest over the coming days – you’re much in my thoughts. Sorting out estate matters can be extremely exhausting & can involve a lot of time so allow yourselves the space for that. It is not possible to predict how one might respond to a bereavement & everyone is different. Take care of yourselves.
    Much love to you all
    Paula (PEP)
    Congratulations to the winners – enjoy your goodies.

  4. So sorry to hear about Derrick, my deepest sympathies to you Glenda and Adrian, you are both in my thoughts.
    As for your absconding mojo, I understand how this feels Glenda, my mind was blank creatively for over a month after loosing my f-i-l this summer. I hope you can get by your mojo block soon as creating helped me start to smile again when I did get back into it.
    hugs Alexandra x

  5. Can really empathise with you Glenda – I’ve been in this situation far too many times in the past. I know how exhausting it is so please try and rest – leave the housework and accept friends offers of help.
    I friend has just told me that I’m a winner otherwise I may not have noticed as life in getting in the way of things here too. Thanks very much for the giveaway and congrats to the other winners.

  6. Hi Glenda

    I’m so sorry for your familys loss, you are all in my thoughts and prayers. A memory book where you can all write your special memories and stories of the times you all shared can be a healing thing, when the time is right. Its a good way to celebrate someones life.

    Take care and all the time you need.


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