Wuv, Twue Wuv …

It was Adrian’s birthday back in September and I had been pondering what to get him.  At the time, life was very stressful with his Dad so ill and the only thing that he really wanted was beyond anyone’s power – a healthy father.

I knew my role was to just be there, be the emotional support, try to feed him nutritious food and make the house a haven of comfort.  I may have let him down slightly on the comfortable haven bit (hmm, not exactly famous for my housewifely skills), but for his birthday, I wanted to give him a gift to show how much I care.

I had seen this phrase on a website somewhere and we both loved it, so I decided to make a very simple canvas with the phrase as the main focus.  I typed it on the computer and reversed it before printing, then used Golden soft gel to do an image transfer onto the canvas which I’d already painted green (Adrian’s favourite colour).  I used the transfer as a guide and painted over the words with acrylic paint.

The edges look black in this photo, but they are actually dark green.  I mixed paint with soft gel and scrubbed it around the edges, rubbing it on with an old scruffy brush and wet wipes.  When it was dry I painted in the hearts which I’d already drawn on with a pencil.  The whole thing is 8×8 inches.

He was thrilled to bits with it and more than a little choked up.  I got all self critical and wanted to tweak it, but he has insisted that I leave it exactly the way it is.  Twue wuv is alive and well in the Waterworth household – always has been, always will be.

So does anyone get the reference in the title of this post, or do we just watch way too many films?