Kiss stamped butterfly

White Christmas Challenge prize fund standing at £24.00 so far and growing …

The videos I mentioned in the last post did finally upload and here is a little card made with the kiss stamped butterfly that I showed you in one of those videos.

I spotted the paper from the Essence of Nature CD in my scraps box and thought the colours matched well.  The sentiment is from an old set, one of our oriental floral sets called A Better Place.  I rubbed a little Sage Versamagic ink around the edge of the paper and that’s pretty  much it.  Super simple and quick which is all I have time for at the moment.  Did you know that time actually speeds up the closer we get to Christmas.  One of Santa’s elves told me, so it must be true…

We’re dealing with cranky boiler at home – it cuts out intermittently so sometimes we’re fine, other times we have this dawning realisation that it’s gone cold again and we have to go and reset it.  It doesn’t always fire back up and we have to wait an hour or more before we can try it again.  We have a great boiler engineer on the case, he’s been out three times and is systematically replacing all the potential culprit parts until he finds the one that is responsible.  He said he would prefer it to break down completely as intermittent faults are his worst nightmare.  We disagree – most of the time it will come back to  life quite happily.  The worst time is when it fails to come on in the morning so you get up to a freezing cold house.  And yes, we’ve had snow here this week – not much where we live, maybe an inch in Barnard Castle, but there’s thick ice everywhere – winter is definitely here.

I am really looking forward to Christmas this year.  We are taking the week off between Christmas and New Year (I’ll be posting details of our Christmas shut down on the Chocolate Baroque website soon) and I realised today that I have quite the busy social life this year.  We have friends round this weekend, a meal booked the day before Christmas eve, a carol concert on Christmas eve, New Year at my sisters and family coming to us for Christmas itself.  At some point I have to fit in some shopping and do the ‘you-know-what’.  I’m loth to mention the H word on the blog at any time, but you know what it’s like … mothers can spot dust at fifty paces.  I reckon if I start now, I might just have the place shipshape for Christmas eve.

Anyway, my Christmas card production has slowed down a little and I need to get a move on if I’m going to get them in the post to their intended recipients.  So I’m off to my studio to hug a fan heater and see what I can come up with using those 18 ATCs I mentioned a while ago.

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8 thoughts on “Kiss stamped butterfly

  1. I love your card Glenda with its elegant simplicity. I know what you mean about Mum spotting the dust at 50 paces need to get mine done before the 21st when my Mum arrives for a week for Christmas. I think it is going to be busier here in the run up to Christmas than it was in Cumbria. I hope the heating gets fixed soon, there is nothing worse tan getting up to a cold house in a morning
    Have you managed to get some Christmas cards done today? I do hope so

    Jackie x

  2. Lovely card Glenda really looking forward to my texture stamps, Love the idea of the kiss on the butterfly. Hope you manage to get everything done I know what it is like and I swear the days get shorter as I get older LOL. Good luck with the cards. Suexxx

  3. love the card Glenda, quick is always great -and sons are just as bad at spotting the dust, by the time I’ve moved the spare craft stuff to excavate the bed there won’t be time to dust! Good luck with the boiler, hope it keeps going – it’s just cold here, and I am hugging a heater already, so would hate to be fighting with an awkward boiler

  4. This is such a pretty card and delicate colouring. Hope your boiler soon gets sorted and please don’t let the elves speed up the time any more!!

  5. I love the colours of this card Glenda. The kiss stamping is so crisp. I love butterflies, and the flower texture stamp looks so pretty on this one, I really must have a go at this myself.
    Mum and Dad don’t come here for Christmas, so I don’t have to worry about Mum checking my house for it’s state of cleanliness. However, I could give her house the once over when we go there 😉
    Good luck with the boiler, it’s awful being cold. I hope it gets sorted for you asap.
    Judith xx

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