Doing a happy little Apple dance

Yay – my beloved baby is back home!  (No, not Trillian, she’s fine.)  I have been without my Mac for over a week now.  After a very complicated arrangment of cables, laptops and a new external disk, I managed to ensure the safety of my critical files while the big Mac went in for some serious surgery over the weekend.  The Apple geniuses have been fantastic – a real lesson in top quality customer service.  Not only have they replaced over £700 worth of internal parts free of charge, they have upgraded the graphics card to a better one and offered a same day private courier service to collect and return the computer to save us the two hour round trip to get there and back each time.

So, she’s up and running and about to work her little socks off tomorrow getting the rather overdue Guild newsletter finished.  Once that’s out of the way, there’s a new Halloween download to sort out for this weekend, some serious blogging to get caught up on (I have managed to find a little creative juice somewhere), a video or two of Trillian to edit and my next new online class to film, edit and write up.

I hope she can keep up!