White Christmas canvas revealed

White Christmas Challenge prize fund standing at £14.00 so far and growing …

We have new stamps on the website including a set called Texture Fragments which are just brilliant for mixed media. I tried them with Artista, a brand of air drying clay that is as light as fluff and my favourite piece ended up being the focal point of my self-challenged White Christmas project.

click for a larger view

I have enhanced the texture with foil and I thought the white and gold was very classy, so stuck with a very minimal colour scheme.  I almost put a white rose on it, but when I tried out the red, the pop of colour just seemed to be right and gave it the hint of Christmas it needed, so the red stayed.  It would also make a lovely wedding gift, perhaps with the word ‘love’ or ‘eternity’ instead of ‘believe’.

I’m having a techno-strop at the moment as I’m trying to upload some videos to YouTube this evening, but I keep getting a communication error – I think the high winds are whipping the phone lines around outside so the magic broadband pixies can’t see where they’re going.  I’ll try again in the morning – I’m dying to show you my “faketangle” card!

PS – You can read more about all the new stamps on the Design Team Blog.

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5 thoughts on “White Christmas canvas revealed

  1. I love these new stamps – such a versatile set. As for the white canvas – I love your touches of red & gold plus the whole shabby chic appearance of it. The way that torn printed paper echoes the clay shape is super & I love the same shapes (even in reverse) being reflected in the patterning of the lace. Look forward to seeing your faketangle – sounds absolutely intriguing.
    Paula (PEP)

  2. Absolutely love this Glenda and the touch of red and gold are lovely. I love the new texture plate and definitely have it on my wish list. Look forward to seeing the video when you are able to do it. Suexxx

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