Dear Santa …

White Christmas Challenge prize fund standing at £32.00 so far and growing …

Have you written your letter to Santa yet?  I may be way behind the times here, but I just discovered Amazon’s universal wish list feature and it is so cool, I wanted to share it.  Not that I have an ulterior motive or anything (ahem), but you can use it to add anything to your wishlist from any website, not just Amazon.

We have a wishlist built in to the Chocolate Baroque website, but it is slightly limited as you have to log in to see it which makes it pretty much impossible to share with friends and family.  So when I realised what Amazon had done, I realised that here is a way for all of our customers to share their Chocolate Baroque desires with anyone they want!

Here’s what you need to know.

First you go to Amazon and sign in.  Click on wishlist and at the top of your wishlist, you will see something like this:

If you are not using Firefox, you might see something different so just click on the ‘Learn more’ button and find out what you need to do.

You might also have an option to drag a button to your toolbar (not sure if that’s a Mac only thing though).

So if you click install and follow the instructions, your browser will get an extra little Amazon button that looks like this and it shows up just before the box where you type in a web address.  Next time you are browsing a site and find a product you want to put on your wishlist, just click on that little Amazon button and a wishlist window will open up.

Make sure you click onto the product details by the way – if you are on a page with more than one product, it won’t know which one you mean and will select one from the page itself.

In the wishlist window, you can edit the details and add comments, then click Add to list.

It’s so simple!

You can then share your Amazon wishlist with anyone who is buying you a gift, whether that’s for Christmas, your birthday, retirement or other special occasion.  Or maybe you have one of those special partners who likes to give you a gift for no reason (ah, they’re keepers aren’t they!).

I have no idea how long Amazon have been doing this, so you may already know about it, but I’m now encouraging all my friends and family to use it so I can buy them gifts with confidence, knowing that I am getting them something that they really want.

I haven’t spent all my time surfing the innertubes – I did manage to get the ruby rose ATC turned into a Christmas card this week.

It took a while to figure out a nice background for this and in the end I kept it simple with a stamp from Holly Flourish stamp set (which is on special offer at the moment by the way and matches the Holly Flourish download that I used on the ATC).  I distressed the edges of the sentiment (from the same stamp set) and rolled it round a cocktail stick to make it look like a little scroll.  I used foam pads of differing heights to stick it down and keep the curved shape, though with hindsight, I should have left space for the glitter leaves as they’ve added a bit more bulk than I wanted.

Well I think I’ve earned a ten minute break to go and do a little browsing and add more things to my Amazon wish list.  After all, I have to give Adrian plenty of choice now, don’t I?

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3 thoughts on “Dear Santa …

  1. I didn’t know about the Amazon wish list either Glenda, I’ll certainly be making good use of that lol. Gorgeous card, those colours look stunning
    Claire xx

  2. Oh I laughed at Muffin. I was totally ignorant of this wish list thing so I’ve learnt something. Actually that holly flourish set is in my Christmas parcel from my husband – along with several other CB stamp plates so your Special Offers were beautifully timely. I was able to drop lots of goodies (thanks to you) into my basket. He did ask me how many variations upon a Christmas tree there were……. when he saw me perusing the old ring bound catalogue that frequently appears as I’m eating lunch. Love the scroll technique.
    Paula (PEP)

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