Two days left …

The entries have been pouring in for the White Christmas challenge and the prize fund is now up to £40!  There’s still two days left to get your entries in and the lucky winner will be announced on Friday.

Thank you to everyone who has taken part so far – you’ve really come up with some beautiful and inspirational cards and projects and I’ve tried to visit all your blogs and leave comments.  One or two of the links are not working – if I can figure it out, I’ve corrected them, but if I haven’t dropped by to comment, that’s probably why.

If your link is not working, can you leave a comment here with the correct link and I’ll fix it on the challenge page.

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6 thoughts on “Two days left …

  1. Got everything crossed x and thanks Glenda, its a lovely challenge and the lovely comments other peeps have left me have been uplifting :) x good luck to all x

  2. Botheration! I promised myself I would take part & I still haven’t. Nor have had I time to look at the entries. I will try to make a card tomorrow.

  3. I thoroughly enjoyed this challenge (the first i’ve ever done) and feel so encouraged by the lovely comments people have left me. Thanks to you all and a Merry Christmas.
    Gill x

  4. Hi Glenda,

    I was really hoping to scrape in at the last minute now I’m back from Harrogate but my stupid camera has chosen this very important time to pack up so I can’t blog it or anything if I made one :( I might still have a go tonight just for the fun of it if I get chance as I had an idea brewing which I’d like to try. Good luck to everyone who’s entered and I want to try and visit the entries myself. I bet there’s loads of inspiration!

    Lesley Xx

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